What NOT to do when mounting stuff.

Do you ever start a project, but pay no attention to finishing it properly?

I do this on the rare occasion I must say. And I do this mostly when an idea smacks me upside the head and I have to implement it NOW. Food, sleep nor even air matters. I have to do that thing in my head.

One of those such projects brings us back to March. You may have read about it HERE first.

I had this nice clock and this nice wall but the brown telephone wire had to go.

So I came up with this little clever solution of a lattice panel to hide the cord. Cute yes? But there’s a problem here. Look just above the chair. See those light switches? Look hard. They’re jammed tight behind the lattice.

Here’s a nice closeup for you. Nice implement, tool girl!

So, I recently had help with getting a new light installed in the kitchen. This is how the conversation  went.

Smarter them – “So, we’re going to put up your island light!”

Not so smart Me – “Cool!”

Them – “Well…  how do you get at these switches?!?” pointing to my fancy dancy don’t you dare touch it lattice.

Me – “Um… I don’t?”


Them – “Well, we need to get at them to put in your light.”

Silence. Crickets even.

Me – “Ugh. Ok.” So my don’t you dare touch it display is dismounted leaving me with…

… this all over again. But now I have a bunch of ugly screw holes in the wall. But as they say, all things for a reason. With my pending open house, I sorda needed to fix this wall mounted vignette to show the masses that I infact know what I’m actually doing.

It was such an easy fix. I simply sawed out chunks of lattice. See that handsaw? Skip that part if you own a jigsaw.

Now, when you cut lattice, it goes abit wonky on you. They like to twist this way and that, so I strengthened the cut shafts with screws from the back.

Look!! Function! I truely lucked out knew what I was doing when I landed this lattice for these switchplates. Great fit! I can’t wait for my lighting buddies to see this.


Nice! Much better! Now I’m so glad it had to come down. I can use my lights again!

The moral to this story is, (don’t be like me?!?) do it right the first time and you won’t have to revisit the same project again. Because there is sort of abit more to this story that I left out.

That SADY box? That had to be mounted on the lattice first, THEN the lattice is attached to the wall. I forgot. So the lattice came down again, box was then attached, then hung up yet again. There’s actually ALOT more screw holes behind that lattice, more than you can even imagine. Because I had trouble finding the stud due to my stud finder having a bad day. And when I finally did locate the stud, I stripped the screw head as that tool bit was stripped long ago that I forgot about. Then the screw was stuck in the stud so I had to bang it out with a hammer.  And it just got ugly.

I’m REALLY glad for that lattice display. And I hope it never has to come down ever again. Because then I’ll have to drag my 5 gallon drum of spackle up the stairs (that really requires a dollie), crack fill and start all over again. No. It’s just fine the way it is. Perfect even. Unless we ever have to get to the phone cord of course… ugh.

How about you? Ever get busted for a project gone slightly wrong? Your stories would make me feel alot better. Thank-you. Really.

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18 thoughts on “What NOT to do when mounting stuff.

  1. Very nice Donna… I love it… you are writing my life here… you have a 55 gal drum of spackle too…hahahahaha… that made me laugh out loud… I should have taken shares in that stuff I would be a rich woman… the little bumps along the way give the piece a real story so you don’t have to make up one… LOL

    Looks fabulous as usual… you are going to be exhausted by the time that tour rolls into town… can’t wait to see the next project.

    Hugs Deb

  2. Love that little extra touch to the wall. It looks great! As far as mistakes, that goes with anything I touch. It always seems there is some screw up somewhere. Like when I took off the backsplash and put a big hole in the wall. Or when I was screwing together a frame and did not measure the length of the screws. Right into the hardwood floors.

    I also can’t do a project without hurting myself in some way. Luckily none have been serious….yet.

  3. Amazing as always!!! You have the best ideas and ALOT of talent!!!

    I noticed your plates as wall art link on your sidebar… what do you suggest as the best way to hang a grouping of plates like this securely??

  4. Crack me up….I pretty much have to redo everything at least once. Drives my hubby batty. Which is my purpose in life.

    Anyway, Love the lattice and that clock! Such a cool vignette. Your creativity (and humor) knows no bounds, dear. 🙂

  5. Yes, redoing always makes it better! I need to live with things awhile before the whole idea gels. And, …have to implement it NOW. Food, sleep nor even air matters… guilty here.
    Thanks for making a place for we crazies!

  6. I can’t think of a project to share at the moment, but I wanted to thank you for sharing your story! I am definitely the jump in with both feet and think about it later type. And the stud finder … do I have to say that EVERY time we use it my husband has to hold it up to himself and say … found one. EVERY time!

