My pallet wood garden walkway

Pallet wood garden walkway /

 Pallet wood garden walkway /

This little project began in July 2011, HERE

Creating a pallet wood garden walkway came to mind one day. The yard was getting a major revamp with the help of my wonderful neighbours.  Shrubs were being pulled, new soil was hauled in, and I desired a pathway…

from the driveway to the lawn. Right where all these overgrown shrubs were.

Let’s dig!

Pallet wood garden walkway /

These reclaimed pallet or crate boards (not sure what they are) had been packratted (sp?) away long ago and were the perfect length! 

Pallet wood garden walkway /

A level pathway was dug lower than the driveway, then the boards were placed into position.

Pallet wood garden walkway /

It really couldn’t have been a simpler project.

The boards were left loose so they could be lifted up whenever the desire for weeding was needed. It works fabulous! Although the boards are thick enough to stay put, I did push a little soil in between to hold them in place moreso.

Pallet wood garden walkway /

There were lots of rocks to be had in the old garden so they were placed randomly, filling in for the lack of plants. Make that no plants.

Pallet wood garden walkway /

So we went and bought plants of the rock garden variety.


Pallet wood garden walkway /


And there you have it!


The wood was not treated with anything. It’s lasted 3 years now with no rot issues. No idea why! But yes, treating the wood would have it last longer for certain. Sand or gravel below a pallet walkway could also be a good idea. I just went with soil and it’s worked out fine. If the boards rot, I will simply replace them.

We have no termite issues but if you do, use caution with this project near your house.

Wet wood can be slippery. Use some sand in a sealer if slippery may be an issue for your own walkway.

The boards stay in place due to the depth of them. Part of the boards are slightly embedded in the soil which keeps them in place.

The boards in this post came from a big pile of torn apart crates and pallets. I’m not certain exactly where these boards were off of or from.

Pallet wood garden walkway /

The little curvy pathway is PERFECT for getting into the yard now. Such a simple project made such a big impact on the way we use our yard.

And I love that bench we plunked in the front yard. It entices lots of neighbourly conversation and is a really nice spot to sit with a coffee and watch the kiddos play.

Pallet wood garden walkway /

And check out how the pathway did in year 2 HERE.

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  1. Wonderful! I was eyeing some pallets my husband was using for firewood yesterday and he thought I was nuts! I told him, “Never underestimate what you can do with pallet boards.” And here yet again, is another great idea!

  2. Love it! Can I borrow your neighbors? I thought having a new house with no landscaping would be easy to work with, I was way wrong!
    Your pallet idea is great, I love how you use them!

  3. I LOVE it! You have the BEST ideas and projects, thanks for sharing! I just made myself some giant numbers yesterday per your tutorial! Have a great day! 🙂

    Cottage Patina

  4. That really turned out nice. I’m sure that having that access really does make a difference. That bench in the front yard looks very inviting!

  5. It looks really cool with the curve to it and so much more open looking! We have a ton of pallets sitting around getting all nice and pretty gray, but my hubby won’t let me touch them. He saves them for our firewood to sit on so they’re not touching the wet ground. I’m thinking of just getting some of my own to keep. ;^)

    We are “planning” a similar walkway beside my garden shed, but the intent is to give the impression of a wooden foot bridge, but it will be on the dirt with fat posts along the sides with a draped rope “handrail” between the posts. I doubt it come to reality, but it looks pretty in my head! LOL!

  6. What a great idea! It really opens your yard and has a warm inviting feeling. Did you sand the boards at all to smooth them?

    I need a walkway between a fence gate and my deck. I didn’t know what I wanted to do so of course, I haven’t done anything. I think something like this would work and would look really nice.

    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  7. This looks fantastic! Your yard is beautiful. I long for a big back yard. I just recently hooked up to your blog and love what I see. Love your ideas and creativity. I’ll be back for more.
    Cherish Life *Lisa*

  8. OOOOHHHHHH!!! How did I miss this? Just exactly the idea I need. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing. Husband out of work, me the only income and a garden in need of a real facelift where the dogs have worn a muddy pathway. What a gift to read this and learn from your creativity.

