What I’d do with a $200 win.

What would you do with a $150 home improvement win?

This is what I would do.

#1. Save my $50 win to add to the $150 win to add up to a $200 win. Because…


#2. I totally need a closet! That hangs things I mean.


#3. I totally need a shower surround. Boy do I!

Ahem… it’s been… 2 + years now. I wanna soak in this deep pretty tub and not see spackle before my very eyes. And you KNOW I won’t pick anything too typical. Quite honestly, my heart’s desire is metal clad siding. You’d like to see a DIY metal clad siding shower surround tutorial, wouldn’t you?!? 🙂 


#4. I’d like to buy some rad tool and go to town on some rad project! And show you how to work the tool while I’m at it. You know I’m good for that.

I’m slowly building my stock so I can hold personal workshops one day as well as more online workshops on the blog. But I’m in desperate need of new cool tools. Like this belt sander I borrowed. (drool)

So, where’s this potential mini windfall coming from anyway?

Remember these? Of course you do. 🙂


 I’ve pushed my stairs in front of you more times than the rain has hit the lower mainland this year.

But, I have a reason today.

This little before and after won 1st place in One Project Closer’s weekly before and after event this past summer. Which I’ve also told you about HERE.

To view the Project Closer contest win, click HERE.

And when I told you about my weekly win, I got asked where one could vote for the grand finale. 

And I’m here to announce, the voting is officially ON!

And here’s the deal. If I win, I’m going to throw up a voting poll thing with a few selections and let YOU choose what I’m going to buy with the win. So, basically put, choose your DIY tutorial. 🙂

And just so you know, it’s cool if you don’t even think my project deserves your #1 vote. Why not mosey on over right now and click a vote for someone else’s project you like anyway? Someone has to win so it may as well be someone you’d like to watch jump up and down all giddy like over a win. 

Not that I would do anything like that on video or anything like that. Not me. Ssssss…. what EVER. 🙂

Hmmm… I might even jump around in the hardware store itself.

Now wouldn’t that be a sight…

… watching security drag me out.

I dunno… I kinda think today’s jail garb is kinda cute…

All I can say is, if I win, I’ll give it my best shot to offer up a great tutorial on some cool, slightly junky project. It’s my trademark after all. 🙂

 Vote HERE

So… what would YOU do with a $200 home improvement win?

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17 thoughts on “What I’d do with a $200 win.

  1. I thought your stair idea was so ingenious when I saw them and I still do. You have my vote. Good luck… can’t wait to see the bathroom surround done hmmmm sounds very interesting.

    Hugs, Deb

  2. I never tire of the stairs, but I have only seen them a couple of times- besides when I went back to look again and the time I showed my daughter, & then also that time I showed my husband, & then when I was trying to explain it to my mom…

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your stairs!!!!!!!

  3. how much fun!! congrats
    I really need to paint the outside of our house.
    I really need new carpet….much more than $150
    I need a new kitchen floor…ugh you should see what is there now
    I NEED more than $150 I am afraid…oh well

  4. I voted for you because I think you DESERVE a new shower surround to take a deep soak after working hard on your projects! For me, I’d replace some deck boards! Go Donna!!

  5. I voted. You can vote once a day… GO VOTE NOW! Donna needs our votes …. the current lead isn’t nearly as great as these stairs!!!! NOW I tell you, why are you still here?!?!?!? LOL… now GO!

  6. I voted for YA already!

    OK, I’d do the shower. I almost cried when I saw the picture. You DESERVE to be soaking. wet. in a nice spa-like bath. Really. Come on now.

    You didn’t think I’d say THE TOOLS, did you?

    I’ve never seen someone “throw up a voting poll thing”. That could be interesting..even for your blog!!!

    Love ya,

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