Visiting the High Roller in Las Vegas

Visiting the High Roller in Las Vegas /
Since the market, I haven’t DIYed a single thing. I’ve actually been weeding in some flower beds which doesn’t make a very exciting post! So until I get some cool stuff on the go, I thought I’d continue with a few Vegas hotspots.

Visiting the High Roller in Las Vegas /
Welcome to the High Roller, the most prized and feared attraction of Las Vegas.

Prized because it’s an attraction you can’t exactly ignore.

Feared, because many are afraid of the size.  It’s massive.

Visiting the High Roller in Las Vegas /
The High Roller is like a ferris wheel, housing large pods. It takes 30 minutes to do a complete circle, so as you can imagine, it goes ever so slow.

It actually never even stops when you walk on, it’s that slow!

Visiting the High Roller in Las Vegas /
And being glitzy Vegas, there are party pods where they serve drinks, family pods that are kid friendly, and just the normal ones like I went on.

You pay more for the party one.

Personally? I didn’t want to get stuck for 30 minutes in a closure with someone I didn’t know, having too good of a time, ya know?!

Visiting the High Roller in Las Vegas /
We ended up with the neatest group, so all was well!

So yes, I highly recommend you get on this thing if ever in Las Vegas. You don’t feel it moving at all, so there’s no chance of motion sickness, which was my biggest fear.

It’s about $25 by day and $35 at night, but you can get lots of same day discount tickets in town. I think we got on for $20 at night.

View of Las Vegas at night from the High Roller /
And what a view…

Have you been on it? What did you think?

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10 thoughts on “Visiting the High Roller in Las Vegas

  1. This was fascinating. And I haven’t ever been on it and don’t know that I could do it even though it goes slowly. Heights scare the bejeebers out of me.

    By the way don’t underestimate our interest in your weeding projects. When I first found your blog I went through loads of your earlier posts and found one when you showed how to put a really nice clean edge on a flower bed. You showed how you pulled the soil away from the edge when made it look wonderful. I would love to find that post again just to refresh myself as it is time to get some of my garden areas spruced up.

    So, see, we are interested in everything. Creativity, junk usage, dogs, cats, what’s on your mind, gardens, recycling roadside ‘finds’. We really aren’t fussy. Share it; we will read. 🙂


  2. there is nothing more satisfying than cleaning up weedy beds. I agree with another poster…share that stuff too!! We put new mulch on our many beds and around our trees this weekend and I find myself going out there to admire it several times a day! LOL

  3. I have that “huh? How do I not know about this?” feeling because we live an hour and a half from Vegas and I never heard of the High Roller observation wheel. haha
    It’s that weird thing that happens when you don’t play tourist in your own backyard.

    Anyhoo it looks fascinating, thanks for the post as it may inspire us to meander over to Vegas side next time we’re in Henderson shopping.

    The photos are beeeautiful!

  4. Donna, Thanks for sharing the edging link. I then explored some of your other gardening posts from some time ago and really enjoyed them. Not only are they beautiful, but it would be helpful if you featured the various plants and vines that you have used. Things grow differently in the various areas (I believe you are in BC, right?) and you seem to have exceptionally lush vegetation there. It would still be encouraging to have you do some detailed posts about your yard and what works for you…..and what doesn’t. (Might also be a good excuse to get the yard in shape 🙂

    Also, on the post regarding the edging technique you explain how to mow along the new edge. Well, for the life of me, I can’t quite visualize it. You are pretty good at step by step photos….hint, hint. Judging from the numerous responses to that post there would be no lack of interest in doing a repeat. And just think….you would making yards all over the place neater, tidier, and all in all , pleasant for communities everywhere. How am I doing at giving you added incentive?
    Thanks again.

  5. I’ll just say you took the ride on the ferris wheel for me. You’re brave, I am terribly afraid of heights. About 25 years ago when the Jon Hancock bldg. used to be the tallest bldg. in Chicago, my parents and sisters coerced me to take the elevator up. When we got to the top, I wouldn’t go near the viewing window. My older sister told me she would put her arm around me so I could see out the window a little. I allowed her that and inched forward. On what he thought would be a great whim, my Dad sneaked up behind and gave me a quick shove on the back! I screamed, yelled at my Dad and my Mother told us to all get into elevator immediately!

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