How to build a wood DIY screen door from scratch

diy screen door build

Learn how to build a custom wood DIY screen door from scratch! Features pet screen and how to build with a Kreg Jig pocket hole maker. Adding ‘professional builder’ to my long list of to-dos was really never in my sights. For the past 10 years, I’ve gotten by with my somewhat primitive (rustic) building […]

Build a stenciled sunflower fall wood sign with a shelf


What spells fall more than a charming and rustic Sunflower Farm sign on white chippy pickets more? How about turning it into a one-of-a-kind wall shelf to create the perfect place to display fall foliage? Unique and easy, this sunflower fall wood sign with a shelf will give you plenty of fall vibes! Once upon […]

How to use a pocket hole jig – with video!

how to use a pocket hole jig

Learn how to use a pocket hole jig to create strong woodworking joins, leaving professional results to all your projects! This is a must-stock DIY tool that you will end up using much more than you think once it’s sitting in your workshop! Includes helpful video. Not that long ago, I was browsing the aisles […]

DIY wood coffee bar cabinet with door – to store anything!


How to build a rustic wood Organic Coffee bar cabinet with hidden bulletin board! Stylish storage for anything that hides all the clutter! When I recently cleaned the kitchen, the same challenge kept creeping up. Where can I store some woodworking tools upstairs without actually seeing them? Crates on a wall kitchen storage I LOVE […]