Yup, I’m bringing the woodtones back!

I just had to share my latest find. I’m in love…

I found this mirror at a thrift for a whoppin’ $10. When I first glanced at it stacked tightly along with others, I felt it may be abit too feminine for my home, but snatched it up anyway in case it worked for a future client.

But as soon as I placed it on the massive mantle on the fireplace, it was ALL MINE. I am in LOVE with the detail work and the gentle curves of the mirror itself. The woodtones pick up the hardwood flooring and woodsy surroundings. It’s perfect just the way it is.

Imagine… in a blog world so full of whites, you think I may bring wood tones back in style here?!?

Here’s why I am not on the white spray paint bandwagon with the mirror….

Nope. I’m a totally funky woodsy rebel once again. The woodtone¬†HAS to stay. Simply because it’s perfect.

This post is shared with A Soft Place To Land’s DIY DAY, Sept 28 2009 and Reinvented’s Trash to Treasure Tuesday, Sept 29 2009.

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19 thoughts on “Yup, I’m bringing the woodtones back!

  1. I always loved the wood tones too. My problem ended up being that there are just TOO MANY different ones in my house – it started looking like a forrest LOL! No, really. So I have been trying to choose wisely with my spray painting white kick. Good find – it looks really cute!

  2. I am a white kitchen kinda girl, but I do love pretty wood tones too. I just started following your blog, even though I was sure that I became a follower long ago… I just thought you weren’t updating!! Silly me! Now I need to go read what I have missed!

    Lovely wood, by the way!

  3. I love the wood tones! I’ve got a lot of different wood tones in my house and I love it. I bet a real decorator would probably run away screaming (or immediately get out the paint) from my house. LOL!

  4. You are so brave to keep the wood tones in this blogging world, but I love everything on your blog. You are one talented lady with much to offer. If you say you will bring wood tones back, then it will happen. This blog (and thus you) have much power and influence. YOu ROck!!!

  5. Just like picking a favorite color…how can you?

    I love all the beach cottages out in blogland, but I live on the side of a mountain aka: lotsa green trees, river/valley view and just can’t pull off that all-white decor! I do have white and cream here and there to brighten things (like the bookcase-shelf in your laundry room) but mostly earth-tones in reds, yellows, greens, and chocolate brown. It’s warmer and cozier here. But, if I ever have a beach cottage…..

    Love your laundry room so far. Mine is in the daylight basement and needs so work – clean, but not decorated – yet!!! Poor thing is low in the re-do list!!!

  6. I like the new blog look! I need to grab one of your buttons. Anyway, I totally agree with you on leaving that mirror frame wood. I think you only paint wood when it’s dated, has a bad finish, or has already been painted. I also love the arrangement with the wreath and cheese box. Great inspiration.

  7. I love woodtones, too. They are so rich, and add some depth, in my opinion. I even still like grapevine wreaths, but have been shamed into storing mine in the basement for now. I think I may rebel, and fetch them up!
    Mary Lou

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