The opulence in Las Vegas

Glass ceiling / The opulence of Las Vegas /

Today was our first day crusing the strip in Las Vegas. And I will say, this country mouse is seeing city lights in a whole new way!

Las Vegas does not mess around in the form of opulence.

Glass ceiling / The opulence of Las Vegas /
(glass ceiling)

I’m trying to grasp what Las Vegas really is. And in a nutshell, it’s about hotel hopping. Each hotel has their own casino so you don’t have to go far to get a gambling fix.

Curvy wood ceiling / The opulence of Las Vegas /

Curvy wood ceiling / The opulence of Las Vegas /

The most outstanding feature of Las Vegas is overkill features in said hotels. Oh my goodness…

Fish scale metal wall / The opulence of Las Vegas /

Fish scale metal wall / The opulence of Las Vegas /

Fish scale metal wall / The opulence of Las Vegas /

(fish scale metal wall)

Crazy. Everywhere you look, there’s something to take a picture of. 

Living reclaimed wood wall / The opulence of Las Vegas /

This amazing reclaimed wood living wall inside a picture frame? I WANT it! Not quite what the store had in mind to sell I’m sure… 😉

Industrial glam chandelier / The opulence of Las Vegas /

Tower of Pizza in Vegas / The opulence of Las Vegas /

Caesars Palace / The opulence of Las Vegas /

Caesars Palace / The opulence of Las Vegas /
Caesars Palace

Hard Rock Hotel pool / The opulence of Las Vegas /
This is only a small part of the pool area at the Hard Rock hotel. It’s amazing… but cold. They don’t heat the water because the weather normally heats it. We’re about a month or 2 early for that.

The weather is also somewhat cool too. Last night I had been wishing for my winter jacket. I didn’t expect that! But it’s better than too hot, so I’m perfectly happy.

Las Vegas
Taking in the music, the sights, the amazing ceilings (the above are painted umbrellas!) the glittery walls…. the beauty the town has to offer has been so cool!

While obviously the primary reason all these hotels are open is so you’ll hopefully gamble, your visit here certainly doesn’t have to centre around that. It’s really all where you desire to spend your time.

I’ve spent $3 so far (LOL) and yep, lost every last cent. There’s a reason these hotels are so lavish… 😉

Tomorrow we have a nature filled day. A few of us are heading to Red Rock Canyon for a day of hiking. I am SOOO excited for this one!

Stay tuned… you know that photoshoot is gonna ‘rock’… heh…

Have you been to Vegas before? What did you like about it best?

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31 thoughts on “The opulence in Las Vegas

  1. Having lived in Las Vegas for the last 6+ years, I always love seeing what people think of the city. Your pictures are gorgeous! I enjoy seeing the city through other people’s eyes. Enjoy Red Rock Canyon – hard to believe it is less than 25 minutes from the strip!! Sorry about the cold and wind – and when you mention your winter coat – yup, we’re freezing too!! Enjoy the rest of your time here!!

  2. Fav’s-Bellagio Gardens & Venetian canal shops. You’d love the All Saints store at the Cosmopolitan with hundreds of antique sewing machines. Google “25 best free things to do in Las Vegas”. Neon Museum & Boneyard is a place I haven’t been, but is on my wish list. Can’t wait to see more pics!

  3. a day of hiking sounds perfect!! If you have time and a empty suitcase you can find some great antiques. Looking forward to your pic’s…have fun!!

  4. My husband and I were there a few years ago. We actually stayed in Boulder City at a very retro motel, but went to Vegas for a Cirque du Soleil show. A friend who lives in Vegas, picked us up one night to see all the sights. He called us to let us know he was on his way – it was 11:00 p.m. – already past our bedtime – heh! Good thing we were on vacation. That’s the night life, I guess. Not us, but it is very beautiful at night due to all the casinos and the bright lights. Believe it or not – we never gambled once.

  5. I recognized Dale Chihuly(your first two photos) instantly when I saw it on my Las Vegas visit! He is so incredible. Here’s a quote about that sculpture. Google him and see his exhibits if he is ever close to you. Just mind-blowing how creative a person can be!!!

