Let’s go junkin’… and play a game.

There’s a great town near me called Langley. And whenever business takes me in that direction, I always attempt to squeeze in some fun along the way.

Langley is really well known for it’s junking and antique haunts and Napiers is generally on my list.

One thing this place DOESN’T have is a lack of stock. Every square inch is literally stuffed to the rafters.

It’s so tight in some places you feel a bit claustrophobic. But in a good way. What’s not to love about this kinda stuff surrounding you?

Overwhelmed? I generally am too whenever I first walk in. But if I start to zero in on individual things, it gets a bit easier to take in and appreciate.

The place is so stuffed, it has semi trailers out back that are also open to shoppers. Pretty crazy, huh?

So… one of the most asked question generally thrown my way is,

“What would you do with a _____?”

Want to play along? I’ll tell you my first impression on what I see with these things and feel free to do the same in comments if you wish!

1. unusual garden pond or outdoor flower garden

(or gutsy coffee table… ha!)

2. firewood storage, mag/newspaper holder, drying hydrangeas, dirty laundry, bathroom towels, outdoor flower pot

Coffee break… cool way to sign up your store! This would look neat in a home too.

K, back to work!

3. Hubcaps = Look at all those amazing clocks or Christmas wreaths. ๐Ÿ™‚

4. doors – desk toppers, wall character with hooks or mirror, chalkboards, bulletin boards, replace newer doors with older doors

5. bench – coffee table, end of bed blanket holder, window seat, mudroom, bathroom towel holder

6. highchair – plant holder

7. barbed wire – why, a fall wreath of course! ๐Ÿ™‚

8. rug beater – primitive wall hanging as is, jewelry holder, photo frame

9. ACK. LOVE. I’d use this for ANYTHING.

Why oh why didn’t I take this home…

That was fun. So let’s go pay for my rug beater and barbed wire I took home.

ย This little cash counter has LOADS of character. Reminds me of a Harry Potter style bank.

If you’re ever in Langley, BC, gotta check out Napiers.

And as if that wasn’t enough…

…this beauty was right across the road.

And you KNOW what happened next, right?

More to come… ๐Ÿ™‚

(and wait till you see the place next to the CHURCH!! That’s coming too…)

What would you do with the above things?

(cut and paste below if you wish…)

1. Wheelbarrow =ย 

2. Metal bins (what are these?!?) =ย 

3. Hubcaps =ย 

4. Doors =

5. Bench =ย 

6. Highchair =ย 

7. Barbed wire =ย 

8. Rug beater =ย 

9. ACK why didn’t I get this cabinet = ย 

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  1. Oh I am so jealous! What a great place to have so close by.
    I didn’t get to see all of your pics in full glory because somehow your blog always loads extremely slow for me, especially your pics. Even with a reload a couple of times they did not come through.
    Anyone else complain about this? Or is it something to do with my pc?

  2. Oh my stars, what a collection of wonderful treasures!!! I think you have most of the ideas covered that I would possible do with the items. You are right, it is a little overwhelming but even looking at the photos it is easy for my eye to wander certain little things and let my mind create. Thank you for sharing! ~Elizabeth

  3. 2. Metal bins (what are these?!?) =

    Coal scuttle – Mine is filled with pine cones and displayed on hearth. For Christmas, dust very lightly with gold spray paint. Mom has painted hers black and put fat lighter (a fire starter, the wood is a lovely light terra cotta color) in hers, pine cones, or whatever strikes her fancy at the moment.

    These were used for coal, meaning black dust. Clean well, they are worth the time it takes to clean them out!

  4. Okay, I must come up for air and breathe now…..I was completely lost in your photos. I definitely want the bench, the cubbies, the…..I must get out and thrift today.

  5. 2. OH I love the coal bins! Ours was still painted the original black but I’ve wanted to get my hands on some plain metal ones. We have used ours as a trash can for the past 20 years, sometimes in our bedroom, sometimes in the living room. It has also held pinecones, toy cars/legos, toddler toys and magazines. It was very clean by the time children came along so there was no worries of cross contamination.

    4. doors- headboard (of course), coffee table w/ photos displayed under plexiglass, room divider, and a message center.

    8. rug beater- um to beat rugs, ha ha, sorry I’ve been looking for one to actually use to beat some of my rugs but they are pretty scarce or extremely expensive in our neck of the woods.

