Create an easy, instant solar water fountain using galvanized planters!

Transform your backyard into a peaceful oasis with this DIY solar water fountain tutorial. Using affordable galvanized planters, you can create a stunning feature that will attract birds and add a touch of tranquility to your outdoor space! Here’s how.

Transform your backyard into a peaceful oasis with this DIY solar water fountain tutorial. Using affordable galvanized planters, you can create a stunning feature that will attract birds and add a touch of tranquility to your outdoor space! Here's how.

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Happy spring! And if you’re anything like me, you’re already antsy to get outdoors and plant flowers!

I can’t wait to get my shed going to fill those window box planters once again like last summer! Or hang all those ferns up again to create an outdoor jungle.

However on the West coast of BC, it’s still a little too early for new plants. So I’ve been spending lots of time in the yard doing general clean up to get ready for the fun stuff coming soon!

However thanks to a recent project (which I’ll share more of very soon! It’s a GOOD one!), I ordered something I’ve wanted to try for a VERY long time.

I’ve always wanted some kind of water feature in the yard, however I didn’t want to fuss with electricity, water pumps, an electric cord and the high expense and upkeep that comes with it.

I am still searching for a bird bath in the bird sanctuary area being created, however I’ve always wanted something closer to where I sit. A full-out pond seemed too much. Just a smaller, simpler feature would be nice. Maybe even movable…

Why a solar water fountain?


So when solar power water fountains became a thing, I’ve been eagerly watching to see if they actually worked! The concept was too good. You simply put a solar powered fountain in water, and it instantly turns on, making having a water fountain anywhere in your yard possible with very little fuss!

So I purchased a solar water fountain hoping it would work as good as it promised to.

It’s now safe to say, the low-cost fountain positively exceeds my expectations! Not only does it work really well, the sounds and sights and movability make it an easy addition to any sunny garden or sitting space!

So today, I’m putting this water fountain to work in a new backyard arrangement that only took a few minutes to pull together… which cranked up the outdoor ambiance up even higher!

Wish you had a water fountain? Try this… and be sure to check out the video below to see it in action! 

Easy and instant solar water fountain in  galvanized planters


Supplies I used:


solar water fountain purchased from Amazon

a large enamel waterproof bowl (needed for the fountain)

or see bird bath bowls that would look amazing!

self-watering pot in black

purple flowers

Pro Mix Potting Soil

old galvanized garbage can

galvanized vintage watering can

Botanical Flowers and Plants stencil

galvanized ring

crackle glass solar light

vintage enamel bowls to use as a water fountain

Choosing a container that holds water


1. Select a waterproof container, bowl, plastic pots, vessel or large planter for the solar water fountain.

You could also choose to plug a pot with drainage holes.

The water bowl can also be any size. However, the wider the bowl, the more water will stay inside vs. splashing out over the sides. 

I really found this large enamel bowl to be perfect! HERE are quite a few enamel bowls to check out.

unwrapping a solar water fountain from Amazon

Check out solar water fountains HERE

I chose the largest white enamel bowl I had on had. Plus, it had a violet painted rim which would be ultimately perfect for what I would use it with!

unpacking a solar water fountain purchased from Amazon Prime

Check out solar water fountains HERE

Unpacking a solar water fountain


2. Unpack the solar water fountain.

My solar fountain was purchased from Amazon HERE. It comes side extensions to help keep it centered in your chosen container, as well as different fountain attachments, which I could not find! I guess I put them in a VERY safe place.

I’m not worried though. I tried all the attachments and this wide one is the one I liked best.

attaching extensions to keep a solar water fountain centered

Attaching the fountain extensions


3. Cut the extensions to fit inside your chosen container.

So brand new, you’d turn the water fountain good-side-down, attach the extension in the foam inserts, then cut the tubing with scissors to fit your water container.

Since I used the water fountain for another project, these were already cut. But I found another way to keep it centered that turned out very pretty anyway!

filling up an enamel bowl with water for a fountain

Filling up the water bowl


4. Fill up your container with water.

You may wish to position your water bowl first, in case it becomes too heavy to carry once filled with water.

self-watering plastic plant pot with purple flowers

Transforming a plain planter


So let’s prop the rest of the garden up next!

I have this self watering flower pot which has been tremendous! Since having it, I haven’t had to water these flowers even once! I just top up the bottom spout and leave it be. It’s like magic I tell ya.

So I didn’t wish to lose that feature at all. But rather… let’s hide it so I still get all the function but with a different look!

galvanized ring from the curb

In my stories recently, I shared about landing this round galvanized metal ring from a neighbour. Originally, I had rolled it to my garden shed to surround an upcoming fern, however once again, I’m repurposing a repurpose because… well, I can.

