SNS Link Party 107 – banners / pennants / buntings

Welcome to Saturday Nite Special #107, the multi themed link party! 

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Every Fri 7pm  to Sunday 11 pm Pacific.

 Banners, Pennants, Buntings

Knick of Time

What an amazingly perfect backdrop for this heartwarming message.

Andrea Singarrella

Just, wow. So elegant. The 3d elements just make them pop!

Red Hen Home

Love me some distressed bead board, especially as a pennant! Fab idea.


Beautiful simplicity!

Hushed Hours

Isn’t the fullness just stunning? Puts streamers for a party to shame.


Predictably… funky. 🙂

No matter what you call them, they are so FUN to look at and create!

Do you have a a similar project to share?

Show us what you did with yours in this weekend’s 3rd themed linkup!

Upcoming themes and dates:

Nov 19 – things you can’t live without (gift ideas)

Nov 26 – handmade gifts

Nov 26 – burlap inspired Christmas decor

Dec 3 – Christmas mantels and stockings

Dec 10 – nature / rustic inspired Christmas decor

Dec 17 – handmade ornaments

Dec 24 – Christmas Home Tours

Dec 31 – Your Christmas stories

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 1. DIY home projects only pretty please. Items for sale must be in tutorial form on your blog.

2. Please link back to the party (text or button) within your post. See BUTTONS under main blog header.

3. Only projects new to SNS please. The themed linkup is an exception. Repeats will be deleted.

4. By linking up here, you’re cool with me featuring you with no additional permission required. Cuz I wanna make you a star. 🙂

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58 thoughts on “SNS Link Party 107 – banners / pennants / buntings

  1. Banner Bonanza! Those are amazing!

    I am SUPER EXCITED to link up my Reclaimed Truss Headboard! It’s my first BIG project, and I do hope you like it! Perhaps it’s a bit wacky, but it certainly is, umm, well, different…

    (I’m not seeing the thumbnails, so I hope it worked…)

  2. I love your new banner! I’m flattered you chose to show off my beadboard banner. I really wanted to finish a Christmas one this week, but it just didn’t happen! Still on my to-do list, though! I look forward to seeing the other great banners that will be linked up.

  3. Thanks for hosting Donna! Love your banners (yours is my fav.) I just made my first one a couple of weeks ago for a town event. Super cute and easy. I’ve think I spotted some pretty amazing projects that I must go check out. Carrie

  4. This is always my favorite party! I wanted to have a banner ready, but I love that you keep it open–I’ll be coming back to that one. For now, I’m hooking up what I’ve been up to and I’m gonna go get inspired by what’s being shared!

  5. Hi! I finally had something to link! And, of course, bozo boy managed to title it “David” rather than “Reversible Bunting” Classic.
    Thanks so much for the link party. I don’t often manage to link but I always get inspired.

  6. Thanks for hosting these Saturday Night parties! I’m lovin’ banners these days and am looking for banner ideas for Christmas … so the timing of your banner party couldn’t be better. I added my own blog entry that shows some burlap banners I made for my daughter’s country wedding.

  7. Hey Donna! I LOVE the new blog header!! It is fantastic, and I think it shows off everything about this blog that we need to know in one quick glance. You are model pretty too! I know you probably don’t like me saying it, but it is true! You have always been a trendsetter and an information almanac in blogland. Thanks for everything! I am now officially part of the BlogHer network, thanks to you!

  8. I LOVE your new header!!! So cute, you are!

    And those banners??? WOW! That scrappy fabric one? My jaw dropped!

    I’m making two today as I try to work on my son’s castle theme bedroom!

    LOVE these!!!! You could do almost anything…as YOU have proven to us….ehem…..OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER…..yeah, yeah, yeah!!!

    Love ya!

  9. Fun banner! Love them, the heart one is cute and I like the last one too! Would have to agree that streamers just don’t make the cut. Have a great weekend!

  10. All linked up in Home Decor…X3. Sorry I went a little crazy this week 🙂 Thanks for hosting, Laurel
    PS…I LOVE your new header! Looks great 🙂

  11. LOVE your new masthead!!! Thanks for hosting this party!! I always really enjoy a ton of the posts AND the traffic from your party is always at the top of my stats!!! 🙂

  12. What a great collection of banners. To be honest I often wonder what is the use of a banner, but the ones that you found are so amazing it makes me actually think about making one. Great new header by the way~

  13. thanks so much for hosting, Donna! I am always so glad you feature projects on FB- sometimes the weekend gets away from me and I forget I have stuff to link up! 🙂 Have a great weekend. Been thinking about you as I am making a fun Christmas sign out of some weathered boards, and a mini farm house table out of reclaimed wood! Hope to link both of those up soon! 😉

  14. Hi Donna,
    I’m loving the new header!
    I’ve linked a banner to the party….first one I’ve ever made and had fun with it. Always love the weekly themes because it gives me a direction for a project!
    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

  15. Thank you for sharing such fun and inspirational examples in your post/party introduction. I am off to click and visit a few now.
    How I wish I had nothing else to do all day and could visit every link!
    At least I know I can come back over and over.

    And next weeks party sounds fabulous (again.)
    There are so many gift options of wonderful “stuff” I have never even heard of.

  16. I just wanted to say thank you very much for showcasing my pillow on your FB page today. I’m new to blogging and you’re the first one to do something like that for me. It really made my day, oh who am I kidding, I’m going to be talking about it for weeks! (I also noticed that I forgot to put your button on my post, after you JUST taught me how to do it last week!! FOR SHAME!!! It’s on there now:)

  17. Awesome blog! I love the theme. Very successful blog party here as well I am impressed. I am new and running blog parties and giveaways trying very hard to get established. Do you have any suggestions?

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