    As much as this makes me want to go visit our local antique shop (a 3 story converted warehouse divided into booths w/ the entire 3rd floor being a discount area…. aka treasures in the rough) I am staying in to work on projects…. my little birds and stars AND cleaning!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. 1. Wheelbarrow = bird bath

    2. Metal bins (what are these?!?) = pot for plant probably the best though would rust out.

    3. Hubcaps =

    4. Doors = room divider

    5. Bench = plant holder

    6. Highchair = Love this one…side table, lamp table

    7. Barbed wire =

    8. Rug beater =

    9. ACK why didn’t I get this cabinet = love the yardstick molding. Wouldn’t fit in truck.

  7. Awesome place! Doubt I’ll ever get to see it in person, but love to see your photos!

    1. Wheelbarrow = Put a short fat Christmas tree in it, as I seen on Pinterest.

    2. Metal bins (what are these?!?) = decorate with pieces of stick kindling sticking up out of it. I set potted plants and flowers in mine in the summer.

    3. Hubcaps = attach rusty gears around edge and use as a garden flower accent on the side of barn or fence.

    4. Doors = add another half door horizontally with some nice legs and make into a desk.

    5. Bench = decorate seasonally if you don’t have a mantel in your home or paint a distressed graphic on top and use as an entry table.

    6. Highchair = Paint tray portion with chalkpaint, or add a lamp and some old books tied in twine or display vintage baby items.

    7. Barbed wire = add to a circle shape piece of wood and make into a weathered sign.

    8. Rug beater = Add vintage silver garland around outside and hang ornaments inside, or place inside a vintage frame & add small aluminum molds and utensils for the kitchen.

    9. ACK why didn’t I get this cabinet = Yes, why not? ;^)

    Sorry, so many ideas screamin at me all at once with these pretties!

  8. I noticed a shelf on the right in one of your pics that looks very familiar to mine. I think the buckets were coal buckets. The doors would make a great headboard and I probably would replace one of my doors with an old one. I love all the pictures and wish I was closer to a shop like that, but the white cabinent in the back of the trailer–LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

  9. Fun, and one of my favorite games!
    1. Wheelbarrow = on a porch with different seasonal items in it, pumpkins, Christmas greens and balls, etc.

    2. Metal bins (what are these?!?) = These are coal buckets–I like them by the fireplace for some kindling, or for magazines, or in the yard with flowers.

    3. Hubcaps = I am with you–wreathes for sure, but also would be cool around the edge of a table, raised up a little to make it tray like.

    4. Doors =Art, hall trees, bulletin boards and chalkboards, headboards, cut up to make shelves and boxes,…

    5. Bench = coffee table

    6. Highchair = I think this highchair will fold down into a toddler seat, in which case I would use it to hold blankets in the seat and magazines on the tray.

    7. Barbed wire = around a cluster of candlesticks for a centerpiece.

    8. Rug beater = jewelry holder, scarf holder, photos clipped to it

    9. ACK why didn’t I get this cabinet =Yes, why didn’t you? I love it!

  10. 1. Wheelbarrow = outdoor planter

    2. Metal bins (what are these?!?) = magazines

    3. Hubcaps = plant pot dish

    4. Doors = address plaque for outside fence

    5. Bench = bathroom shelf

    6. Highchair = baby doll holder

    7. Barbed wire = wreath

    8. Rug beater = wreath

    9. ACK why didn’t I get this cabinet = craft supplies


  11. Donna the wheelbarrow I would plant lettuce in so the rabbit couldn’t eat it. Yep the buckets are coal buckets and I would put my kindling in it. Hub-caps I would hang in “man cave”. That wonderful high chair I would use for my antique
    doll to sit in or use it for a book shelf, but
    I would not deface it. Doors I have seen cut in half and painted with chalk paint to make a message board with a little tray at the bottom to hold chalk. Barbed wire, make a wreath like mine and yours and at Christmas add a little greenery with a big red bow at the top. Bench, I use mine for a shelf on the floor for my vintage tin picnic baskets. Rug beater I would put clips on it and use it as a message board and by the way I wish mine looked like that one.
    I am so jealous, sure wished I lived a whole lot closer…..that is a wonderful place. Thanks so much for all the eye candy.

  12. I am not as creative in that sense as others, that’s why I love blogs like yours!
    But when I saw that picture of the church I immediately thought…paint it! (I do watercolours) Is the picture yours? Who has the rights so I can give credit? ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. What a great store! I wish there was something like that near me. Thanks for the photo trip, it was fun. So many of the things called out to me, and I saw an old wagon wheel in the yard that I reeeeally need.

