The message from the amazing sights of Hope

A wooden walkway, part of / The message from the amazing sights of Hope vis

Remember my little two night getaway to Hope while my son was in camp? Today I’m going to take you for a walk, taking in the awesome sights! And wait till you see where it led me…

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Downtown Hope, BC  / The message from the amazing sights of Hope vis

Hope is a neat little town. The streets feel unbelievably spacious, like they’re too wide and empty in comparison to most towns.

Downtown Hope, BC  / The message from the amazing sights of Hope vis

 The town also feels snug and low, as the mountains hug all for corners pretty closely. And did I mention it’s quiet? I always feel safe and secure in small, quiet towns and this one was no exception. 

Hope's beautiful forest park  / The message from the amazing sights of Hope vis

 Much like Central Park in New York, there’s one amazing park right in the middle of town. It’s unique in the fact that you walk from lawn into a line of forest trees with nothing in between the two. It’s one or the other.

Hope's beautiful forest park  / The message from the amazing sights of Hope vis

Hope's beautiful forest park  / The message from the amazing sights of Hope vis

Just the vast scale of the evergreen trees took your breath away.

Hope's beautiful forest park  / The message from the amazing sights of Hope vis

Flowering basket at Hope's park  / The message from the amazing sights of Hope vis

Lovely historic home  / The message from the amazing sights of Hope vis

And then I hopped into the truck, and took off to parts lesser known. I have no idea how I got there, but I found a little side road that appeared to really lead to nowhere, so I kept driving.

The mountains and a pond, part of  / The message from the amazing sights of Hope vis

And found this.

The mountains and the bush  / The message from the amazing sights of Hope vis

A scenic drive through the bush and a pond  / The message from the amazing sights of Hope vis

A scenic drive through Hope past forest, fields and mountains  / The message from the amazing sights of Hope vis

 You can bet I sat for a spell looking at absolutely nothing. We all need nothing from time to time, don’t you agree?

Quote - Sometimes doing nothing is the most productive thing you can ever do /

Kawkawa Lake in Hope, BC, part of  / The message from the amazing sights of Hope vis

Then the road led me to the local lake. I even had Lake Kawkawa all to myself. 

Here’s where things get a little interesting. If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you’ll know of my reoccurring dream of this little cabin on the lake somewhere. As I drove around the lake, I came across…

Willow tree by a lakefront cabin  / The message from the amazing sights of Hope vis

… a near replica of the vision I’ve had for so long. A cabin on a lake.

Seriously… all that’s missing are my english styled flower beds, arbour and my little rustic shed to tinker around with. Oh my word.. how do people near a lake front get anything done? I’d have to sit and stare at this all day.

It was right about here when I realized that I needed to get home and get busy. And this is why…

Some may look at a picture of a dream property and think there is no way they could ever have that. But I’m here to tell you, if you have a vision in your heart, and you don’t ever let it go, it can happen. I should know…

Back when I was married, we owned a brand new home. It was lovely! Nothing wrong with it at all. It even backed onto a park. But one day we took a Sunday drive to a place unknown to us and screeched to a halt in front a For Sale sign. There sat this amazing home in the middle of nowhere, with a wrap around porch, residing on 5 acres. I had to get out of the truck and see it with my own eyes without the windows. The silence was absolutely deafening. The tall entry gate with lush green vines growing all over it against the mountain backdrop… I can’t tell you how much I fell in love with every stone on that long curvy gravel driveway. But I knew it was one of those homes you know you’d never have a chance on ever getting.  I mean, ours wasn’t even for sale! Crazy talk.

But then my gut did a flip… and we investigated, finding out this home had been on the market for awhile because it was priced high. So what did we do? We gambled and put our home up for sale.. just to see… could we sell in time and have a chance at this place? Triple crazy talk!

But we did it! We sold AND got this place. And it was the most amazing ride ever.

Living there was ultimately only meant to be a pit stop to something different. It was heartbreaking to leave, (my story is HERE) but it led me to where I am now. And I know the current story I’m living is still young.

Your story isn’t over either. You knew that, right? If YOU give up, you may as well throw in the towel. But I sure wouldn’t recommend that. I’m never going to give up on what my heart desires and somehow, someway, it’ll work itself out… if I work towards it. 

And that is why I was ready to come home and get busy.

– – – – – 

Some of you may have noticed I pulled out from writing for 31 days straight. Shortly after my posts went live, my heart said to not over commit on something like that right now. While I’ve been wonderfully productive with the house lately, I have some other things I need to attend to.

I’ve been afraid to crack open a certain document. But it’s time.