    “Over two thousand glass flowers hover over your head as you await the check-in experience at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. The Dale Chihuly glass sculpture is a one of a kind piece of art that is very Las Vegas.”

    Beautiful photos!!

  6. Hope you have a great time Donna. I was out there with family several years ago and we enjoyed the hiking most of all. The scenery is not like anything we get back east. We also really liked Madame Tussauds wax museum. As for the gambling, I think we made about ten dollars on the poker machines. Woo hoo.

  7. I have been to Vegas only twice and like you said, overkill. Like eating too much dessert. But if you hit the trails or antique shops that would be fun. If I ever go again that is what I will do. Have fun.

  8. Last year I had my then 11 yo daughter in Vegas for a gymnastic competition and we squeezed in the Beatles Love show at the Mirage. It was fabulous – highly recommend it! Have fun!

  9. I have been to Vegas many times, my parents were married there and my baby sister lives there.
    It is an amazing place, there is so much you can do without spending a dime, and Las Vegas has so many museums you can visit.
    I love going to Freemont street and sitting on a bench and watching the light show and the people, I can sit there for the longest time especially when the weather is good, and just checking out the beautiful casinos and hotels is entertaining and it won’t cost a dime.
    You will enjoy red rock canyon, I have hiked and climbed there and had a great time. Have fun and stay safe.

  10. With all that looking up your sure to get a kink in your neck! lol….I have been to Vegas once a couple of years ago and I am one of those rare winners…$4000.00 US on two slot machine wins…took my money and ran!! There is a ton to do in Vegas and you don’t need to gamble. I especially loved a road trip to see the Grand Canyon… breathtaking. Also enjoyed several shows and walking around at all of the hotels. When I go back I will be staying at Ceasar’s Palace…it was my favorite of the ones I visited…..have fun!!

  11. WELCOME!!
    to Las Vegas!
    Weather this week has been crazy:)
    Enjoy your time here it is an amazing city.

  12. I never cared about seeing Las Vegas, not being the gambling sort. But I went a couple of years ago to see Cirque du Soleis The Beatles LOVE. And it was fabulous. The show, the food, and I couldn’t stop taking pictures. I would definitely go back.

    Love your blog. It’s my favorite!

  13. I’ve been to Las Vegas twice and loved both times. We don’t gamble at all and there’s tons to do. You will absolutely LOVE Red Rock Canyon. It’s stunning and so close to Vegas. On the strip, make sure you go see the Bellagio fountains at night. Last time, we stayed there for an hour and there was a new fountain show every 15 minutes. Each one different and all of them beautiful. Great photos. Also free to watch is the volcano show at night at the Mirage. It was interesting but I enjoyed the Bellagio fountains much more. Also walk through The Venetian’s mall. It looks like Venice with waterways and gondolas going through the mall as well as outside the Venetian. Also walk through Paris to see the mall there. It looks like Paris streets with “outdoor” patios outside the restaurants and the lobby of Paris looks like something out of Versailles – all mirrors and chandeliers. We saw Jersey Boys at Paris and it was wonderful. I would also recommend the Donny and Marie Osmond show. I didn’t particularly want to go to their show, but I was stunned by how good it was. Marie has a voice that rivals Celine Dione and Barbara Streisand. Too bad they never fully utilized her voice when she was singing popular music on the radio. If you have time, rent a car and go to the Hoover Dam. Awe inspiring and the tour is extremely interesting. If you have the time I would highly recommend a trip to the Grand Canyon South Rim. We rented a car and drove there and back on the same day and had time to tour the western route from Grand Canyon Village which gives you the most views of the canyon. It was a long and tiring day but sooooooo worth it. Absolutely stunning views. It is a fair bit colder there than in Vegas, and gets a lot colder after sunset, which is beautiful. There are tours you can take from Las Vegas to the South Rim. There are also tours to the Grand Canyon West which is run by the Hualapai Native American Tribe which has the Skywalk, a glass floor that stretches out over the canyon. It is closer to Vegas but I have heard it is more expensive and you can’t take your camera onto the Skywalk – they take pictures of you and you have to buy them. I’ve also heard the views are not as good as the South Rim, which is run by the National Park Service. Have a great time in Vegas, Donna!

