STRANDED… on our first day of summer vacation.

It’s summer vacation time! The weather isn’t perfect but it’s warm. I have a week off work. And my son wants to get outta town.

I’ll admit I wasn’t really ready for it. I started a new DIY and I’m itchin’ to keep at it! But we packed up the trailer anyway and sorda kinda planned to find a spot to park this week and just go romp around.

Well… the trailer lights didn’t work. And then my truck stalled.Β Don’t you LOVE it when you get those answers you pain for?

So instead of the beach, we head on down to the only vehicle fix it shop that did it all. To me, that means they can work on everything and they can drive us back home if the vehicle needs to stay. Not many places offer that, do they?

Well, not all are fortunate to have two that drive in one household. Those that cater get my money. Thank-you for listening.

Here.. allow me to show you how we spent the first day of our summer vacation.

Last year… the perfect bench in the middle of awesome.

“Wahl slap mah see ment curb, dude… “

Casual footwear is thrown aside as to have a chance to adore that beautiful hot sand.

“No honey, don’t go barefoot. Glass and cigarette butts… and stuff.”

Incredible natural elements brought me an award winning photoshoot that led to an amazing weekend in a high end resort. Dream material!

eeeee yup

Beauty in the simplest of objects. You couldn’t help but take amazing photos.

A fire hydrant shot with the iphone… any takers?

Astounding surroundings leaving you breathless.

At least the windows weren’t boarded up.

Delectable treats that full-fill your hearts desires surround you.

My son dropped his chip in my cold but tolerable coffee. I can’t make this stuff up.

Simple signs become objects of appreciation, thanks to an amazing backdrop.

Weeds…. go better with coke. I guess.

Desperation and depression set in, so we went for a walk. And found this. Sweet….

But… we had to go back and wait.

And just so you know? I haven’t had chips in like weeks.

I buckled today.

Depressed AND cheating on the diet. Good times.

“Mom, you look like a prison guard.”

Nothing a little humorous insult won’t cure.

And… the truck $tayed. So we got that needed drive home. Bless you, car shop!

Guess I’ll DIY this week after all.Β 

How depressing…

Not. πŸ™‚

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31 thoughts on “STRANDED… on our first day of summer vacation.

  1. Hate when that happens. The week is still young and there will still be time to catch a night or two camping. I’m with your son….he isn’t getting any younger and neither are you and once he grows up…..well, I’m just saying……do those things now. Hope it wasn’t too expensive. Those things tend to get that way fast.

  2. I love the Mountains and the Fire Hydrant! Good for you for having such a good sense of humor about the whole thing. Hey, you so deserved those chips. I would have been diving into the chips much earlier. Hope the DIYing goes well so the week is still happy. Enjoy!

  3. The best laid plans, even when last minute…but you found the humour and your post of “before and after” (sort of!) was priceless. The look on your face with those chips…well ketchup, that speaks volumes!! Hopefully you do manage to get away for a bit once the truck is back in working order.

  4. Sometimes things happen for a reason unbeknownst to us, but I see a few days out and about the latter part of the week for you two! Your son is awesome and he just goes w/the flow! You must be so proud of him. I just subscribed to Folk! Can’t wait to get it and congrats to you!

  5. Stay-cations can be the best πŸ™‚ Plan a couple day trips with the boy to do things the 2 of you might not normally do, and work on your DIY on the other days… perfect world!! πŸ™‚ Hope the truck doesn’t cost too much to fix!!

  6. My husband is the king of the inane. His take on it would be: “Well, if that is the worst thing that happens to us, we’re in good shape.” You probably missed a meal, so the chips are okay. They Are a vegetable after all. I just hate the waiting around. I always have Sudoku in my purse. Things are probably looking up by now. Ann

  7. I cannot help but giggle but this really sucks! Hope the truck does not cost too much $$ and that you can get away for the long week-end!

  8. Sorry about your plans and your truck. I guess you’ll have to use your creativity to come up with a couple of cool things to do with your son in town. By the way, did you notice that cool rusty sign next to the plastic coke one behind the utility pole? It looked cool from here. Hope your son has a good time this week anyway.

  9. Love the chip in the coffee…perhaps you’ve invented a new coffee flavour? Ketchup coffee?

    I guess you need to be thankful the truck didn’t break down while trying to get home from camping, and/or in the middle of nowhere. I really hope it’s fixable and not much money to make it good for awhile. It can be so expensive.

  10. Ms FJI Donna, all the curve balls burned all the calories from the chips! LOL Sometimes we have to buckle and have some comfort food and get back on the wagon later! The best memories made with your kids are usually the most unexpected and with a sense-of-humor…smiles prevail : )

  11. Funny post! I’m sorry you have vehicle problems and hopefully you’ll get on the road again tomorrow. Take care and cheer up! You got to eat some Old Dutch!! Pamela

  12. So sorry Donna. At least you didn’t break down in the middle of nowhere. At least you can be home and comfortable. And I think the first picture in your post is beautiful. Yellow flowers against that gorgeous blue. Not the gorgeous scenery of last year’s vacation, but beautiful just the same. Hopefully you can still get away for a few days once everything’s repaired.

  13. Well,at least you can laugh about it.
    Besides– aren’t these the real events that make up the greatest memories?
    You and your son will have fun telling this story for years to come…
    enjoy the rest of your vacation– puttering around your place! …and that GREAT POOL! aren’t you glad you put that up before you left?
    Now you have a real reason to go home and relax in the POOL! YAY!


  14. Very fun post! I really enjoy your humor.Making a positive out of a negative is always good! How cool that you have someone like them to service your truck. It’s difficult to find that kind of service anymore, kudos to them!

  15. I am so sorry you had so much trouble. I sure hope everything turns out o.k. for you and your son. Your pictures are beautiful. The chip coffee maybe a new drink and fad. Maybe I should try that huh. Good luck with your DIY’s.
    Good luck with your truck too. My son is a mechanic so I call him when my truck breaks and he WILL make a road call for his “old” mom. Thank goodness for that.

  16. Sounds like some of our travel troubles! It never fails if we go somewhere out of the normal, we will have truck issues.
    Hope your truck is fixed soon and you can enjoy some time together.

  17. Post #15 by gina3 and I cannot be the only ones who were looking at every detail of your beautiful photos, can we?? Just like her, I also would like to know what that dark brown thing is that is straddling the concrete curb that your Son is sitting on in that first photo of him. And then our real question….why is it still there, and not at your home???
    Another suggestion for Summer fun,…take in a baseball game. Daytime, or nighttime, both are filled with fun just people watching, being in the fresh air with great smells of food cooking, not to mention eating some special Summertime treats, and then you might get to see a close ball game to top the event off. Whoops, forgot, might need to invite a friend or two along, you know, one of those people with a running vehicle?

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