jUnK yArD iNsPiRaTiOn

Welcome to my dream yard! Did you bring your camera? Oh no need! What you see will do all the talkin’ needed. Come on in.

 Ah yes. The Garden of Lost Soles. If you wish to recreate this one, visit your local school’s Lost and Found section for your supplies.

Focusing on forgotten footwear is what this junkin’ feature is all about. Love the added height and pop of fun colour on top of this dark boot.

On the Banks of Squaw Creek gets credit for my inspiration here.

Oh right. My wagon project! I forgot I had to finish this up. If you wish to see who I copied to see it fully finished, click on Miss Brilliant Hoosier Homemade.

Wanna see how I made my new stepping stones?

Smooth your cement mix into an aluminum pie plate and the real fun takes over. Blue beads aren’t your thing? You can always add rusty nuts and bolts to junk it up. I was just in a blue bead mood today.  Inspiration by C.R.A.F.T.

Cute, eh?

Ew. Not so much…

Toad houses really work! I’m not entirely sure I want toad family reunions in my yard but I want the cutesy houses! 

Can one junk this one up? Well, perhaps if you flipped a flower pot upside down and drilled a mouse hole in it the same would result. Or an old pot or something. I dunno. Someone try it and report back! Frogs creep me out a little but I totally had to get the toad igloo. (note to self.. do NOT leave a pot upside down in the garden) Inspiration by 3 Ring Cottage. 

I ’bout DIED when I put this out in my yard because it truly belonged in my livingroom for a coffee table. What was I thinking?!? Inspiration by Coleen’s Corner.

Now take a really good look at this amazing cart. In my eyes, that’s an old wood palette with found rusty wheels and an old wagon handle. With some cool corner metal edge brackets.  Rusted up abit. We can make this, DIY people!

I just noticed something. This is a house number. MORE Clever. But not my house number. I think I just got busted. Not my weeds either. Whew! (p.s. I like the weeds there just fine Coleen.. you now have more time to send me this cart. See? We ALL win when we don’t weed!)

What does this one have to do with junk garden features? PLENTY. Don’t you go barefoot in your own yard? I sure do. But my feet don’t look this good. Not even 10%. So I won’t freak you out today with mine. I think I’ll go get my first ever pedicure this year. Because this is one garden feature pair I do NOT want to look as junky as they do now. I’m toe-tally inspired. (that was just sad)

Not only do pretty feet inspire me, junk collections on one’s pretty front patio do too. Foot and display inspiration by Created 2B Creative.

And finally, a post wouldn’t be a post without copying one of Rose’s junk creations. I’d love to do this as well under a real window. Tell me this isn’t something any junker wouldn’t want for his/her birthday! Fully flowered of course.

A true flowerbed in every sense with this one. Both toolbox and bed inspiration by Confessions of a Curbshopaholic.

Now, pardon me as I wander over my gorgeous bridge on my acreage on my way to my front porch overlooking my lake to gaze over my entire gardens and blog about it all. Oh. I built and copied Julie’s drop dead gorgeous self built bridge from Follow Your Heart Woodworking. 🙂

Admit it. Wasn’t that the funnest garden tour you’ve taken in quite some time? I think I did a kick butt job at copying the masses!

Only joking of course. I could only wish this was my yard. All these amazing ideas were part of SNS #37 this past weekend. This was the largest themed link to date. And this is such a small sampling of what’s there. If garden ideas inspire you, click HERE for more! Not to mention all the incredible DIY links. Wow.

This little fun post was merely my way of letting you know how much I appreciate your SNS participation each weekend. I just have to say, I think the creations you’re linking up move higher in quality all the time. So many of these are magazine worthy! So glad you are enjoying the categories, as I truly think that’s the answer to large linkup parties.

Sorry I didn’t have time to visit each one of your links this round. I was busy learning a new computer system and doing a photo shoot for Wednesday’s GD post. (going up late Tues) All output on the new system of course! Whadda ride. More on that at a later date. I need abit more time to make a fair post and assessment on the switch.