    1. Wheelbarrow = That is a great wheel and I’d put the focus on it by planting the handles in the ground, the wheel up in the air, and use it as a bird house stand.

    2. Metal bins (what are these?!?) = cascading water fall, or tippy pots

    3. Hubcaps = a couple look like hats for a garden sculpture man (aka scarecrow)

    4. Doors = patio tables

    5. Bench = bench for above

    6. Highchair = agree, plantstand

    7. Barbed wire = agree wreath

    8. Rug beater = Love that! Door hanger with flowers and welcome sign woven through

    9. ACK why didn’t I get this cabinet = Go back! What a great cabinet for a fabric stash.

  14. Fun ideas!!

    Thera, I took the church photo so if you link back your painting to this post, that would be most awesome!

    But I’ll be doing another feature on that cute little white church, so I’d hang in there until you see it all. ๐Ÿ™‚


  15. Great pictures! I think I’d make clock out of one of those hub caps! So many things remind me of my Granmother. Thank you for bringing out the memories.

  16. The metal bins are coal skuttles, used to bring in a bucket of coal for the evening.
    I love them full of pine cones.
    I wish I could go junking there with you!

  17. 1. Wheelbarrow = Sit a sack in it and use to hold flour in a large kitchen.

    2. Metal bins = Turn upside down and use as a plant stand.

    3. Hubcaps = (We use to do this with a bike tire in high school) Feed streamers into spokes, and raise to celing (maybe a kid’s bedroom?) and then streamers we attached to walls around the room. Think circus tent.

    4. Doors = Use piano bench hinges and create a room divider with 2 or 3.

    5. Bench = I want to see the boxes UNDER the bench!!!

    6. Highchair = Rustic printer stand? Put the printer on the tray and the spare reams of paper on the seat.

    7. Barbed wire = Got nothin’

    8. Rug beater = Use a photo board

    9. ACK why didn’t I get this cabinet = LOVE, love, love that cabinet!!!

  18. 1. Wheelbarrow = A little herb garden, would be cute

    2. Metal bins (what are these?!?) = Filled with Faux Snowballs

    3. Hubcaps = Would these work as a magnetic board?

    4. Doors = I would love to use one for a pantry door, and maybe one as a divider in the bathroom…

    5. Bench = Would look cute as a little bathroom sink, either mounted to the wall, or add longer legs

    6. Highchair = I have an antique baby quilt that would look great displayed on this

    7. Barbed wire = I would love to do a garland using barbed wire

    8. Rug beater = perfect for displaying Christmas cards,or past Christmas pictures, pin some live pine in with them

    9. ACK why didn’t I get this cabinet = I thought for sure you would scoop this up! would look great by your desk, would hold so much little staging finds. I have a metal cubbie, now I thinking I could trim it out with rulers (if I can ever find any)

    This was fun, thanks for letting us play with you!

  19. Paula from Oklahoma
    1. Wheelbarrow = Would hold plants in my garden

    2. Metal bins (what are these?!?) = Would hold linens.

    3. Hubcaps = You said it yourself, clocks and more clocks.

    4. Doors = An outdoor table top set on saw horses down by the pond in front of my home. What fun to eat hotdogs we cook over the fire pit.

    5. Bench = Foot of the bed for a blanket

    6. Highchair = For a houseplant in my kitchen

    7. Barbed wire = I’ve done this one. I found one hightopped black woman’s shoe at a garage sale. I hung it in the middle of the wire wreath. I put flowers in the shoe and change the flowers with the seasons. On the 4th of July, Memorial and Veterans days I add little USA Flags. You could use one cowboy boot or one mud boot

    8. Rug beater = Hung on the wall as graphic art.

    9. ACK why didn’t I get this cabinet = it’s not to late. Call and ask them to hold it for you and go get it tomorrow. It’s Saturday and your son would probably enjoy the outing as much as you would. I think you’ve raised him right!:)

  20. Oooohh! I wanna play:

    1. Wheelbarrow = SANTA’s SLEIGH!! or… just place it next to the Christmas tree to hold all the gifts. Or… a giant container for a lovely and extensive candle-scape {no fireplace necessary!}

    2. Metal bins (what are these?!?) = Use them as gravy boats for Thanksgiving? – JUST KIDDING!

    3. Hubcaps = love the wreath idea. Or…How ’bout make them ‘spin-able’ and create some kind of game with them?

    6. Highchair = Extend the planter idea and make the plant a Christmas tree. Use the tray for Santa’s milk and cookies. Hang the stockings from the chair rungs (or whatever those things are called)

    9. ACK why didn’t I get this cabinet = Dang, I hate when I do that, too!

  21. Can you BELIEVE that I live right across the street from Napiers?! I am living the dream. As a matter of fact, I can see the store from where I am sitting and it’s just as fabulous is real life as it is in your blog!

