Using our gifts to gift others

Using-our-gifts-to-gift-others: inspiring-post-via-Funky-Junk-Interiors

 “Could you take some pictures of our church service?”

The first time I was asked this, I froze. I was still using my point and shoot at the time, and knew taking pictures of a huge sanctuary would require a much different lens. So I made the promise that I’d indeed take pictures after my camera upgrade. True to my word, I let them know once I had a new camera in hand. 


I had no idea I’d be utilized for photography skills. Guys, I’m a true blue self taught hack. But I love to play with what I see through a lens. Taking pictures is like telling a story. What can we say with one picture?


It’s hard to describe what doing this does for me. When you sink yourself into your passions, everything becomes effortless. And if you can somehow help others with it in some small way, priceless. While I never expect a return of any kind, something always does come back to me. It never ever fails. Ever.

It can even be a life experience. Thinking back, I’ve gone through some difficult stuff in my own life, and when I can offer that up to another going through something similar, I know then, why I had to go through it myself. Even the hard knocks of life can flip into a gift.

Think of it this way. We’ve been given a gift, so using our gifts to gift others, especially one in need of it, is like paying it forward.


Give generously of your gifts, to those in need and never with an expectation of a return. For it’s those times, something generally comes your way, that betters what you just gave.

Try it and see.

These pictures were taken for the Yarrow Alliance Church FB Page.

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20 thoughts on “Using our gifts to gift others

  1. Thank you for sharing your passion and your gift. You have a wonderful eye for photography! I love how you focus on one thing and let it tell the story of what’s in the background. And you are so very right about sharing our gifts. I’ve learned the same lessons…my past has definitely taught me how to help others in this future we call life. Utilizing our gifts that God gave us is a wonderful way to praise Him!

  2. Everything we do requires a degree of faith. Martin Luther King, Jr., said that faith is taking that first step even though you can’t see the whole staircase. The bravery in taking that first step in faith is often the blessing because it gives you the courage to take the next and the next. Look how far you’ve come! Thank you for inspiring us every day. Here’s wishing you a great week, Donna! Love from Indiana.

  3. Wise word indeed. As I sit here making curtains for my brother (I HATE making curtains) I have to remember that he will appreciate them and could never do this himself and I have to be grateful that I CAN do this. Even though it’s not fun.

  4. Very true, God multiplies all of our efforts and especially when we do and give with a pure heart 🙂 I love your pix and your words are always encouraging and I am grateful that you share your gifts with us!

  5. It’s so good be used by God with our talents!!! Make sure if that God is calling you for this, He knows exactly what you’re able to do. The things that you aren’t able to do, He will shed His grace. Just trust it!!!
    God bless you. Thank you for these beautiful pictures!

  6. Very cool pics, Donna. Great job, especially since this was at an Alliance church and I belong to an Alliance church in Northern California. It’s so neat to see what great things are happening in our sister churches. So thank you very much for sharing, and keep up the great work. I’m really enjoying your blog and FB page!

  7. Such very true words. The part about not expecting anything in return is the magic link that I think so many people forget. Giving without expecting in return is truly one of the best ways to elevate our spirits to much higher realm of joy. I agree that we go through really cruddy things sometimes for many reasons. One of them is that we can help someone else down the road who may experience the same thing. Thanks for sharing with no expectation of a return. I know you practice what you preach. -K

  8. It was a brave and giving thing you did, telling those that asked when you got your new camera, not waiting and studying how. You taught yourself and trusted the gift God gave you, with great results. Thanks for sharing, it’s so uplifting to read such things.

  9. I stumbled across one of your photos on Pinterest. I hope you don’t mind that I linked it on my blog. The pink flowers and the vintage container seemed such a nice contrast to all the snow we have been having. You have some great ideas on your blog.

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