Willow tree by a lakefront cabin  / The message from the amazing sights of Hope vis

Just blame it on the message from the amazing sights of Hope

Have you ever had a far fetched dream come true?

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48 thoughts on “The message from the amazing sights of Hope

    • Beth Ann, thank YOU. I read your comment at least 10 times so it would really sink in. I was a little afraid to put some of what I did in this post but you made it ok again. 🙂

  1. What a wonderful place, and yes there is always hope. I am 62 years old and believe I am starting a whole new phase in my life. None of it is really easy, but I believe my dreams will come true and so will yours. You just have to open yourself up to them. Manifesting is an amazing thing. xo Laura

  2. To answer your question about a farfetched dream coming true…in a word, no. I haven’t ever had time for dreaming…I have done almost everything in my life backwards…I had a daughter when I was 19, I bought a house when I was 24 and got married at 46. All of my life has basically been a struggle to do what is right or best for my daughter. I am still waiting on my reality to include my dreams.

    • Claudia, I know it sounds impossible, but I think it’s because you’ve told yourself no. Allow yourself to be selfish and dream! And then allow the smallest of things for yourself so you can get closer to it. You can do for your daughter and yourself, there IS a way. I’m living proof.

      I moved here from nothing and today, I’m now sharing my heart and passion on this blog which has grown into my life’s work. I’m able to do what I love AND be home for my son. I would have NEVER even planned this 5 years ago. You just don’t know where your life will take you or how your dream will morph.

      But you do have to start. Somewhere. Let the love for what you love to do take hold and just start.

  3. Donna
    I have followed you for so long (you are by far my fave blog). I have been to afraid to ever comment on some of your honest, let yourself be vulnerable questions, for lack of sounding, I don’t know scared, petrified, silly, pick the word that fits scaredy cat. That would be this 54 yr old gal searching like you for that dream we all hold so tight to our heart but refuse to believe “yes we can do it”. You have so inspired me on this day to rethink how I have been giving up hope on my dream to turn my 180 yr old barn into a wedding venue. I pretty much said I Can’t last week and yet my heart kept nagging me in my sleep yelling loudly “Yes you can.” The faith you have in yourself along with this story today has me re-thinking my defeated feelings lately . So Donna, thanks for the inspiration and your honest truth. You inspire me beyond belief. Thanks ♥

    • Do you have any idea how badly I’m rooting for you to keep going?! Do this! Yes you can! If I can face my scary document, you can pick up your dream and make it a little more real, one day at a time. I’m right there with you!

      • Thanks Donna you have no clue how much that means to me.

        So from us out here in the blogging atmosphere “Crack Open That Envelope” knowing we are standing right there next to you (or peeking over your shoulder) giving you the strength to go into the unknown.

        Now that I got my toe a tad wet by writing that to you I need to add to the story about the barn.

        I grew up where we now live on a 50 acre dead-end road. I wanted to run so far away from it growing up and I did, for over 20 years.
        Both my parents were diagnosed with life threatening diseases. Their last request was to die on this farm. So I quit my job as a counselor and came home to help them with their final journey. On those hard, very hard days when I thought my knees would buckle and my heart could not feel any heavier an I was not strong enough to loose one parent much less 2 I would seek refuge in the inside of that old barn. I would sit and imagine how those men hand made each beautiful piece of timber fitting the wooden pieces perfectly into a slot I wondered if they ever said to themselves I am not strong enough to do this? However they did and what a magnificent job they did, how I wish I could tell each of them how proud they should be for what they brought to my life when I struggled on many a day. I sat in that barn dreaming of what to do with it, it brought me such solace on impossible days.I drew sketches of a wedding barn ..this is way before it became posh..or in style to have barn weddings. We must have been in style since 35 yrs ago that is what I did for my wedding to the chagrin of my parents. But I had no regrets to this day. I want to do right by it, and still make my parents proud that we continued the legacy of this homestead.

        You may ask me if I have regrets coming back here? I would lie if I did not say I struggled with possibly selling the place. But on my daily walk with my animals I found my answers whispering in the wind, through the tree lined fences that I walked next to that this is the place, my home. An I can make it better yet and help others by sharing it.

        So I rambled Donna..but I have such comfort with your post today that I cannot get it out of my head and again “Please crack that envelope open and I am sure good things will come your way, you have a Huge cheer-leading section out here, we are all in your corner.”