    Now the only thing you are missing is the sound of the bells ringing from the little white church right beside me. Imagine hearing the bells ring and just going out onto the front porch to check out who’s getting married…..

    HEAVEN I tell you ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. WOW I love them all and YOU!

    1. Wheelbarrow = paint it with ‘catch your blessings’ and lean it on the wall!

    2. Metal bins (what are these?!?) = gift pack containers! won’t you love it when you receive your gift in it? or as is as, with bow?

    3. Hubcaps = wind chimes! I can see bended spoons hanging in there! or use it whatever craft you want to see hanging ๐Ÿ™‚

    4. Doors = wall mirror with stenciled “YOU are precious. See it!” love it!

    5. Bench = bencharming as book table! I’ll drool for both — books and bench!

    6. Highchair = can i put it in the bathroom and put my fresh towels in the seat and magazines underneath? neat!

    7. Barbed wire = form it in a ball and put dried flowers inside and nest and birth or just light? think of contrast or ask “Why do the caged bird sing?” think lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

    8. Rug beater = for love notes and reminders! clothespin and clip please!

    9. ACK why didn’t I get this cabinet = oh yes! it can contain immeasurable excitement and happiness with my trashures!

    Thank you so much for the fun!
    Now I got to run
    And look for a man
    Er, not a man but a can
    And a fan and a pan
    And enjoy being a woman!
    Blessings to everyone!

  23. Wheelbarrow,Metal bins, Hubcaps, Doors, Bench, Highchair, Barbed wire, Rug beater, cabinet = HEAVEN!!!!!
    I need to find a place like this! There is one sort of like this 30 minutes from my house but I haven’t been there in a while. The pocket book has been low. Can’t wait until after Christmas – it is first on my list of ‘things to do’!

    Kelsey ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. What fun! Wow! #2 someone said was a coal bin, we used ours for ashes from the woodstoves when I was growing up. My parents were suburbanites turned homesteaders when my brother and I were in elementary school, (in the 1970’s).

  25. Ohhhhhh I am sooo jealous! I saw some things there I’ve been searching for. ๐Ÿ™ The #2 thingies are coal scuttles. You’re lucky you’ve never had to live in a house heated by smelly coal!

  26. That’s my kinda overwhelmed! Oh yes, junkin heaven. This is a fun game. I love games.
    Hubcaps..with little wheels underneath … a lazy susan for the bar condiments in the man cave.

    Love the rug beater, would make a perfect over the oven/ island pot holder.
    Any one of the old doors.. a headboard, or breakfast table top,covered with glass, home depot has the legs.

    Metal Bins..those are old coal buckets, perfect stuffed with twigs for my chiminea, now and definately hydrangeas in the summer.

    Ack that cabinet.. I’d go back just for that!! Devine in my bath stuffed with rolled towels, and starfish.

    The bench… I love for a coffee table, and the 2 crates under it, I want them to stack on my buffet and load up with milk glass and mason jars!
    Looks like I need to go on a road trip!!

  27. Hi Donna, Thank you so much for posting about this place. My daughter lives in Aldergrove (I’m in Calif) and I’m always telling her to find the antique/thrift/junk places for me. I’ve alerted her to this one….maybe I’ll run into you there when we visit for Christmas!

  28. oooh, what a great place to shop! The buckets are coal hods. The only items I could come up with something were the hubcaps- mirror; rug beater- hang Christmas cards.

  29. 1. Wheelbarrow = of course …to carry home the spoils! Cause look at this great junk!

    2. Metal bins (what are these?!?) = TP holder (bathroom), Mitts and hats and scarves (front door) magazines, Cold drink beside the pool…Knitting projects… ash!