Anyway, thanks for the added inspiration to make my own outdoors a little more junk happy. 🙂

SNS chitchat?

From time to time, I like to open things up so you have an opportunity to comment on whatever you wish. Since we’re yakking about SNS, if you have any suggestions on added improvements, or simply comments on what IS working for you, feel free!

And just so you know, I’m totally aware of the highlight pics going off the side of the template. Drives me insane, but that’s what the quickie cut and paste method provides within the template setting I need to stay put. Still trying to figure out a way around that one.

Ohoh! And I have plans for ongoing better access to the amazingly popular themed links. Bear with me. Coming soon!

Off to build future posts! See ya soon. 🙂

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  1. This was fun! Thanks for including my toad house. Can’t wait to see what all you have planned. I love the theme link up. I don’t always get to participate in them but I LOVE checking to see whatever one else is doing. I find myself lately checking out the themed one first every time!

  2. It was nice meeting you the other day Donna! Hope the learning process on your new computer is going well…I much prefer my apple to a pc. Love that old toolbox garden planter…..i see some of my husband’s old boxes disappearing and showing up in the yard!
    🙂 Rochelle

  3. I am jealous….I really love that rolling cart…I would prefer it outdoors, only because of the way it is so low…I think I would kill myself on it. I adore all your whimsy here and there and everywhere. Have a great day!

  4. Great ideas on the SNS, I will be embarking on many adventures soon!! Funny side note, I religously read four blogs, it all started with one.Debbiedoos(from RMS), then to Savvy Southern Style-on a budget, then to Miss Mustard Seed, and finally linked me to Funky Junk. Isn’t it great how it all comes full circle?(Debbie posted on here!)

  5. What a great mini-recap of the SNS party! I just want to thank you for hosting this every week, as well as all of the talented people out there who post their ideas! This is my favorite way to spend “ME” time!

  6. Sheesh! What a surprise to find my cart in your yard! You can roll it into the house IF you can move it… It’s very, VERY heavy! I know you can make a lighter version just as cool & I hope to see it in your living room soon! I loved all your selections… the toes and toads “toadly” cracked me up! Thanks for sharing my cart and field tile address planters – made my day! I hope SNS continues for a long time. I always enjoy all the wonderful posts and can’t wait to see them along with all your great inspirations.

  7. Oh my gosh, what a cute post that was! You had me going there at first. Thanks for including my toolbox planter. I’m kicking myself now for not updating that picture in the post I linked up. Could I have taken a blurrier photo? eek!
    Note to self, be on the look out for a tri-pod at the curb…
    Seriously, I love your new SNS format with the different themes. I’m like Gina, I go straight for the themed link to check it out. Then I go back to the decorating section to peruse all the great projects. It’s like one stop shopping, I can catch up on everyone’s doings right here!

  8. Boy! All of these projects are fabulous!! The flower bed….way cool!!!! The old wooden crate vignette….fabulous!!! The trolley on metal rusty wheels…amazing!!! And you are so right….ones toes must not be neglected. Go get that pedicure…a must!!

  9. Sheesh! What a surprise to find my cart in your yard! (I recognized the weeds right away) You’re wise to rebuild as you described as this one weighs a ton – I’d never be able to get it in the house! Thanks for sharing my little cart and all the other great inspirations. The toes and toads “todally” cracked me up! I hope SNS will be around for a long time. I so look forward to all your posts and the great links every week.

  10. Good Morning, Donna! So many cute pics of inspiration you’ve featured. I just LOVE junk in my garden. Hubbby . . . not-so-much. But I do it anyway! I can’t pick a fave from all the great things you’ve shown us!

    And, yes, I go barefoot constantly in my yard/gardens. I know it’s probably a safety issue, but I even run the roter-tiller barefoot. Love the feel of that freshly tilled dirt between my toes. I’m a bit more careful this summer, though, got my first bee sting right in the center of the bottom of my foot. Think the stinger’s still in there. Ouch! Anyway, pamper yourself and go get that pedicure!