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Miss Mustard Seed will be bringing you a new edition when her post is ready to roll. It’s a busy time of year for both of us so I hope you understand the need for abit of leeway. These workshop posts take considerable time to build, so we really appreciate your patience! 🙂

Good news! This week on Funky Junk, we’re continuing with Part 4 of

~ Blog Photography 101 ~

Great shots from a point and shoot

Disclaimer: I am not a pro photographer. I’ve never even taken a course. The info I’m providing you is simply from my own personal experience, as well as tips from friends and online resources. If you can add/suggest additional related info, I very much welcome your input in the comments. Thank-you!

1. Intro and keeping you camera steady. – click here to retrieve

2. Proper lighting.

3. Using photo enhancing software.


4. Shooting with good backgrounds and interesting angles.

Coming soon:

5. Getting to know the settings on your camera.

~ Part 4 – backgrounds and angles ~

This is one of my favorite photos. And it isn’t just because of the two cuties residing on this chair. 🙂 It’s because of the angle of this shot.

Standard: taking a picture while standing up, facing the cats

Unique: a photo behind the cats, utiilizing the edge of the chair to frame the subject

Unique plus: phasing out the subject and focusing on the chair instead

Whenever I take a photoshoot of any given subject, I’ll easily snap anywhere between 25 to 150 pictures. Of that ONE subject. Isn’t that crazy?!? I could surely do the deed with one snap, however I like to push my photos to have a unique edge to them. I just ‘know’ when they are finally what I’m after.

Every photo I take starts standard. But then, I push it one notch further. Then tweak something else. Or get on my knees. Or stand high above, on a chair. Or move my subject to capture a cleaner background. I try all kinds of fool hearty stuff in order to get a great shot.



Assignment for this session

Assignment from last session: Try additional lighting.

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