When a 9 yr old boy helps decorate

While I was busy this Saturday AM cleaning up the ‘nests’ my 9 yr old son had made everywhere in sight upstairs, he disappeared downstairs. And it got VERY quiet. He suddenly came bombing upstairs, bursting at the seams to share with me what he created. (I so know that feeling)

Ah. I was greeted with a sign that told me to knock please. Now polite!

The room he chose to decorate is my newly renovated office downstairs. He found a fold out table and a stack of games that were suppose to come upstairs LONG ago.

The very dusty games are laid out onto a blanket, graced with a roll of firetruck reflective striping along with some sign samples and a perfectly placed pen. Yes, that’s very new!

I was immediately treated to Christmas music on the keyboard. He found a prerecorded song he fell in love with and played along. Oh. And he got newly tatooed for this special revealing as well. (don’t you just love those young little arms and hands?!? melt)

I’m not quite sure what you’d call this, but it apparently was pretty special. You have to admit, the lamp shows well against that chair.

Yes, that is a Christmas tree on the far right. He found it in the storage area under the stairs. It went with the Christmas music. (this is April by the way, never hurts to start early!) And later, the lamp got some hearing protection on it. I couldn’t keep up with the changes.

My boy is excited about his new digs! Except for now he’s back upstairs playing Lego StarWars Wii in the middle of MY living room. Making those nests again.

Do your kids take over the decorating from time to time? Do share! I wana know I’m not all alone in this… please?!?

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6 thoughts on “When a 9 yr old boy helps decorate

  1. Thank you for this post,so many precious memories are racing thru my mind at this moment.
    Just to let you know in advance they never stop redecorating or nesting here and there and everywhere.It seems boys continue to nest no matter how old they get.
    Man caves and all that.
    While our son is a grown man he continues to move things about and add to my rooms .
    At least he feels comfortable enough to know I will just put it all back the way I want it ,after he leaves. Then my husband will do his own little version of moving things around to suit himself. Once again I move it all back when he leaves for work.
    So on and on we go ,a womans work is never done but along the way I have thousands of beautiful moments I had forgotten until you came along. Thank you for shining a bright light upon my memories.
    Keep recording your magic moments they go way too fast.

  2. I gotta admit, I don’t usually call it “decorating”, but, yeah, my kids are involved in the decor of our house every day! 🙂
    He has quite an “eye”, that boy of yours.
    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

  3. LOL I’m still so laffin’ at that room. Right now he’s playing the keyboard with all the windows WIDE open. He just raced outside to ensure his tunes were loud enough for the entire neighbourhood to enjoy as well.

    I love how a young mind works when the tv and nintendo are OFF. Even if it does make just a a little bit more work for me come Monday morning when I need to get some work done in my office.. er, his new ‘guy’ room.

    Thanks for sharing ladies! Your comments make me smile! Isn’t it nice to not take life too seriously all the time?

    Donna, boss of the kid-room kid

  4. oh my gosh this is too funny, dont they just have the greatest imaginations. Our girls are teens now, and the only decorating they do is leaving thier messes all over the house. Always have messy bedrooms, the bathroom vanity looks like an explosion went off and dishes on the counter just above the dishwasher…lol however, i know when all is said and done i will miss every bit of it when they move on. When they were young they built forts all over the house with chairs, blankets and just about anything they could get thier hands on…lol

  5. ADORABLE! Love this. My 5 yo son loves to decorate his room too & is always so proud to show off. On his night stand/dresser he keeps his “thing collection” as he likes to call it, a little place where he can keep all of his keepsakes & finds.

  6. I’ve just got to have one of those lamps-on-chair pieces. I hear they’re all the rage!

    My kids weren’t really into decorating when they were little. Thank the good Lord above they were into cooking, though! However, my daughter redid her room a little over a year ago and it’s awesome.

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