Funky creation alert ~ 10 minute dreamy curtains

I have these two very long and narrow windows that are on either side of an armoire in my kitchen office area. While I love the light the windows offer, they weren’t very attractive as is. Time to create something unique!

Take an old heritage wooden hanger…

… add a few woodsy clothespins…

… add a white queen sized sheet… see where this is going?


– after washing, leave the sheet sitting in the dryer on purpose for a few days for some timeless crinkles

– choose a poly cotton blend for a nice drape

… adjust height to your liking, allowing a small puddle on the floor…


… enhance your dreamy setting with a glaze enhanced chair… (I know, I know, tutorial coming soon!)

… surround your little area with quaint natural textures…


… and you have yourself a pretty little setting that offers some softness to an otherwise curtainless area. And an extra seat to boot!

Here is the other side not quite ready for it’s final reveal. But it is equally unique… coming soon!

What do you think? Is this one too off the wall funky for my Christmas show? I’d like to be seen as creative, not weird. 🙂

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hmmm. my wheels are turning again. Should we have a  Sat Nite Special window treatment themed party this upcoming weekend?!?  Please cast your vote on this weekend’s theme in the pole widget, top right!

Voting ends Tuesday midnight so vote quickly!

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  1. No, not too off the wall at all! I love it. It looI love the hanging sheet as a window screen. Totally not what you would expect, but has a whimsical feel..

  2. I visit yr blog often ~ have not yet posted but, this time i have to *say*…

    I have NEVER seen anything like this. Very creative…I love it!

    Photo #8 belongs in a magazine!

  3. Wow! I think that looks so charming. I didn’t think it would at first, but when I saw the whole picture, it definitely worked! I would love to have a Sat. Night window treatment party because I am always needed new ideas.

  4. I really like the look of this at that window. The picture of the full window put it in perspective for me. I love the softness the fabric adds to wood elements in the space. It is beautiful!

  5. Gorgeousness right there. I’m thinking this treatment would be FAB.U.LOUS in my crafting room where the window is next to my vintage ironing board. Yes?

  6. Oh my goodness… thanks! I got up easily today, running to the computer to see if this creation was a flop or not.. whew. Breaking new territory is downright scary!LOL I so appreciate your comebacks on my stuff.

    My upcoming bedroom and metal clad siding project even moreso…

    Livin’ on the edge, FJ Donna

  7. Oh, wow! I think that is an incredible idea. I love old hangers and it just looks so whimsical and dreamy, such a great touch to the window! LOVE it!

  8. I love those windows….and your window treatment is just perfect – great job, thanks for sharing

    Tomorrow is last day to enter giveaway at Pandora’s Box…stop over

  9. Clever, clever, clever. Definitely keep it. It might be off the wall but that’s what makes it so great. I absolutely love it!

    pk @ Room Remix

  10. I just found your blog today!! I love it! I haven’t been able to find the info about the painted kitchen counter tops. I am in serious need of new but the funds are not there. Would you please point me in the right direction.
    Wendi in Kansas

  11. I too flirt with the creative/weird line… sometimes I even step over… I think it’s ok! Everyone’s definition of where that line should be is different. This is an awesome project I’m definitely going to try.
    One of my favorite things about your diy’s is that they’re so simple (and usually easy to disassemble) that we can do ’em up, try ’em, and if we don’t like it it can be taken apart and repurposed another way. Love.