  4. Hi Donna!
    I have a very similar story about how I found my forever home.
    My Great Grandfather lived with us until he was 96, and after he passed away I have always felt him near to me – he is my guardian spirit I think. He’s the one who taught me to love flowers and plants and I still talk to him daily when I’m out in my gardens. He was a Rom gypsy from Hungary and always taught me to listen to my heart.
    One night a few years ago he came to me in a dream, in the midst of some soul searching about moving closer to the beach. He stood before me and just said “Remember, there’s more than one way to see the water.”
    My husband and I had been looking for a smaller home in a beach community, but couldn’t find anything and were about to give up trying. The night after my dream I met a woman at an event and we started talking – I told her about looking for my dream home and she asked me to describe it. After I did she looked at me and said “Well, that’s strange…I think I own your home.” A bit more conversation and I ended up at her house the next day, walking around my dream home in awe. Then I asked her if she’d consider selling it and she said that she rented the house out by the week and it was a big moneymaker for her – since it was a block from the beach and situated in the most picturesque town in our state. But after a bit of persuasion we agreed to have our husbands join us there the next day to take a look. When my husband got out of the car at the end of the driveway he said “Oh my God, come here. Look to your left – now look to your right. There’s more than one way to see the water! Do you think that’s what your Great Grandfather meant?”
    Well, all I know is that when my husband walked through the house he couldn’t stop smiling – he loved it as much as I did. So, I just took a leap of faith and said “Look, you know we love this house. Here’s what we’d be willing to pay for it and if you think that’s fair then we have a deal, and if not that’s okay too.” They both left the room and came back 5 minutes later. “Okay, we’ll take it.” Two weeks later we moved into our dream home. And the craziest thing of all?
    The first thing I unpacked out of it’s box was my Great Grandfather’s mantle clock, and put it up over the fireplace. It’s banged up pretty badly on the outside and has no inner workings so it can’t work, but it’s the only tangible thing I still have from him. As my husband walked into the room, it chimed 9 times. If he hadn’t been there to hear it with me I’d have been called crazy, but the 2 of us just looked at each other and smiled. I said “Grandpa says welcome home.”
    True story.

    • Nancy,
      That is a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing it with us. I am a big believer in the power of dreams and thoughts being manifested into reality. This and Donna’s story have been a huge shot in the arm for me.

      Keep dreaming!!

        • Nancy, I got chills and tears. What a wonderful story. I would also love to see some pictures of your dream home and property. Do you realize how lucky you are, maybe even blessed, to have a husband who shares your dream? Lucky, Lucky girl!!

  5. I love this post so much —- I’m working hard to fulfill a desire for something myself.

    real job days and extra income projects nights. but I sleep soundly, knowing that my dream is slowly becoming closer.

    Thank you for all you do for this blog, and for me.

  6. I knew their was a great reason I started following this wonderful blog!Thank You Donna!!! I believe the same as you, that you send stuff out to the universe, and eventually you will be led. I still haven’t found the bag o money sitting on the curb, however, I have been waiting to “plan” a wedding for 2 years, waiting for the perfect venue…..SO SHELLY….WILL YOUR BARN BE AVAILABLE IN THE NEXT COUPLE YEARS?…heheh, maybe I should find out where it is? if you would like to email me, that would be fantastic!
    Keep up the great blogging Donna, love the pic’s, and the projects!

    • Bless your heart ♥ Robyn

      We live in Wisconsin…not sure where you live but more than likely not to close to here. LOL
      Oh the beauty of the cyber meet so many wonderful inspiring people who can help each other just by typing words of encouragement and faith and support. I have gotten so much out of Donna’s post in the past but today has brought it to another level.
      Best of the best with your wedding plans.

      • With all due respect, Shelly, Did I miss something here? So what if Robyn does not live in the same state as you?! People have been known to travel hundreds of miles, even across oceans to marry in the setting of their dreams. I think you have “given up” too easily when someone who can make your dream happen is literally sitting on the doorstep to your beautiful barn! Please re-read Donna’s post, and I sincerely wish you the best of luck with your dream. You can make it happen.

        • Wisconsin is a tad further than we had planned to travel, we’re in Cloverdale British Columbia…HOWEVER Shelly, just because I wouldn’t have the honor of being the first bride to cross the threshold, should by no means stop you from going forward with your dreams! Linda is correct, there are tons of people out there, looking for just the right venue. To quote the movie Field of Dreams “If You Build It…They Will Come”…YOU ALREADY HAVE THE BARN…what are you waiting for? What better way to honor your dreams, honor your parents, and honor the men who built it, making happy memories for all who visit your barn. I hope you will give this a go….I really do!

  7. Beautiful, just beautiful. The serenity of the silence in the photos is deafening – thanks so much for sharing! Have a wonderfully blessed day!

  8. Can’t even tell you how these picture and the words affected me just now, the change I know just happened in me.
    Have drawn and held onto my house/cabin plans for many years now.


