How I sold my travel trailer privately.


How I sold my travel trailer privately. We’ve been camping in our travel trailer for many years. In fact, my son grew up on Harrison Beach while we basically lived part time in a travel trailer while we parked full season at Harrison Hot Springs. You can read more about Harrison Hot Springs from their […]

RV winterizing by blowing air through water lines. Easy and safe!

travel trailer

Learn an easy rv winterizing technique by blowing air through the water lines, leaving your drinking water pipes free of rv antifreeze! Simple, easy and safe! We were backing out of the driveway, taking off into town yesterday when my son piped up, “Mom, it’s 1 degree out! It’s nearly ready to snow, right?!” SCREEEEECH!!!!! […]

Tips for camping in a travel trailer


Tips for camping in a travel trailer A few readers were interested how we setup for camping, so while this post won’t be fancy, it will most definitely be informative. Here are our all time favourite tips for camping in a travel trailer. A little history… We are camping veterans. It all started with my mom and […]

Easy camper door replacement fix that cost $1.67!

travel trailer door

Find out how I did a camper door replacement fix for $1.67 instead of getting a new one! Easy fix that just takes a little bit of your time. A travel trailer door replacement was not exactly on my agenda. Not really sure when the rv entry door deterioration transpired, but one evening I went […]

Travel trailer cleanup


I wanted to surprise my son to 5 days of camping after he returned home from camp. However.. ugh. We were big time due for a travel trailer cleanup first. Basically, the travel trailer was just a mosh pit of all things RV with no rhyme or reason being in storage all winter long. It […]