SNS 102 – Summer’s End Garden Party 2011

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~ summer’s end garden party ~

In spring I challenged you to create a dream feature in your yard.

And here are a few befores and afters of mine.

before and after

My funny little wheelbarrow birdbath oasis is buried under pretty blooms!

before and after

nasty edging is replaced clean curvy cuts

before and after

The weed farm has vacated the premises! And is now a very lovely place to sit.

before and after

Disastrous side beds were topped up with fresh soil and some fun features added in for good measure.

Did you catch the FULL yard reveal I posted yesterday? 

full 2011 yard reveal 

garden pallet walkway

the day the dirt came

What have you created in your own yard this past summer?
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fall mantels

Bring your fabulous fall mantels over next weekend!

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30 thoughts on “SNS 102 – Summer’s End Garden Party 2011

  1. Thank you for hosting! I am also loving your 31 day series. So interesting and helpful for a lot of us. Our yard came a long way this summer, but it still has a long way to go- it will probably never be finished (I’ll probably always be changing things). Thanks again.

  2. Donna,

    Your yard is so beautiful! I just moved to a new house on 12 acres. Lots of trees but not much in the way of flower beds. I’ll have my work cut out for me next Spring.

    Thanks for the great party each week, and the inspiration!

  3. Thanks for hosting another great party. There is always so much going on here and so much to read and see! I’m not the gardening type. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it; I just kill plants by accident 🙂 So, I linked up under sewing and crafts 🙂

  4. I really like all your changes! It looked good before, but you definitely improved on it! I wish I would have gotten something accomplished more with mine this year, but that didn’t happen.

  5. Hi Donna, Thanks so much for hosting!! Hope you’re having a lovely long weekend. Any Thanksgiving plans? My husband has to work tomorrow and Monday, but I’m having turkey dinner with my daughter, stepdaughter, hubby’s ex and her bf tomorrow. We’re a weird modern day family, hahaha. I can’t wait for turkey!! I’m making some homemade cranberry sauce, soo easy, and some whipped sweet potatoes. Both fat-free. : ) Hope you have a great weekend!

    Oh, I linked up some tasty sweet potato soup. It’s delicious!

    ~ Catie

  6. love your blog. just found your site last week, immediately became a new follower, and i have been back a bunch of times!

    QUESITON: what is “hosting”? is that the ‘thumbnail: link-up section? I LOVE IT! i have found so many great sites there. so thanks!

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