    And I love the lattice – you’ve done a beautiful job, as always.

  7. I used to work with a small design firm. Out on a job one day doing a huge PERMANENT window treatment hang. Huge. The window was bowed and had like 6 or 14 windows within it. Anyway. We got the entire thing up there. This window treatment was enormous and weighed a ton and was mounted to a gigantic board. (did we know what we were doing? – scratching head)

    Finally, after all three of us were holding it, while a fourth did the screws, we let go. Slowly. It stayed. It was sturdy.

    One itsy bitsy problem: The fabric wasn’t stapled to the board straight. So one side – I remember it being the left side – drooped! Yikes! This thing was like a million dollars to make! The fabric was Thibaut!!! What to do???? Help!!!!!

    We actually did this. We took one of those Sharpie black PERMANENT markers and gathered the fabric and wedged the marker in between the cloth and the wood – like one would wedge a magazine in the side of the sofa to keep the slipcover in place! The fabric now hung beautifully!!!

    As far as I know that Sharpie is still up there!

    These are the true designer secrets!!!!

    I LOVE your blog! Read it every day!!!

  8. Oh good (for me), I’m not alone in this!

    Vintage Girl, I just LOVE those plate walls! Stunning. The link to that post is at


    How to hang? I’ve seen some self sticky kind of disc hangers advertised on other blogs, but have never tried them. Others seem to favor them.

    Sticky disc people, would you like to offer a giveaway for these fine inquiring folks so we can try your sticky disk hangers?

    FJ Donna

  9. Too funny, oops, I’m not laughing, really! Love the white dishes in the Sady box.

    I do stuff like that all the time. I’m actually way better with home repairs and projects than my husband. That is scary. My brothers are so handy and talented but my hubby, Rob, and I hate to ask them for help all the time. We save it for the big problems.

    I do all the painting, inside and out. I’ve made work benches from leftover wood for the garage. Getting pretty good with power tools too. Spackle is my friend!

    Rob used to be so lacking in confidence in the diy area that we would end up arguing through every project. Slowly he has learned some new skills by just trying and from an older guy at our church who helps him with bigger projects at work(our church.) I try not to get impatient while he spends 30 minutes deciding what screws would be best for the project. I’m more a try the screws I have type. At least we don’t argue anymore.

    Good luck with getting the rest of your projects off your to do list.

  10. I made a chalkboard out of a headboard I found. I hung it up and it came crashing down in front of company. Sadly I used a stud finder. Not right, I guess but I used one :).

    BTW, I love your lattice display.

  11. It’s nice to read that others experience the same problems from time to time. It doesn’t matter what I’m hanging, I always seem to end up with more holes in my walls (always disguised behind what I was hanging). I just never get it right the first time!

  12. Guilty. Well, not me exactly. My husband is a contractor, and I tell everyone that our company motto is “Why do it once when you can do it three times for the same low price?” It drives me crazy when impatience drives the project. Now, I’m not against being clever when you are lacking supplies for a craft project, but good grief, who wants to tile the bathroom three times? 🙂

    I absolutely love the wall. You are clever as well. Can I start giving out clever awards. Is anyone doing that yet? 🙂

  13. Guilty!!!! I have a hole in my ceiling, that needs a bit of filler and paint. I was hanging up a new ceiling light, and while my stud finder was working just fine, i was a bit off, as i drilled and pushed to hard, I made a hole the size of a quarter right in the ceiling! It is about 2 inches away from where the light is actually hanging! Maybe I should get out the putty and fill it?

  14. I love your solution to hide the cord! It looks super. And that is so funny about covering the swtich plates. That sounds like something I would do. My husband keeps me in check to make sure my creations and decor are liveable and practical. This has led to some changes of plan, but it’s also led to happy accidents.

  15. What a FANTASTIC idea! Thanks so much for sharing. My little girls funky flower lights have the same problem. Time to get the hubby busy. Thanks again!


  16. Just browsing and found your blog and your post. Loved it! I do a lot of home repairs and improvements too. In regard to your 5 gallon drum of spackle: my hubby made me a “mortar board” out of a scrap of masonite or plywood and put a handle on the back. Go to the bucket, scoop out a bunch of spackle with a putty knife (or a big pot spoon) and carry it easily upstairs!!! Leave the drum downstairs! LOL! Oh… and to “Proper Prim” who commented that “you have a 55 gallon drum of spackle too”….I believe she is into some MAJOR hole filling!!!

    Never give up! Carolyn too

  17. Hi Donna,

    I’m doing an art post and I’m going to include this as GREAT example and link back. Hope that’s okay!

    pk @ Room Remix

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