Taxes, thrifting, Starbucksing, and taking pictures


This week will not likely be a heavy DIY week by any stretch.

Day job

The dayjob got busy. It runs in gushes… nothing for awhile, then BAM, solid wall. So when it’s nothing, I DIY and blog. When it’s solid wall, I write posts like this.


Taxes. I’m so proud of me! In a matter of 2-3 hours, I was able to get from Jan – June with my tax receipts. What that really means is I team them up against my monthly bank statement, then beg my friend and bookeeper Dorothy to come for lunch, but to arrive early and leave late. Tricky, eh? She does all the entry and brain work so I can DIY. Or drink coffee and interrupt her. Or both.

Taking pictures

I also had a very special assignment on Sunday. Our church has two services and they were booked back to back with baptism services. They called on me to take pictures again… in front of all. Eeeep!

The service turned into so much more though. It was led by the student ministry team. The entire thing was funny, engaging, so touching and oh my the music! You know I’m good for a few shots to share, but I’ll run them by the team first to see which ones are good to go. After I edit them.

I’m shocked I only took 250! I must be getting better, I generally stop when I think I landed good ones and I use to be at around 500 for any given topic…

I found I had to take most pictures on ISO 1600. #grain scare! The shutter has to move fast due to all the movement so you gotta really crank up lighting from elsewhere. But with a little Lightroom tweaking, most will be fine. 

Weekend Fun

1. On Sunday, my son and I hit Starbucks. He downed a vente cinnamon dolce latte and I had my standard vanilla spiced latte. And we landed cushy chairs this round too! 

Pretty funny… at first he didn’t want to sit inside. 

me – “Why not? It’s relaxing.”

him – “You take a sip, then 20 minutes later, take another sip. Boring!”

One day he’ll learn just how delicious boring really is…

2. On Saturday, I hit the thrift. I really wanted those roasters for storage, but the price felt too high for something that needed degreasing. Allow me to verify… automotive grease = yum. Kitchen grease = yech.

 3. But I did come home with that wooden chest! NO idea where it’s going but that’s besides the point. It’ll look amazing no matter where it sits or decides to morph into.

4. And then treated myself to soup and coffee in front of a fireplace in town. Nice! Love homemade soup, it’s my most favourite kind of lunch.

So who knows what other adventures will take place during this busy week. But no worries… you shall be the first to know… via Instagram!


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6 thoughts on “Taxes, thrifting, Starbucksing, and taking pictures

  1. Gosh, some weeks are like that. I have WALL just now too. The wooden box looks very promising. I can’t stop buying steamer trunks, but that’s ok, so much lovelier in the under the eaves storage in the loft than those plastic boxes. Hope you get to climb over your WALL easily. 🙂

  2. I saw your photo of those roasting pans and I thought that they were in your home and that you were using them as storage bins. I said “Wow, that’s really cool, what a great idea!” Maybe no one will buy them and they will get marked down. They look really deep and what are the chances of finding THREE that go together?

  3. Hello from Canada!
    It is blowing snow like crazy here right now, so I’m catching up on some blogs. I started following you a bit ago. I love your post,cause that is me totally. (Except for taking pictures at church!) We go to a church that has two services as well. I love homemade soup and I love Starbucks and I love that chest you found! I’m sure you’ll find a special place for it, we always do!! Blessings, Diane

  4. Sounds like a busy week! But productive too! I would MUCH rather be busy than not…I always seem to function on all burners and get SO much done! But, I admit, it would be nice to actually SIT in Starbucks….or any other coffee shop!

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