Who’s really who… and the winner!

Funky Junk Interior's Donna as a kid on the farm

Ohhh the memories! Growing up on the farm was an amazing life!

Vintage toys, Easy Bake Oven, Jane West, Footsie, via Funky Junk Interiors

I also clearly remember all my favorite toys like it was yesterday. Footies, Easy Bake Oven, Jane West and all her gear, Barbies, Clackers, Flatsy, Kiddles, Etch a Sketch, Chrissy, Tippy Toes, black velvet horse posters and of course, Gumby and Polky.

(check out this toy post HERE)

The Before they were Bloggers Contest was a kick down memory lane for all of us. Too funny!

Ultimately, one lucky reader got to win though and that would be…

  Winner of Before They Were Bloggers, Mom Endeavors, then and now

Sara from Mom Endeavors

 Isn’t/wasn’t she cute?! I do believe Sara just displayed how much she’s online… in order to get everyone right, that’s quite a feat! Congrats, Sara!

Feel free to leave a comment on her blog today to congratulate her! It took nearly all day for a winner to be deemed so know, you stood an awfully good chance!

And here are the answers on who’s who…


A. Pretty Handy Girl

B. Decor Chick

C. All Things Thrifty

D. Tatertots and Jello

E. The Lettered Cottage

F. Infarrantly Creative

G. Sawdust Girl

H. Funky Junk Interiors

I. The Idea Room

J. DIY Showoff

K. The Shabby Nest

L. Not Just a Housewife

M. Vintage Revivals

N. Southern Hospitality

O. Young House Love

P. Home Stories A to Z

Q. Beneath My Heart

R. Thrifty Decor Chick

S. House of Smiths

T. The Nester

U. The Inspired Room

V. Songbird Blog

W. My Blessed Life

X. The Shabby Creek Cottage

Y. 320 Sycamore

Z. Just a Girl

# Makely School for Girls

@ Remodelaholic

? Miss Mustard Seed

Which one threw you the most? 

Some of the above blogs will have side by side reveals today so go check them out with the links above.

Thanks for playing along and laughing with us!


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11 thoughts on “Who’s really who… and the winner!

  1. Great contest…wow, we all had some wicked hair styles back then! I agree with you that growing up on a farm was the best. My poor kids live here in urban suburbia and its soooo boring. They love visiting The Farm where I grew up. Wish I could have given them some of the same farm lessons I had growing up.

  2. When I read your post in my inbox this morning, I knew it was all over for me haha…I guessed you as “D”! But don’t feel bad, I got 15 wrong! I had a lot of fun trying to figure everyone out though and found several blogs that were new to me!

  3. Well…. A photo is something that cannot change even if the person who is in the photo changes! You was and you still are an impressive woman, Donna! Ahhh, and congratulations once more to Sara!

  4. Congrats, Sara. What a fun contest to win!! It was really nice to see all the pictures and how much styles change in even a short period of time. Donna, I really enjoyed your childhood pics. Growing up in the suburbs all my life, I really think a more rural setting would have been much more fun. Thanks for sharing, they’re great photos.

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