  9. my hubby says the wood will rot. i was going to do the same thing with my pallets. have you had any problems with rot?? please say no. LOL

  10. You call the boards pallet, are they actually from pallets that are used for stack various items and then taken apart?
    I love the look and would like to follow in your steps (no pun intended) but want to make sure I get the right material.
    You have a great website!

    • Hey Cindy! I found the boards among a pile of ripped apart crates and pallets. I am not 100% certain what these boards are off of. Watch for deeper wood slats so you can create a water run off.

      I think I should have named this post reclaimed wood vs pallet wood, but… oh well!

  11. I love the look. It makes me want to dig up my whole front walk and do it that way. But on second thought, shoveling the snow in the winter would be a real hassle. Hmm Maybe a walk way out to my pond…

  12. Donna –
    I love your pallet walkway! I am thinking about doing the same thing in my tiny backyard from the patio area to the above ground pool and surround it with sand instead of dirt to give it a “beachy” look. Thank you for the inspiration!
    – Deena

  13. I love the pallet walkway..was it hard rippin those boards off. Also it looks like you stained them?

    • Hey Gary! We don’t have a termite issue in our area, however many others apparently do. Please use caution when creating this project near your house if you have a termite issue for certain!

  14. Forgive me if you’ve already mentioned this, but did you treat the wood prior to laying it down? I live in sunny California and the sun is harsh on outdoor wood furniture. Just wondering if I need to place some type of coating on the pallet slats.

    Thank you!

  15. Wow! This is great. How thick are the boards and how wide is the walkway? I have some wood from pallets and want to give this a try. This is way better than the costly and heavy stones I was going to use. Thanks so much for this great idea!

  16. Plant mint sprigs in the crack between the planks and when you walk on your path you will crush some plants the mint odor will be wonderful.
    Mint does well in sidewalk cracks and will spread easly

    Winter Springs fl

  17. Hi Donna,

    I just love, love, love your idea for the pellet wood garden walkway.
    I do have a big area where I want to do mine.

    Cant wait to see if finished.

    I am going to start with garden chairs with pallets soon, big job….
    Thanks for the great ideas…


  18. Awesome! Love your site … Girl after my own heart. I love my classy junk! I’m going to do the pallet path. Thanks for the idea! Perfect for my side yard with a recycled beach cruiser art junk piece. My honey just finished a large pallet trellis that I stained dark brown & planted Confederate Jasmin to grow on as a backdrop for our backyard dining area at beach bungalow! Looks wonderful. 😉

  19. Screw each piece of wood to an appropriate length of old garden hose to make it more stable and flexible. Then when you need to move it you can do so with ease and by rolling it over you simply unscrew the old and replace it. Also you can do it in more manageable sections to make repairs easier.

  20. Tried this and it was complete disaster!! As soon as it rained the boards were covered in mud and displaced!!

    • Sorry it didn’t work out Sarah! Maybe my soil has more sand content?

      Also, do try thicker boards if you can. Mine were fairly deep, which provided great water run off.

      You also need to make sure the flowerbed has excellent drainage, otherwise I can see the mud puddle effect for sure!

      Mine’s still holding strong just like in the pictures going on 3 years now!

  21. Thank you fot taking the time to answer my question. I have been looking for a backyard walkway idea that will not break the budget. Really like yours. Thank you again.

  22. Your ideas are truly amazing. I Absolutely love this pallet walk. I have been indecisive for two years about how to build an inexpensive path from my flower garden to my swing. I think that you are a gardening genius. Never in a million years would I have thought about such a simple task. Thank you a hundred times. You are bookmarked and I will try to remember to post a picture of my new walk when I complete it.

    Donna Pace

  23. the only problem that I see with this project is the fact that you put that wood directly on the ground there by leaving yourself wide open to and invasion of ants and termites. They screaming free lunch come and get it.

  24. Was looking for walkway and edging ideas and happily found several here. Love your blog! Thanks for posting:)

  25. I love this and want to try it in my back yard. No pallets available, could you tell me the length, width & depth of your boards? I’ll hit up our local lumber store for something similar.