A Valentine’s gift for my friends… would you help?

Tell me this isn’t adorable!

As heartwarming as this photo is, it comes with a bittersweet story.

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I’ve known this couple all my life growing up. And they are still madly in love today.

And it’s with deep sadness, Mrs. is now in hospice and only has been given 6 months to live. And if that weren’t enough, Mr. is going in for heart surgery.

This deeply touches me because I’ve lost both my parents. So!! I’d like to make this little dream come true for this family with your help if you’re so inclined.

The family has entered these two in a photo contest. Whomever receives the most likes by Friday will be deemed The Cutest Couple and will win!

The win is a nice dinner and flowers. Mrs. can’t go out for dinner, so Granddaughter will be taking Grandpa out out on a date if they win, and Grandma will brighten up her hospice room with the flowers.

This is a small thing… yet it’s so very big.

If you’d like to help make this special wish come true for this family, I invite you to 

click HERE or on the hearts above, 

then LIKE the photo. 

That’s it! 

(voting is until Friday on Facebook)

Thanks to the amazing FJI Facebook crew, we moved them into first place Tuesday evening!

But voting is until Friday. So if you see this and would like to be a part of it, please vote and share!

Using this blog forum to help people and do something ‘good?!?’ … nothing like it!

Best of luck neighbours!

and thank-you everyone! 

( pssst… this honestly was the cutest photo )

Watch the fun over at FJI Facebook (below) too! 

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28 thoughts on “A Valentine’s gift for my friends… would you help?

  1. Just liked on the link!! There is 420 likes for them now!! This reminded me of my parents, they made it to 54 years, Mom was is a nursing home and my Dad had cancer. For their last Valentine’s Day I hired a Barborshop Quortet to serenade them! I sincerely hope that your friends win. <3 Jenny

  2. Sorry but I am not in facebook and I don´t want to sign. But I wish you luck and I am praying for them. I believe that God will joining them in paradise, where there is no pain, only the love they deserve.

  3. I also am not a facebook member but I hope they win. What a wonderful story of love still going strong. My heart and prayers go out for them at this time.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Donna you are very sweet to help them and I hope they win!!! I will pass the word on to my friends and family. They seem like a wonderful couple and this would be a special Valentine’s day for them.

  5. I think it is awesome that they won, not only is it cute, but something for us younger couples to strive for in our marriages. I am sure it wasn’t always easy, but look at them, this is great!! Praying for them too.

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