Tax receipt confetti time

This weekend I didn’t do anything really DIY cool. Nor did I venture out much. It was head to the grindstone tax time in my office.

I was behind. Like, lots. I hadn’t even organized many of my receipts yet. After dumping out my purse including all the piles accumulated in boxes, I dove in.

my office

Ah… here’s a tiny little decorating thing to share… I had this neat old round drop leaf table that I scooted over to my desk for extra room and it’s staying! Love it! When my room is receipt free clean, I’ll do a shoot and show you around abit more.

Anyway, I have a relatively easy system, thanks to the help of others. What I basically do is divide my work receipts up by the month.

The sticky notes have the month and it’s number written on them. This saved me from counting fingers hundreds of times over. Don’t ask.  🙂

Vent… every receipt ought to read Dec 7 2011, not 12 7 2011 or  2011 12 7 or  11 7 12. Ya know?!

From there, the receipts get documented against the bank statement. Once everything is in order, they get plunked into monthly file folders, waiting for my bookeeper to arrive.

She’s got my system down. I don’t see her until year end. It takes her two days to enter everything in the accounting program for the entire year. Then it gets shipped to the accountant.

I’m not nitpicky about every dollar in and out at every given minute, that’s why this lazy train system works for me. I enter my customer’s invoices and  payments as they come which seems to do the trick ok.

 I’m just really blessed to have an affordable friend that knows her stuff.

And know what? I got it all done! From Jan to Dec. My stalling was keeping me up at night so I needed to clip this one.

Monday, I head out to letter up one last truck, then my son and I are kicking the week off for spring break! Our weather is cold and rainy so not sure what we’ll do. But it doesn’t much matter… as long as it doesn’t involve paper confetti. 🙂

Are you done with your paper shuffle yet?


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18 thoughts on “Tax receipt confetti time

  1. Just finished mine yesterday. Didn’t take as long as I feared it would. Woot!!
    Glad it’s done.
    Good for you too!
    Enjoy spring break!

  2. Donna – I laughed out loud after reading the line about how the dates on each receipt are written different ways. I did the same thing earlier in the week with all my receipts and said the same thing to my husband – that there should be a law on where the date is printed (top right) and it should be written( 12/2/2011 or Dec/2/2011). I hate when I have to search all over for it and then decipher different ways the date order is written – month – day – year? or is it year – month- day? or perhaps day – month-year?
    My best- Diane

  3. This made me smile from ear to ear…because you are not alone! My hubby owns his own financial consulting business and our home office is FILLED with client’s receipts, etc. Many of our clients drop their stuff off in one big box, no order, no rhyme or reason; so kudos to you for making the effort to organize your receipts! Your bookkeeper must love you 🙂

  4. It feels so good to have them done! And, to have a friend that will enter them into a system for the accountant. Best of the world to have these kind of friends. Have a great week.

  5. My hubby does our taxes and we wait till the last because we always have to pay. I just stay out of the way and let him have at it. He’s an Engineeer and they love anything mathematical. lol!

  6. I worked on mine this weekend but hit a couple of snags and needed hubby’s help and he was busy so I’ll pick up where I left off on Tuesday since I have Bee tonight. I want to finish and be done with by April 1 for sure. Crossing my fingers on that anyway. ;o/

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