Garden junk ideas


Garden junk ideas

Welcome to my dream garden! Did you bring your camera? Oh, no need! What you see will do all the talkin’ needed. Come on in!

Here’s a few garden junk ideas I’d love to have in my own yard!

Plant flowers inside old shoes or boots!

Boots and shoes


Garden flower boots and shoes by On The Banks of Squaw Creek

Ah yes. The Garden of Lost Soles. If you wish to recreate this one, visit your local school’s Lost and Found section for your supplies.

Plant flowers inside old shoes or boots!

Old boots and shoes make fabulous planters… with loads of character! And no two are ever alike. Have you tried this yet?

House numbered wagon


House number garden planter wagon by Hoosier Homemade.

How about a little junk wagon? What a perfect garden planter… that also shares a house number too!

DIY stepping stones


Stepping stone art by C.R.A.F.T.

Wanna see how to make some new stepping stones?

Smooth your cement mix into an aluminum pie plate and the real fun takes over.

Blue beads aren’t your thing? You can always add rusty nuts and bolts to junk it up!

Toad Houses


Toad house by 3 Ring Cottage

A toad house! Cute, huh?

Ew. The actual toads? Maybe not so much…

But apparently toad houses do work!

Make one yourself by turning a clay pot upside down with a cut opening! Or maybe you can come up with your own variation.

House number brick planters for a garden feature.

House numbered planter bricks


Cement brick house number planters by Coleen’s Corner

What a clever way to share your house number in a garden! Makes a great garden art focal point but with plenty of flower planters. 

Flower pots on top of a vintage crate for a front porch.

Vintage crate riser


Vintage garden crate planter by Created 2B Creative

Need a little raised area by your front door or porch? Try turning an old crate on its side and add planters inside and on top!

Plant flowers in a toolbox planter! The perfect upcycled flower box idea.

Toolbox planter


Toolbox planter by Confessions of a Curbshopaholic. (this post is no longer online)

Have an old toolbox handy? Add a couple of brackets underneath, then hang it from a fence to create this unique toolbox flower planter!

Plant flowers in a bed frame to create a true flower bed!

Flower bed


Flower bed garden feature by Confessions of a Curbshopaholic. (this post is no longer online)

Equally cool in the same post is this flower bed. Literally.

The bed frame contains the flowers and soil, while the head and footboard can act as a flower trellis!

Learn how to build a bridge over a creek!

Build a bridge


DIY pond bridge by Follow Your Heart Woodworking

If you happen to have a meandering pond in your yard, here’s how to build a lovely bridge over it!

That’s some pretty great garden junk ideas!

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22 thoughts on “Garden junk ideas

  1. This was fun! Thanks for including my toad house. Can’t wait to see what all you have planned. I love the theme link up. I don’t always get to participate in them but I LOVE checking to see whatever one else is doing. I find myself lately checking out the themed one first every time!

  2. It was nice meeting you the other day Donna! Hope the learning process on your new computer is going well…I much prefer my apple to a pc. Love that old toolbox garden planter…..i see some of my husband’s old boxes disappearing and showing up in the yard!
    🙂 Rochelle

  3. I am jealous….I really love that rolling cart…I would prefer it outdoors, only because of the way it is so low…I think I would kill myself on it. I adore all your whimsy here and there and everywhere. Have a great day!

  4. Great ideas on the SNS, I will be embarking on many adventures soon!! Funny side note, I religously read four blogs, it all started with one.Debbiedoos(from RMS), then to Savvy Southern Style-on a budget, then to Miss Mustard Seed, and finally linked me to Funky Junk. Isn’t it great how it all comes full circle?(Debbie posted on here!)

  5. What a great mini-recap of the SNS party! I just want to thank you for hosting this every week, as well as all of the talented people out there who post their ideas! This is my favorite way to spend “ME” time!

  6. Sheesh! What a surprise to find my cart in your yard! You can roll it into the house IF you can move it… It’s very, VERY heavy! I know you can make a lighter version just as cool & I hope to see it in your living room soon! I loved all your selections… the toes and toads “toadly” cracked me up! Thanks for sharing my cart and field tile address planters – made my day! I hope SNS continues for a long time. I always enjoy all the wonderful posts and can’t wait to see them along with all your great inspirations.

  7. Oh my gosh, what a cute post that was! You had me going there at first. Thanks for including my toolbox planter. I’m kicking myself now for not updating that picture in the post I linked up. Could I have taken a blurrier photo? eek!
    Note to self, be on the look out for a tri-pod at the curb…
    Seriously, I love your new SNS format with the different themes. I’m like Gina, I go straight for the themed link to check it out. Then I go back to the decorating section to peruse all the great projects. It’s like one stop shopping, I can catch up on everyone’s doings right here!

  8. Boy! All of these projects are fabulous!! The flower bed….way cool!!!! The old wooden crate vignette….fabulous!!! The trolley on metal rusty wheels…amazing!!! And you are so right….ones toes must not be neglected. Go get that pedicure…a must!!

  9. Sheesh! What a surprise to find my cart in your yard! (I recognized the weeds right away) You’re wise to rebuild as you described as this one weighs a ton – I’d never be able to get it in the house! Thanks for sharing my little cart and all the other great inspirations. The toes and toads “todally” cracked me up! I hope SNS will be around for a long time. I so look forward to all your posts and the great links every week.

  10. Good Morning, Donna! So many cute pics of inspiration you’ve featured. I just LOVE junk in my garden. Hubbby . . . not-so-much. But I do it anyway! I can’t pick a fave from all the great things you’ve shown us!

    And, yes, I go barefoot constantly in my yard/gardens. I know it’s probably a safety issue, but I even run the roter-tiller barefoot. Love the feel of that freshly tilled dirt between my toes. I’m a bit more careful this summer, though, got my first bee sting right in the center of the bottom of my foot. Think the stinger’s still in there. Ouch! Anyway, pamper yourself and go get that pedicure!

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