How to build affordable DIY window box planters

DIY window box planters on a garden shed

Could your outdoors use more flowers? Enhance your garden shed or home by learning how to build easy DIY window box planters using scrap wood and stencils!  Welcome summer! Nearly… once our weather cooperates that is. However with this fine warmer season approaching, that means one main thing in these parts… it’s time to give […]

Stencil vintage cabinet vent holes onto furniture and more!

vent holes dresser and cupboard

Love the look of vintage cabinet vent holes in furniture? Here’s how to get the look using stencils, without drilling holes into your piece! If I were to ever change out my kitchen cabinetry again, there’s a particular look that I’d totally go for. Check out my Pinterest board “Vintage cabinet vent holes” HERE and […]

An easy method of caring for ferns hanging outdoors

caring for ferns hanging outdoors

Love ferns too? Here’s my own easy method of caring for ferns that hang outdoors, to keep them positively thriving! A couple of years ago, I was on the hunt for a hanging basket of some sort for along the front of the house and patio. 8 to be exact. However after pricing a few […]

Revamping indoor plant pots into DIY antique crocks!


Love antique crocks? Here’s how to DIY any outdoor or indoor plant pot into DIY antique crocks easily with a stencil! I have a rather large plant pot collection. Terracotta posts in particular are a big favorite of mine, however I’ll also collect various ceramic pots or just anything that looks interesting. However you may […]