    3. Hubcaps = (washed up and sprayed with clear) –CHIPS AND DIPS! at a tail-gate party; cover with plexi (to make flat surface) and make side tables (for the patio, a boys room, pool side…etc)

    4. Doors = turned sideways for waincot (did this in the pc room at home) …or pony wall(?) for screened in porch (you know 1/2 wall, 1/2 screen)

    5. Bench = Several stacked make great shelving–or 1 at the tables holds lots of little butts for supper (a.k.a.-grandkids)

    6. Highchair = I like the plant idea; would also make a great EASLE for art work, or hold that cherished child hood prized possession– Chatty Cathy maybe?

    7. Barbed wire = hmmm, you already said wreath and did it, I say garland strung with lights on a patio…kind of a sticky one,barbed wire!

    8. Rug beater = clothes pins to hold messages and pictures OR! a Basket like center piece on a long farm table with natural elements and candles…

    9. ACK why didn’t I get this cabinet = lil cabinet ? Cool knick- knack holder (ie: tea cups, shaving mugs and brushes, DVD’s and CD’s–

    That’s it for me. I’m spent!
    But it was fun…Pat

  30. I love it all!! I used barbed wire by wrapping it around an old primitive (tea and coffee stained of course) lamp shade on a old lamp.

  31. 1. Wheelbarrow – Hung on the wall upside down

    2. Metal Bins – Perfect in a mud room to hold muddy garden shoes or snow-covered boots

    3. Hub Caps – How about on the front of a garage?

    4. Doors – Propped up against the wall only partially covering the doorway

    5. Bench – Ohhhhh, as a coffee table, just like the one in my living room!

    6. Highchair – Perfect for holding a stuffed teddy bear!

    7. Barbed Wire – Been thinking of getting one of these for a wreath on the front of the house

    8. Rug Beater – It’s perfect as it is … just hang it on the wall and sit back and enjoy the sights

    9. Cabinet – With all those cubbies, the possibilities are endless but I think I’d use it to hold scrapbooking supplies and decorations (like mini albums!)

    I love this store and IF and WHEN I ever get up to that neck of the woods, maybe we’ll bump into each other.

    SuZeQ ~ kosec@sbcglobal.net

  32. i would use #2 as a water fountain where the water comes out of the top.cut a whole in the bottom for a hose and have it tilt into a pond.#9 i would use in a mudroom to put boots,coats,or if you have kids put there school supplies in

  33. 1. Wheelbarrow = planter in my garden
    2. Metal bins (what are these?!?) = toy catch all at the bottom of my stairs (toys that need to be carried back up to the playroom)
    3. Hubcaps = no idea!
    4. Doors =headboard for my kiddos twin beds
    5. Bench = anything! so many uses.
    6. Highchair = end table/decorate with books/magazines/house plant
    7. Barbed wire = not sure
    8. Rug beater = wall decoration
    9. ACK why didn’t I get this cabinet = could go anywhere! It’s great!!

    Thanks! That was fun to decorate in my head!!

    jen – athomeinthenorthwest.blogspot.com

  34. 1. Wheelbarrow = either paint it a funky color and fill with plants or rig up an old metal watering can for a fountain/pond

    2. Metal bins (what are these?!?) = scuttle buckets. they were used to hold coal for furnaces. I had one that I planted in. Originallyh I used it to hold magazines, then I painted and stenciled it and used it as a planted until the bottom finally rusted out.

    3. Hubcaps = semi-submerged into the ground for an unusual garden border. clocks and wreaths are great ideas too! Heads for crazy rustic garden angels.

    4. Doors = always wanted to make a dining room table with one and top it with glass. I also like to add a shelf supported by old porch posts and use it as a hall tree.

    5. Bench = footstool, sitting place for my grandbabies, stacked up for a visual display, to hold plants, anything really.

    6. Highchair = Abigail would love it (grand daughter, 21 months old)

    7. Barbed wire = Love the wreath – perfect!

    8. Rug beater = paint clothespins and hang old family photos and new ones too! Also for Christmas cards

    9. ACK why didn’t I get this cabinet = This was my favorite piece! I would use it in my office/studio to hold finished projects and supplies. Love this piece!!!

