Today’s roadside diving – SCORE!

Isn’t this cute?!?! It’s a birdhouse complete with post. Know where I found it? Buried under this massive pile of wood. The entire works was going to be burned! Hello?!?!?!?

Meet Gerry. He’s my new bestest friend in my quaint little town. I was walking the dog around the block when I saw his trailer stacked with this precious weathered tongue and groove DIY treasure and ran to his gate where I heard him talking. I pleaded and begged and whatnot to have him make a quick stop in my driveway before he carried on. Ok, abit of a lie. He was all too happy to get rid of most of it before he had to take it much further.

My plan for it is to create a feature wall in my bathroom. It’s the little wall with the one window that needs a punch of fun. And this was exactly what I was looking for. I even love the sunburned warmth of the mocha colour the wood is. A wire brush to it and it’s good to go as is!

He also had a question for me. “What does your husband say to this sort of thing?”

“I don’t have a husband, so I’m allowed to do this.”

“OHHHHH….” and laughs full throttle.

Then I had to show him my madness. I took him for a quick tour inside my house to show him what funk I create out of junk. And honestly? When he saw all my stacked against the wall projects jammed in many corners, it probably stressed him out some. But he didn’t show it. He happily waved goodbye and off he went to burn the rest of the load, probably very happy to be in an environment where there wasn’t so much work to be done.

Gerry claims to love carpentry as a hobby and has just retired. Boy oh boy, I need to find someone just like that in my life. He’d be soooo busy outputting what’s in my head. Nope. Gerry ran FAST for the hills when he saw the full mechanics of how my creative mind worked. Gerry is a smart dude.

Thanks again Gerry! I love the wood and the birdhouse!

And this is hilarious. I spotted this curbside dive just down the road. I hope you can make out the sign ok. I was laughing the entire time I was loading this baby into the back of my truck. It’s a mid sized office chair, solid wood and weighs a ton! It was as sturdy as ever and is the perfect size for my 9 yr old son!

So much to do, so little time…

What recent finds have you landed? And where do YOU store your undone stuff? I’m having some trouble with storage. Does this mean I should be working on the stuff I already have rather than scooping up more ya think?


Join Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for her ‘Today’s Thrifty Treasures’, April 27th edition linky party to spot what others have recently collected!

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24 thoughts on “Today’s roadside diving – SCORE!

  1. I store stuff in the basement, much to my husband’s dismay. He has started putting a 1 year limit on my finds (as in, he’s getting rid of it if we’ve had it a year and it’s still sitting, waiting for love).

    I love that chair! I’ve been looking for one like that for my office – and I obviously don’t want to buy one new because I’m cheap and could do so much more with my money. 😉

    I can’t wait to see what you do with your bird house!

  2. Score is right !!!!! Adorable bird house with its own perch ,yeah.
    Wow what a great day you had.
    Love the chair .I can’t really help you on the storage much because it is really one of those areas to each his own. As for me my garage is full,the patio has several ongoing projects and we have a building full of projects stored waiting to be loved on in a creative kind of way 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your amazing trophys today.

  3. Ahhh… I just had a friend visit and I complained how full my garage was and how one day it would be nice to have it back to a garage again. He gasped and said, “WHAT? It’s a workshop!”

    Got that ladies? We have WORKSHOPS. (so that’s the excuse guys use when they don’t clean up stuff… huh)

    So there you have it. Workshops are allowed to be junked up. Good to know! Cuz I have more road finds to scoop up. (someone’s gotta do it)

  4. I just popped in to your blog from Reinvented and wanted to say hi! I love all the junk you repurpose, so I’ll be adding you to my favorites if that’s ok!

    I have so many projects that need to be finished/painted…but need to find time to squeeze that in to real life!!!


  5. If I can work out my embarrassment, a linky party would be fun! But really, I bring home more and more junk all the time and my Hunny just might have a heart attack if I bring home another piece of fixer upper furniture. Currently, my porch, patio, garage and most of my basement is filled with finds and projects- YIKES!

    Love the chair, it sure does need some love and I think you are just the person for the job!

    ~Yard Sale Mama

  6. I love it when I find people just like me! I love to spiff up junk. Monday I am posting on 4 chairs I picked up and redid- all for $10! Check them out if you have time Monday.


  7. Last week I found a old dresser circa 1976 sunk in the mud by my neighbors trashcan. It had been sitting out in the rain for 2 days. Do you think that stopped me from grinding my car to a halt and then walking back in my church clothes to spy another look? NO!! I did and right after I came in the house and told my hubby of my find, he got up and said, let’s go get it!

    I plan on using it as a credenza for my 46 in. TV in the livingroom!

    Another awesome treasure I found in my neighbors trash was a church pew or deacons bench. It’s been in the front entry as a place to stop and put on shoes and now it’s in the kitchen at the table for extra seating.
    My hubby thought I was crazy, but now he gets excited when I find a great treasure!

  8. I have no shame either..if I see I great find I’ll get right out there and grab matter who is looking! Great birdhouse and chair. I can’t wait to see it refurbished. Mary

  9. you scored for sure! I woulda been with you there, chucking it in the back of my car

    and the office chair will SING when it’s done, love it, can you just imagine how much that would cost in a shop

    gotta love the roadkill

    nice blog, I’m off to look some more, a girl after my own heart haha


  10. Just look at those treasures!! Love the chair, great find. I have no room to store much either, so I can’t bring a lot of stuff home. But, if I had a shed…lookout! I’d be dragging all sorts of stuff home with me. Thanks for playing along! I think every Monday will be a fun day to share our finds.

  11. Oh my goodness, you are hilarious!! I love this blog!!! Glad I’m not the only one with this sickness – dumpster diving and projects up to here! Just.can’

  12. Just so you know= that square metal tub in your garden is a “wash tub” from the 1930s! They were very popular in Newfoundland before electricity. I have one as well. What you need is an old “wash board” and hand wringer. It is wayyyyyy to valuable to be put in a garden with flowers in it. I love your site. Oh- and your not crazy. Barb in Newfoundland, canada

  13. Haha! That’s why I bought my own house, so I can make my own rules 😉 I so love your scores, I’m a bit envious because I have no place in my house to keep it all once its finished! Never mind as an unfinished project…..How do you do it???

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