When a tomboy gets bling – Part 1

I stopped wearing jewelry a LONG time ago.

Honestly, when my ears got fussy and demanded real deal gold, and I had to stop wearing rings and such because of my work, I sort of just forgot about the girlie bling and went for the mac jacket and workboots look instead. 🙂

And then I got lucky.

For my old crate stairs on So You Think, I won…

(above pics courtesy of  So You Think)

this amazing gorgeous ‘lacy cuff’ from T’s etc. Custom Jewelry! EEP!

Oh. My. BLING. When I first opened the package, the sparkly beads stopped me in my tracks! I was instantly converted into girly mode once again and giggled and snickered as I put it on quick like! I felt like an 8 yr old girl on Christmas morning, you know, when you get the perfect power tool doll you’ve been pining for ALL YEAR LONG. 

The bracelette is sparkly and pretty and oh so glamorous! I love wearing black, especially when I get gussied up abit so this one is right up my alley. The button closure was geniusly woven right in with the beadwork making it effortlessly easy to take on and off. And it’s comfy too! I forget I have it on.

This is where I have to tell you something funny. I attempted a photo shoot with the bracelette on. Good grief. My hand looked like something out of a Halloween bin with a non exsistent poorly done manicure and did the bracelette a total disservice. You gotta make a hand DO something I’ve found . So here’s the shot I could live with.

I mean.. hello! Tell me I don’t look hot now while workin’ the power tools!  Wonder if steel toed heels are avail yet at the local workwear haunt?!?

Thanks Teri, for helping me look like a real gurl. 🙂 I love it!

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry? I have one more fav to show you but that’ll be in another upcoming post soon.  I think I could get use to this! 

(Disclosure: this item was given to me for free, and my opinion is my own)

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24 thoughts on “When a tomboy gets bling – Part 1

  1. Oh yes!! Looking good there! Love your new bracelet. I have several pieces I love. One is a copper pair of dangly earrings with pearls and another is a beaded PINK bracelet. A girl just can’t have too much pink!

  2. OH MY~~~

    a drill has never looked so accessorized!!!

    you go with your bling bling self. how fun for you & US to see you all dressed up to use your power tools!
    you may have started a trend!;)

    have a super day!

  3. LOL Ain’t no piece of sparkle that is complete without a power tool. LOLOL

    Your bracelet is just LOVELY GORGEOUS!!! And your stairs… I need some stairs. LOL SOOOO cool!!! Congratulations on winning!!!

    😉 robelyn

  4. Beautiful bracelet! I absolutely love the juxtaposition of the bracelet and the drill. It speaks volumes; Beautiful women, making & building beautiful things!

  5. What a wonderful design, with the vintage button closure!! Love it with the power tool. Now I know you could glam up a pair of steel toed boots and with a little black dress…what an advertising image!!

  6. Roaring! Laughing! I am!

    I’m with ya on the jewelry thing…some of the same reasons. However, I have never pined for a power tool. Yet.

    And yes, you definitely look hot with the jewels!!!!!

  7. You are so funny. Love the bling and the power tools. I’m not too much into jewery, either, but I like necklaces and will wear bracelets every once in a while. I’ve worn the same earrings (tiny silver hoops) since high school.

  8. LOVE IT! Be sure to wear it when you come join the bloGURLs for brunch so we can oogle, ooh and awe! I wish I could look so good when holding a power tool!!

  9. I loved this post! The bracelet is gorgeous! I am also not that girlie and definitely don’t wear much jewelry but I love love my wedding ring! I worked as an alarm technician for awhile and even doing that I would never take it off! I had to have it re-dipped just within months of getting engaged because I was so rough on it! Oh well, I think jewelry looks nice with power tools : )

  10. Congrats on your bling! I think it looks great! I just went through your photo tutorial. There was some stuff in there that I had not thought about. Thank you for sharing your secrets. Love your blog. I have never been here before. I think I will link up for your SNS this week. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Hi Donna –

    Like you, I work with tools all day and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t come home with a cut, burn, bruise or mulitples of all three on my hands. I keep Band-Aids in business. I read a post recently where the writer called her hands “man hands”. I laughed so hard and thought yes, I too have man hands. I wear my wedding and engagement ring everyday just so they look a little bit better. Lots of handcreme works wonders, too. Yours look pretty good. Thanks for making me laugh.

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