  9. Hope is the perfect name for that gorgeous place. It feels like a wonderful mix of old and new, clean air and fresh ideas. Beautiful pictures — I can almost feel the cobwebs in my brain getting blown away imagining being there … thanks for sharing!

    I’ve been reading your story … Bless Your Heart … and again, thanks for sharing!!!

  10. So lucky you were in Hope in sunshine. Every time I drive thru it it’s bucketing down. Well, not every time. It’s just beautiful in the sunshine. My dream is that I’ll be able to make a living thru my art. Not there yet, but a lot closer than I was last year. 🙂 Good for you to recognise the possibility of overworking yourself. That’s not healthy at all. Looking forward to hearing more about the scary document and how you’re doing. 🙂

  11. WOW Donna this gave me see the place you have had in your dreams for so long, amazing hope! Now get busy because I can’t wait to see.
    PS…you are an amazing, beautiful and inspirational person, thank you for sharing a little peak into your life.

  12. Donna – I’m a “lurker”, reading but almost never leaving comments. I’m in such awe of you and other blogging gals that I feel tongue-tied. 😉

    But I can’t let this post touch me so, and not tell you. Thank you from the bottom of my soul! At nearly 60, I’m new to discovering my talents and still pretty skeptical that I can do something with them, despite excitement and encouragement from others. I was a single parent and never considered my dreams, really didn’t even recognize them. I was always too busy working at my job and at home. Those years are so long ago, but I still struggle with that mindset….job is “real” work, other stuff is just for fun.

    Now the “real” job could be ending, rumors abound of a plant shutdown. I waffle between fear and excitement at the thought of this being the push I need to follow my own path. So your post is very timely, and has my thoughts awirl.

    I hope the document you spoke of turns out to be something wonderful. Thank you again for sharing your story, and your wisdom. It’s such a wonderful gift to your readers. Even the lurkers!

    Cyndy B

  13. Loved the tour through Hope! And what an appropriate name! I too have a dream of living next to a lake. I’ve put that dream on the back burner…losing my “hope” in ever seeing it come to pass. Your article encouraged me to put that dream on the big front burner. I’ve got to clean the cobwebs off so my dream goes from the dingy yellowed version to living color again. Your article encourages me to do just that! I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now & it is one I look forward to daily. And of course I feel a kinship with you through your awesome blog! Thanks for being an inspiration! I pray God will continue to bless & direct you & give you the desires of your heart!

  14. I am always so intrigued at the projects you share and the way you take some discarded stuff and make it into something wonderful but this post is so wonderfully deep. I think I’ve enjoyed this post the most. The picture of this little town is breathtaking. When asked the question, “Where do you live?” wouldn’t it be nice to say, “I live in Hope.”

    Be Blessed!

  15. I think I realized my dream before I even knew it WAS my dream – how lucky can I be! I live on a lake in a little ranch house. It’s the only home we’ve ever owned & we’ve been here for 23 yrs now. We came as newlyweds, watched our son grow up here & now he’s getting married. Years ago I stopped & thought about my dream & realized I was living it.

    I’m not saying bad things didn’t happen as well but I’ve learned that sorrow & joy are two roads that intertwine pretty much constantly. Sometimes there’s deep sorrow but there’s always some joy in it & sometimes there’s great joy but there’s always some pain with it as well. It’s just the way life works. The key is to see the joy in the deep sorrow & appreciate the pain because it really does make the joys sweeter.

  16. Thanks for sharing Donna, the pictures, the story . . . all are inspirational. LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM!! Thanks girlfriend!

  17. Your site is something I look forward to looking at and “dreaming” about every day….This particular one and your “story” touched my heart. I’d love to visit that place. You keep dreaming girl! You are one talented young lady and inspire sooooo many people. I’m way past senior citizen status, but I love seeing all the funky things you post…and the places you share with us out in computer land!! Thanks and keep em coming!

  18. To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven;
    Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
    I truly believe in this and from all your comments it’s proof positive!!

  19. Dreams, for the last few years that is all my life seems to have been fueled on. Boy times have been tough but I don’t think I would be doing what I love if they hadn’t of been. You have made that so much more real with your writings…HOPE…..a beautiful place for sure, but I think the real HOPE is what is within you and all of us. Right now I am discouraged, funds are low, no place in sight for opening a brick and mortar business, age is not on my side nor health, but HOPE is within me and it won’t let me rest. Your testimony to pressing on is so encouraging to me. Keep up the good work and I am excited to see what you are yet to do. Judy

  20. Some how I happened across your site and glad that I did! I admire your writings and creativeness as I too find joy in many of the same things..looking forward to learning more. Great site!

  21. I stumbled upon your blog and you have an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it and for sharing your trip to Hope. You are a blessing!

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