  14. Welcome to my home town LAS VEGAS! So much to see and do! Sounds like you are having a great time! Don’t leave without seeing a Cirque show, Mystere at the TI is my favorite!

  15. do your jaws hurt yet from dropping your mouth open ha ha, i went home and had jaw pain for days, and how many times have you said oh my God or oh my what ever you say lol, there isn’t a way to see everything unles you stay for a month or two xx

  16. I’m not a gambler whatsoever and it has nothing to do with a moral code(heaven forbid, lol!)…it’s just not my thing…so, you’d think that Vegas wouldn’t be a place I’d enjoy, but I absolutely LOVE it! Speaking of LOVE, I went to see that show last time I was there and it was just awesome in the truest sense of the word…if there is any way you can swing it, please go…especially if you like the Beatles or the Cirque Du Soliel at all! But if that doesn’t sound like your thing, there are always plenty of other shows to check out and I find that Vegas does everything big and opulent, so their shows are no exception! And if you like thrills, Donna, you MUST check out the rollercoaster at the Stratosphere hotel…there is nothing in the world quite like it and it’s guaranteed to blow your everlovin’ mind…just make sure you have a strong heart before boarding! But really, even just walking through the streets and casinos gazing at the glorious sites Vegas has to offer would make for an unforgettable experience and goodness knows, taking all of that in can be exhausting enough on its own!

    I’m just sooooo happy to see you are already having a fabulous time and I’m sure your entire stay will be the stuff of dreams! I can’t wait to read more about your trip and see it all through your eyes as you share your amazing photos with us! You’ve done an excellent job capturing the beauty and the grandeur of Vegas so far, btw…those are some brilliant snaps and I look forward to seeing many more! 🙂

  17. I got married in Vegas in 1980! Probably wouldn’t recognize it now…
    I knew you’d love the reclaimed wood as soon as I saw it LOL I hope you have a wonderful time and I look forward to seeing it through your eyes!

  18. I lived less than an hour away from Las Vegas and I loved the city! I miss getting to go there once in a while on my weekends. It is a treasure trove of thrift stores I might add. When I was going there they had over 75 that I counted and I am sure there were many I had missed. There is also a good salvage yards you may wish to check out! If it can be found, it is in Las Vegas believe me! I hope you have a great time!

  19. I’ve never wanted to see Las Vegas or the southwest. I’m an Appalchian girl & love the lush mountains of the east. I’ve wondered about the horrible water conditions out west & how Las Vegas can keep using so much when their neighbors are going dry. have you seen any water conservation there at all?

  20. I lived there and went to high school as well as to UNLV, home of the Running Rebels. Am so glad that you are having a great time. It’s a great time to be there so you don’t experience the heat. Have fun!

  21. The Wynn Las Vegas is a gorgeous hotel! We stayed there on our last visit and loved it. The lake with the waterfall is stunning and unique. Beautiful architecture and design. It is the only place I have ever been with curving escalators.

  22. Well, it was years ago, but I did win $1,500 on a single Keeno ticket the first time I visited Vegas. I had just started freelance writing and it paid the rent on my little studio apartment in Chicago for almost five months! Like I said…a long time ago. I actually found shopping for clothes more rewarding though. I bought some things there that I enjoyed for years.

  23. I was going to offer to “talk you down” after seeing all the lights and wild decor, but if you’ve only lost $3, I think you have your feet planted firmly on the ground. I’ve only been to the Las Vegas airport, where there is also gambling!, on our way home from a visit to Lake Tahoe for a wedding, I think it was. Too much glitter and hype for me! We won enough to get our car out of our airport parking lot in Columbus, Ohio. Enjoy!

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