3000 Followers Event – The Colour Challenge linkup! (and a vote)

Welcome to The Colour Challenge linkup!

I admit, my own colour additions are small and simple. I simply didn’t have time to actually paint something big, plus I’m still feeling my way around vibrant doses of all things fun, so I made my changes easy.

The muted tones of nature added a whole different flavour to this little rustic vignette. I LOVE it now!

ย The pretty aqua basket was my mom’s.

It’s simple, provides an awesome function, and serves as a gentle reminder of one of my best friends.

Next up, the main bath got hit. Pinky swear, I did NOT remove colour in order to get this colourless pic. ๐Ÿ™‚

Aย  beautiful hand done original painting by The Old Post Roadย  steals the show in this little bathroom corner! A simple crate becomes the perfect rustic frame to accompany a picture holding alot of deep meaning for me.

Have you visited The Old Post Road’s Etsy shop before? Trish’s work is so bright and cheerful! And I can vouch it’s even prettier in person. ๐Ÿ™‚

Nature helped me out next.

I realize the colour you are seeing here is very subtle. Baby steps, people. ๐Ÿ™‚ But even the tiniest bit of colour made a big impact in these zones. When more time is on my side, I can’t WAIT to push this colour thing a little further!

Ok, here’s one more. My son and I escaped this weekend to a lakeside resort as part of a contest win I had. (I’ll be sharing the details soon!) I shot this picture just today at Harrison Hot Springs, BC Canada. Doesn’t the colour simply complete the picture here?

Inspire me to really get it, my colour loving friends!

3000 Followers Event update

This nearly concludes this little party. NEARLY. ๐Ÿ™‚ There is a junk giveaway that will transpire soon, as well as other possible random surprises that may come up in the mix over the short term as well. So stay tuned! And thanks for playing along!

The Colour Challenge Linkup

1. Find or paint something in a fun colour., then stage it.

2. Show your before and after in your post, then link up!ย 

3. Feel free to share an older link if you desire. But if you can, try for a new project! This one’s all about trying something new to broaden your own horizons.

Link up will be open for 1 week so keep checking back for new linkups!ย 

This Wednesday! Are you ready?
(Last event HERE)

ย Care to vote? Check out One Project Closer to vote for the best before and after!ย  I’m in the running too with my crazy crate stairs!

link HERE

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26 thoughts on “3000 Followers Event – The Colour Challenge linkup! (and a vote)

  1. lookin good as usual Donna…you created a new coffee table or my memory has gone south? Hope you and your son had a blast on your weekend

  2. This is fun but I really can’t participate. I have probably too much color already. Everything I do has to have pops of color, especially red. I don’t think I have anything lacking color that I can change. It will be fun to visit all of the other links and see how others are using color.

  3. Im in love…with your blog!
    My sweet friend Michelle from Emerald Cove told me about your blog…I tthink I might have seen your blog at one point or a photo from there because I have a photo of your entryway with the barnboard and the hooks that Michelle and I both love!!!
    There is so much to look at here and Im having a blast!! lol
    Your bathroom is so gorgeous..I want it!!!
    We actually need a whole bathjroom reno..but when..who knows, but what you’ve done here is so lovely!!
    Im your newest follower..(purehunnybee)

    So happy to meet you !!
    Coma and visit..

    With all my heart…Deborah

  4. Hey Donna, I finally got my color post up… better late than never. Love the subtle touches of color you’ve added to your home. Those yellow (daisies?) in the aqua jars are gorgeous!
    Happy Monday!
    ~ Jo ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Thanks for all the linky fun here all weekend, even while you were away!

    I’ve driven past the Black Forest restaurant many times… always love how perennial that happy little spot is along the way.

    Love the shutter you made… it’s fabulous!

  6. Donna, I just adore your decorating style! I love the way you added color because in your neutral environment it really makes the colors stand out so they can be enjoyed more. If only you lived closer and could help domestically-challenged me!

  7. What a nice post…All the images inspire me to try some paint projects and be more creative and adventurous in coloring my world.

  8. I so enjoyed this post Donna. Those pops of color were just enough to make a great addition to your already fabulous spaces. Any so easily changed as well. Love this post and was way inspiring. Now to find the time to execute some of this beauty.

  9. Oh what a lovely colorful post! Sometimes a little bit of color can go a long way! I totally dig the yellow daises! What a cheery window! Beautiful job!

  10. Hey neighbor! Hope you had a great time at Harrison! It’s funny, we just bought a gift certificate tonight to send my in-laws there for their 25th anniversary!

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