This is why I love to collect lightweight stuff for the garden, so I’m free and clear to change my mind on a whim!

covering a plastic plant pot with a galvanized ring

So I wiped down the self watering flower pot, then simply positioned the metal ring over top. It fit perfectly!

adding branches and flowers to a water fountain feature

Why I’m placing branches in the fountain bowl


5. Position the water bowl somewhere in direct sunlight.

Since I wanted my water feature to be raised above ground level, I placed it on top of a small old galvanized garbage can. A perfect fit! I like THIS tin can look too! 

6. Place the solar water fountain inside the water bowl.

The fountain will immediately start to work! The power of the sun is what makes this outdoor fountain work.

The fountain does appear to gurgle under overcast skies, however if you are socked in with complete clouds, the fountain will likely stop. However in full sun, it’s like its own waterfall. AMAZING.

Now let’s personalize it…

7. Place cut branches and deadheaded flowers inside the water bowl, to decorate and help keep the fountain centered.

Just avoid covering the fountain, as it needs all the sunlight on the solar panels.

flowers and branches inside a solar water fountain

I pinched off some leafy branches, plain branches and deadheaded the purple flowers to add to the bowl until I liked the look.

It turned a plain water bowl into a lovely water garden or pond-look! Isn’t it gorgeous?! Larger river rocks would be pretty too!

galvanized solar water fountain garden

The galvanized flower pots with fountain


And the planters and fountain look just as cute from the backside. This is the view I get when sitting behind them, looking out onto the rest of the yard.

I love hearing the sound of the water. It sounds like a babbling brook!

Jilly Box bud vase with faux flowers and real daffodils

A bud vase filled with flowers to chime in


I even pulled out my new sweet little bud vase that was most recently included in the spring 2024 Jilly Box! The vase is filled with a mix of faux purple flowers, real daffodils and a few twigs and spanish moss.

solar water fountain water garden

There’s also a crackle glass solar light in the middle of the larger flower pot. It looks so cute at night all lit up!

solar water fountain in an enamel bowl

The water fountain at work


I nearly cut some fresh new flower beds for this post.

However I’m still testing out arrangements so when the hot tub is installed, the garden features don’t get in the way. I’m needing some stepping stones first so I can get a fuller picture of what’s possible. So there will indeed be some future improvements to this area.

Caring for your fountain


 So while I’m putzing around in the yard, I allow the water fountain to do its thing.

However I do remove the fountain when I’m not going to be around for the day and also bring it in at night. It’s said to work best if you clean the filter frequently, so I just want to use it when I’m around to enjoy it.

Now if I were to attach another to say, a larger bird bath, I would leave that running. I’d love to try that next!

solar water fountain galvanized garden sitting area

How a solar water fountain works in full sunshine


And then the sun came out in full swing! See how high the fountain is now?

Just expect the fountain to bubble or stop during cloudy days. I’m still surprised I got the fountain I did on this slightly overcast day. I mean, what would this post have been without it working?! Must have been meant to be.

The watering can was borrowed from the nesting box potting bench that was showcased in THIS post. 

The stencil used is called Botanical Plants and Flowers found HERE.

outdoor sitting area with water fountain garden

So if you too have a special sunny patio spot or deck you like to sit, perhaps small DIY solar-power fountains could enhance yours too! It’s so simple to install, plus it’s easy to change up as the yard progresses! Can’t beat that!

Video of solar water fountain at work



Visit above to watch the water fountain in action!

Neat, isn’t it? Have you ever visioned a water feature in your yard? Think a solar water fountain could work for you?

potting bench made with a chicken coop


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6 thoughts on “Create an easy, instant solar water fountain using galvanized planters!

  1. I might have to reconsider a 2nd try at the solar fountain idea. I bought one off Amazon years ago when they first came out and they did not come with the little pokey things to keep it more centered in the container. Mine would move all over the water and spray water outside the container and just make a mess or drain most the water out of the container. Now that they have some guides (or whatever you call them) that would probably work better. We have a lot of trees so it’s hard to find a spot that gets full sun, especially if the wind is blowing the trees! But I like the concept of no wiring or cords so you can put it anywhere. Yours looks lovely.

    • Thank-you! And I can see that being a dilemma if you have a lot of shade. I was surprised mine did anything at all under overcast skies when I shot for this post! One day it was complete cloud and it didn’t sputter one drop. LOL I do like to bring it out when I’m out there though. I guess it’s sort of like a fire pit… there’s always movement so there’s always something to watch. LOL

      Yeah, those guides do help! They were much longer when I first got it, but it’s still possible they may not be long enough if you’re placing it in a really large birdbath or container. I like plants in it though and it seems to work!

  2. My fountain came without those guides. I haven’t yet, but I’m going to try some zip ties to see if they would work.

  3. I need to see if these will ship to our side of the world. Here in South Africa we have daily load shedding (they switch the power off for 2 hours a few times a day) so anything solar is a win. Love how you just threw a few things together to make a little water haven. So lovely.

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