T’was the night before Bella Rustica

Bella Rustica, a vintage barn marketplace held at Milky Way Farms in Nashville Tennessee

There are so many bonuses to going to Bella Rustica and just one of them is the natural beauty that surrounds Milky Way Farms. This farm was owned by the Mars bar creator, hence the name. It’s 1000’s of acres of incredible rolling hills with historic old barns.

… continued – picture heavy …

I’ve been off the land too. Linda and I drove around to pick things up for the sale and landed in Columbia at Carter’s Creek Station Antiques. My oh my. This place is a must stop! They are also bringing their amazing junk to Bella!

And then I met Sandy Leeper.

Sandy, a wonderful reader of my blog and volunteer at Bella, treated me to a day off from the farm and took me for an amazing tour of Franklin and other surrounding areas. I cannot WAIT to show you the photos of that day! There are so many and they deserve the ultimate editing, so stay tuned once I return home.

Bella Rustica

Today, it was all about getting ready for the show. I was busy tweaking workshop notes as well as prepping for an old signs workshop as well as others. This is a glimpse of today’s office. 🙂

It was fun watching the vendors roll in one by one. I got to meet soooo many wonderful people and watch that junk come in first hand.

Bella Rustica

And the junk indeed rolled in!

Bella Rustica vintage barn marketplace

Bella Rustica vintage barn marketplace

Bella Rustica vintage barn marketplace

Another office location. Aren’t my picture windows amazing?

Bella Rustica vintage barn marketplace

Bella Rustica vintage barn marketplace

Filling up.

It’s now Thursday night and all is quiet. Chandler saw to it that there was hay everywhere you walk and Fri will be like Christmas morning with a VERY early start. We’ll be there at 6:30 ready to greet the early bird crowd. 

But here’s a sneak peek of a couple pics I took in the evening…

I can’t wait to snap photos of the booths in the daylight before the crowds arrive!

You won’t believe your eyes.

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