Preserving an antique farmhouse table for a paint studio

preserving patina on a farmhouse table with Fusion's Tough Coat

Learn how to protect an antique while you maintain all the charm! This guide shares how to preserve an original finish on a chippy farmhouse table used for a paint table, without changing it, using two easy-to-use products!  This post contains some affiliate links in which I earn a small percentage from qualifying purchases through […]

DIY wooden crates dresser makeover for paint storage

DIY wood crates dresser makeover for paint storage

Love the look of rustic wooden crates? Get the look instantly with this cool DIY wooden crates dresser makeover for paint storage… or anything else desired! Quick and easy dresser revamp with paint, reclaimed wood and pallet or crate stencils! If there’s one thing for certain in my paint studio, it’s that things can and […]

Easy-build 2×4 wood stencil storage rack

2x4 wood stencil storage

Have lots of stencils and don’t know where or how to store them? Organize your stencils with this large, easy and strong wood stencil storage rack made from 2x4s! Easy to customize to the exact size you need for all your stencil supplies. Includes tips on staining wood to look reclaimed. In my quest to […]

Easy and inexpensive DIY adjustable shelves from reclaimed wood!

adjustable wood paint shelves Funky Junk Interiors

Adjustable shelves are practical and versatile, but they can be expensive to buy. Here’s how to make your own inexpensive adjustable shelves from reclaimed wood which are very easy to customize to any size desired! They look stunning and work even better to store paint, craft supplies, tools and more! Here’s how to build these […]

Easy wood block crate styled paint shelving

easy paint shelf with shipping crate stamp stencils-011

. Easy wood block crate styled paint shelving Ever since I came home from my vacation, I’ve been cleaning. It’s taken some time to catch up with the overgrown flowerbeds filled with weeds, trees needing trimming, not to mention the stuff that didn’t get cleaned up indoors before I left. So on a given day […]