    That was fun! Hugs, Leena

  35. Wowzers!! What a fun place to visit. Thanks for the trip. The one thing that struck me was the fact that everything held a readable-sized price tag. As for that last cabinet with the rulers….we all agree…it needs to live at your home. Go back and get it!!
    Linda S. in NE

  36. What I would love to know, is are those recent pics? Because there are some items that I think should be put on our moving truck for our drive up to the Okanagan. Gotta take some beauty with me for our new place.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  37. I would love to get lost in that place. So many wonderful things from the past to make our present delightful.
    1.Wheelbarrow…great for giving the grandkids a ride around the yard. Then I would put it on the patio to use as a place to put canned drinks on ice for a cookout.
    2.Coal buckets…a bilevel waterfall into a garden pond. Or perhaps a container to ice champainge in.
    3.Hubcaps…How about a base for a chandelier.
    4.Doors…Make the best tables for outdoor get togethers as well as craft tables if you have the room indoors.
    5.Bench…make a cushion and use it as extra seating or a foot prop on the porch.
    6.High chair…Since there are new grandbabies in my family, I would polish that thing up and use it as a high chair.
    7.Barbed wire…A photo frame for a picture of a cow.
    8.Rug beater…A message center. Use clothes pins to attach notes to the wires.
    9.ACK…With that yardstick trim work, I’d use it in a craft room to hold fabric or any number of crafting items.
    I love the pictures and look forward to the church post.

  38. Here are my ideas & I love reading everyone else’s too!

    1. Wheelbarrow = plant a fairy/miniature in it

    2. Metal bins (what are these?!?) = It’s called a coal or ash bucket. I have one that I use to carry pellets for my wood pellet stove. In the summer, when I don’t have a fire I keep a nice potted plant sitting in it by my stove.

    3. Hubcaps = I can see some pretty awesome garden sculptures with these – hubcap flowers

    4. Doors = garden fence/wall, use as indoor doors

    5. Bench = stack them for shelves

    6. Highchair = a Christmas/holiday high chair for grandbabies

    7. Barbed wire = garden wreath or western decor mounted on a round mirror

    8. Rug beater = message board, clips notes, photos with mini clothespins

    9. ACK why didn’t I get this cabinet = any kind of storage! from a garden bench to office space to storing beautiful dishes or linens.

  39. This was fun!
    1. Wheelbarrow = Fire Pit

    2. Metal bins (what are these?!?) = I’m seeing one filled with colorful wooden croquet balls

    3. Hubcaps = Garden hose bracket cover

    4. Doors = Privacy Fence

    5.Bench=storage center using wire baskets on top

    6. Highchair = Flip tray back, definitely a lamp table

    7. Barbed wire = of course a wreath

    8. Rug beater = trellis

    9. ACK why didn’t I get this cabinet = Display vintage fabric collection. I don’t know why didn’t you get it?

  40. ditto…so many GREAT ideas. but i’m drooling over the chicken roost(?)w/yardsticks…why didn’t you take that home?! lol
    napiers reminds me of a place we went to in sarasota, fl called SAS:sarasota antique salvage. it was filled to the brim with goods, inside and outside. what a fun way to spend a day!

  41. The metal bins are ash buckets for cleaning ashes out of the fireplace. Mine is black. If I had one of these galvanized babies I would probably hang it on my pool fence and use it as a planter for flowers though. Too cute for ashes.

  42. I used a hub cap to make a mason jar chandelier for my patio. Plus you can put 3-4 doors together & make a room divider. I could go on & on. The rug beater would also look beautiful hanging on your house with a vine of some sort weaving through it. I LOVE VINTAGE JUNK!<3

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  47. Do you know of any place around the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami/West Palm Beach, FL that has places to go junking. I long to go to those places.
    To my knowledge there are no thrift places either. I loved the pics and hope to travel to places where I can find such wonderful things.

    Where do you find the time? I work 50+ hours a week. I’d like to learn how to use power tools and create and have a garden in my retirement. If only I can find places with wonderful junk.

    5. Bench = Put it in my utility room or bedroom at the end of the bed to sit and put on your shoes,

    6. Highchair = I had one and sat a stuffed Poo Bear in it and sat it in the corner of my dining room.

    • Hi Beverly!

      I’m afraid I’m in BC Canada, far away from Florida. I’d suggest to google for what you’re after, that’s how I find out what I do! ๐Ÿ™‚

      As for time, I make it a priority. I downgraded my dayjob so I could do the blog job more. That was the key for me without a doubt! But when things get busy with the day job, it’s tough… I do double duty to keep up.

      The best way to learn how to use power tools is to look for online tutorials, take a course or ask a friend for help. Then just do it! I’ve always meant to do a video tutorial on using a variety of tools but never have yet. Maybe I’ll put that back on my own to do list… ๐Ÿ™‚