The JUNK WARRIORS take on The World’s Longest Yard Sale

Watch our adventures as we take on the World's Longest Yard Sale!

Watch our adventures as we take on the World’s Longest Yard Sale!

Handy (Brittany via Pretty Handy Girl) and I are teaming up to do a little junkin’, brawl style. We wanna land America’s best junk, no holds barred.

Cuz we’re goin’ on a road trip. A BIIIIG road trip!


Video of World’s Longest Yard Sale above


Check. Us. Out!

Yes, you read that right! The good folks at GMC are sponsoring this most awesome adventure, taking on the World’s Longest Yard Sale!

A map of the World's Longest Yard Sale

Map of the World’s Longest Yard Sale


Starting in Hudson, Michigan, we’ll be rolling until we land in Gadsden, Alabama. WOW. I’ve always wanted to visit this area of the States and what better way to take it in with JUNK involved… dream talk! 

Think they’ll notice I’m from Oh Canada? I might have to squeak a few eh’s out to make it all legit like.


Who’s all going…

Pretty Handy Girl is going to The World's Longest Yard Sale

Handy aka Brittany – Pretty Handy Girl

All Things Thrifty

Brooke – All Things Thrifty

Beneath My Heart

Cy and Traci – Beneath My Heart

Better After

Lindsey – Better After

‘Ol Handy and I are teaming up with these other incredible bloggers for our 5 day adventure, collecting junk for a super special reason. You’ll have to tune in for the romp because there’s going to be a special surprise at the end involving Habitat for Humanity. 🙂

Habitat for Humanity

2012 GMC Yukon Denali in The World's Longest Yard Sale tour

And YO, we are goin’ down in STYLE. Each lucky blogger group will be fully equipped with a brand spankin’ new GMC Yukon Denali and will be trying out all the fancy OnStar features and such on our quest. Whoop!!

Handy’s blog announcement

Beneath My Heart’s blog announcement

Tuesday July 31st through August 5th

Tune in daily because we’ll be online like CRAZY showing you cool junk, wacky antics and that fancy ride. What a week this shall be!!

So, told ya I had something cool to share. How did I do? 🙂

View all our World’s Longest Yard Sale adventures HERE

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51 thoughts on “The JUNK WARRIORS take on The World’s Longest Yard Sale

  1. Sounds like a blast! I can’t wait to see all the cool stuff you guys find! Have fun!
    Ann @ Not Just Signs

  2. Oh wow, that sounds like SO much fun and maybe I’ll get to see y’all there! You’ll be going right through my neck of the woods here in northwestern Ohio. I didn’t get to go last year, but you can bet your boots I’ll be there this year!

  3. My girlfriend and I are thinking about doing the same thing but only have a couple of days so are thinking of Chattanooga to Gadsden. I’ve always wanted to do this. Hope you find lots of treasures. Sure wish I could meet you while you’re down this way!

  4. Oh that is going to be SO.MUCH.FUN….can I be a fly in the vehicle? I wouldn’t take up much room and could see/hear the awesomeness 🙂
    Find JOY along the way!
    Hugs from Iowa,

  5. that is terrific. now we know why you needed a passport. i’ve always wanted to do this yard sale…. I can wait to hear all about it. You might even find stuff to take back with you to Canada. Have a super great time. Wish I could be in the area to meet you. Maybe one day. Have fun fun fun

  6. So fun!! I live in Northern Kentucky and That sale runs right through my front yard practically! So bummed though that I will be on vacation when you girls are here. Would have loved to meet up with you! We are heading up to Ontario, so I guess we are kind of trading places!? We moved here from Canada 4 years ago, and trust me, our accents give us away every time. Can’t wait to see what y’all find 🙂

  7. Oh this is awesome! Brittany (aka Handy) and Traci are both real life friends of mine and they are the most wonderful friends. I know you all will have the best time. It will be a blast watching you. Lisa~

  8. Oh my goodness!! I am so jealous! My hubby and I have talked about making that trip for years, actually so have my sister and I. We first heard about it 10 years ago, and we’ve been trying to figure out how to go, but kids came and well, life gets in the way. I am so happy for you that you get to go!! I can’t wait to see all the great junk you find!!

  9. I have been on the Longest Yard Sale three times in a black GMC Yucon!!! How funny!! You are in for a great experience!!! Penny from New Mexico

  10. Oh- You gals will have SOOOO much fun How I wish I could join the parade. Hey! You DO have my car- mine is Pearlized white and it is a wonderful car….maybe I would slip right into the mix and no one would even notice!!! xo Diana

  11. Can I hide in the back….shhhhh I won’t tell…This sounds so fun…a lil Thelma and Loise good fun..not the ending….and the house at the end of the trip will be so cool,when you guys are done…..

  12. OMG, I’m so excited for you all!!! Will you be going through Kenosha, WI on your way down? Pick me up and I promise I will be quiet as a mouse strapped to the top of your vehicle. You won’t even know I’m there!!!!! Hugs from Wisconsin…Tess

  13. I have always wanted to get in on the Longest Yardsale…..something always comes up that I can’t go on that weekend. The sad thing is that I live in the Cincy/Dayton, Ohio area ! Have fun….looking forward to your posts

  14. Every year we’ve done the #127 through KY since we live smack dab in the middle of the state. This year we did almost the length of HWY 88, the length of KY the first weekend in June. We’ve been planning the 127 since then and this year want to start at the TN line and head south. So much fun! btw, we’ve never been able to find anything around the Cincy and north area before. I hope they start catching on and set out their jewels this year for you.

  15. I believe I may have to join Twitter just to follow this amazing adventure.
    Could you please publish (even on FB) the Twitter handles I would need to subscribe to for all the ladies on this adventure? Or the hashtag I should look for?

  16. WOOHOO JUNKIN’ ROAD TRIP!!!!! I have always wanted to go to the World’s Longest Yard Sale. My daughter and her family went to it one year on their way home from vacation.
    She said it was awesome. I am so jealous Donna, I sure hope all of you have enough fun for us who won’t be there. 🙁 I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  17. Sounds like soooo much fun! I’ll be watching for your updates! I just got back from a 100 mile yard sale in PA, had a blast! Have fun and be careful!

  18. You will come right through Hamilton, OH, and maybe a mile from my house. Are you going to be tweeting or anything as you go? Would love to met you Donna…. Well all of you guys really. Hope to see you on 127 somewhere!!!!

  19. This promises to be a super-duper road trip and sale! Your vehicle is top notch…how lucky are you to travel in style and comfort 🙂

    I’ll follow along to see what you have experienced….it sure looks good. Enjoy!

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