Vintage hanger crop cloth curtains

Vintage hanger drop cloth curtains via Funky Junk Interiors

I don’t sew.

Or should I say, I haven’t sewn since my sewing machine took an upside down tumble six months ago and continues to sit in that very position under a pile of junk in the basement.

I liked it upside down just fine until the fabric topic for So You Think came up. After mild panic set in, I realized, I just ‘gotta be me’. Funk my project up so you don’t need a sewing machine, right?

This idea isn’t brand new to the net. You’ve seen my white version HERE. After all this time, I’m still loving this creation, although the idea was due for a tweak fest to better suit the area I needed it in.

How to design your hanger curtains

#1. Hardware

A woodsy antique hanger with weathered clothespins becomes today’s chosen hardware. If you like a look that’s a little less destressed, go new with both and you have a totally different look.

2. Fabric choices

Choices, choices! Any sheet or piece of  fabric will work, however…

*tip: heavy fabrics hang differently than poly/cotton blends, so experiement away. Thicker creates a more casual appearance, and thinner a little more refined.

… yes, I quite like the painter’s drop cloth for this chosen application. Loads of neutral rustic texture, perfect for where this little darlin’ is going.

3. Build it

Bring your fabric through the hanger opening, then straighten the fabric along the rod, sliding the fabric from one side to the other. bit by bit. This creates a nice even ruffle.

Isn’t she pretty?!?

 Add your hardware…

… hmm.. we need something more, but just a touch.

4. Decorate it

Twine and buttons? Sure!  Perfect for a little rustic earthy touch. Other ideas may be ribbon, beads, metal charms, the sky’s the limit!

Oh! That’s kinda cute! A metal star button no less! I think I’m going to stop here though because.. 


… I love how the twine dances it’s way down the curtains for some added texture. So with the two combined, this ought to do it.

Looks sweet in this little corner. It’s just enough bling to make you turn your head in further curiosity.

 No harm came to this painter’s dropcloth in this project. The extra bulk of the fabric was simply rolled at floor level then worked into a puddle. This allows you to change your mind and use your dropcloth for another project should you desire.

You saw them here first. Hanger Curtains, The DropCloth Edition. Simple in design, however elaborate in bringing a little unique warmth to an otherwise very tall and skinny boring problematic window.

Only one more to go. πŸ™‚

All my So You Think entries to date are HERE.

This project ranked 4/7.  Thank-you for your votes!

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55 thoughts on “Vintage hanger crop cloth curtains

  1. Hey Donna! You loved my button push pins, I adore your buttons on your drop cloth hanger curtain! Soooo cute, and yes, the star is my fave too. Nice job!

  2. Oooh I love that…now all I need to do is go and find a long, tall, skinny boring window and a painter with a drop cloth…and I’m there!

  3. How fun. You just posted this! And I happened to stop by on my way to bed!

    Donna, I love this. I love that it’s drop cloth! I love your buttons on it in twine. I voted for you AGAIN! Hello!!!!

    I wish I had a tall, skinny problematic window. I think I’m going to make one of my short fat ones problematic. Do you mind if I replicate this some where in my house???? I will TOTALLY give you all the credit!

    Is drop cloth inexpensive, btw???

    oh and tomorrow stop by….I can’t believe I did this, but I actually called my neighbor after I looked out the window at the curb in front of his house. He had a load of things….I took them all home. Who am I? Where did myself go???? I’ve morphed into some other creature!!!!!

  4. I loved your first version of the hanger curtain…but I love this one just as much….or maybe even better…funny thing…I almost did drop cloth curtains for this week’s challenge. Ha!

    My favorite part of this project is that hanger!! Drool.

    You always do amazing things…truly in awe. Too bad we don’t live closer. It’d be fun to hang with you lady!

  5. What a great idea! So simple and creative! I love drop cloths and they are the curtains of choice from my dining room and probably every other room when I get around to the makeovers! Your corner is too cool, I think I have a bed frame in the barn… where can I put it in here:) Thanks for more inspiration, Theresa

  6. SHUT UP!! I LOVE this!! I have always loved it, but then you go and amp it up and I just ADORE it!! The buttons!!! Perfection!!

    I going to vote!

    Lou Cinda πŸ™‚

  7. Painters drop cloth who would have thought.
    It is wonderful texture and I love the hanger and buttons and twine. It’s perfect and I want to try it.

  8. I adore this idea! I am soon to be moving into a house that has high windows just like yours … & only has wooden slatted blinds on the windows, so you can guess what’s going to appear on the sides of all the windows! I love dropcloths at the best of times … & this just makes the best of times …. the Bestest of times! lol I might even ‘drape’ some dropcloth across the top of the window to make it appear as a valance across the top … Now I can’t wait to move it & go to work … or should that be …. pleasure?!! Cheers & Thanks heaps from Australia. πŸ™‚

  9. Looking through some of your old posts! I absolutely love this idea! I can sew, and love to, but I just love this way to hang them! The buttons are a perfect touch! And it’s perfect next to the box spring! I wish I could think of things like this!

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