Smitten with our kittens – Lake and Skye

Funky Junk's tuxedo cats, Lake and Skye - a photoshoot

Even if you aren’t a cat lover, it would be hard not to fall for these two.

Funky Junk's tuxedo cats, Lake and Skye - a photoshoot

So what happens when you ARE a cat lover?

Funky Junk's tuxedo cats, Lake and Skye - a photoshoot

 You turn to mush 20,000 times a day.

What are the chances of landing a brother and sister tuxedo cat duo, with the girl long haired and the boy short?

Funky Junk's tuxedo cats, Lake and Skye - a photoshoot

Funky Junk's tuxedo cats, Lake and Skye - a photoshoot

Funky Junk's tuxedo cats, Lake and Skye - a photoshoot

Lake is calm, cool, collected, the protector, is well groomed with that stylin’ haircut and is gonna be a big guy. He has the softest fur I’ve ever touched.

Funky Junk's tuxedo cats, Lake and Skye - a photoshoot

Skye is a little on the cautious side, hides when there’s a bang, and is a tiny little thing. She’s a little on the scruffy side, which makes me smile.

Two opposites. Two personalities. Yet they are both so incredibly mannered, LOVE to be cuddled, and very, very gracious. How did I get so lucky?

These pictures don’t show their true size by a longshot. They are much smaller than they appear here. It’s hard to grasp. Ok, nevermind grasp, it’s hard to catch them without going full tilt! It may be awhile before I can get them into an actual junk photo shoot, but I’ll keep trying. πŸ™‚

I just ADORE them!

Funky Junk's tuxedo cats, Lake and Skye

So… why Lake and Skye?

Well, we are given gifts on this earth that we can’t measure nor even fathom. Nature simply defies description. Mountains, beaches, trees, and two of my favorites… lakes and the sky.

When I’m around a lake, a wave of calm sweeps over me. I probably wouldn’t get much work done if I lived near one because I’d never stop staring at it. Water brings me into a calm, peaceful state.

How do you even describe the sky? So deep, ever changing, amazing in every way. There is nothing more calming than to lay on your back in the grass and watch the clouds take new shape.

It only seemed natural to name two little tykes after something that brings me the same amount of joy as my favorite elements of nature. Their names will be a constant reminder of how precious and amazing life is, and to appreciate the simple stuff.

I was still a little unsure of the names, and resisted announcing them, but they’re the only ones that have stuck and that I think sound cool. Then again I keep calling him Big Guy and her Crazy Girl / Spin Cycle, and my son is still calling them Figaro and Orca (LOL) so whatever! 

Well, who says a cat’s name has to be set in stone anyway? Maybe they can be called anything we feel like calling them at that given time. πŸ™‚

Anyway, they are a blast and are soooo perfect for us!

The only thing we need now are screens for french doors and a front door. We are dyin’ without our doors wide open! Any recommendations? Anyone have the kind that retract? 

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43 thoughts on “Smitten with our kittens – Lake and Skye

  1. They both have such perfectly marked faces! I love a white blaze on the face of a cat. I used to have a little long haired calico with a perfect blaze and perfect black mask around her eyes. She was a brightly colored calico with nice orange spots. She was precious. You need to take a photo of them next to a coke can or something so we can see how big they are. They do look full grown in these photos. But you say they are really young. I’m so glad you found them. They are the perfect addition to your family. I don’t know what to tell you about the doors. I leave my back door open all the time so the dogs can go in and out and because of this…I get bugs in the back part of the house like crazy. I’m getting very tired of this. I also had another incident with a opossum this past week.

  2. Please don’t stop posting pics of these darlings and I promise to not stop saying “Aw” when I see them. Love their new names and am so happy for all of you. (I have four black & white siblings, now 13 years old, and I’m still smitten, too.)

  3. Donna, they are adorable–you are lucky to have found them and vice versa. We have a retractable screen on our French door in the kitchen, and it’s great. Our orange tabby Pax loves to sit there and look out. It’s a little tricky to open, but it’s a great solution.

  4. Adorable names – adorable kitties. They don’t realize it, but they landed in kitten Heaven! Wishing you a long and happy life with your two, new sweethearts.

  5. The names are perfect, as they fit the descriptions of each kitty too: lakes are calm… and the sky is ever-changing! πŸ™‚ As for other names? No worries – our cats have many additional names, almost too many to count! Our cat Lulu, for example, was once Wuwu – which turned into DoDo because she was a doer – which turned into Diddy because she did things – and then Pants because of her fluffy pantaloons – and now is quite often called DiddyPants. Which sounds so silly to anyone except my husband and I. LOL My favorite nickname you’ve given Skye so far is spin cycle – that’s adorable!

    Your pictures – no matter what you’re photographing – are always such a feast for the eyes, and combining your pics with these furbundles is such a treat for us readers! πŸ™‚

  6. Such cuties! We’re down to 1 kitty from 3. However, there is a feral we’ve been feeding & I named her. She won’t let us get close to her. About the doors, we have 2 Larson storm doors. The lower half is glass, so the kitties can still see outside. The top half is also glass, but can be lowered to reveal a screen. Have had them for years without issue. I still get my screen door & the kitties cannot tear up the screen. Or you could go with a full screen door & screw a piece of plexiglass over the lower half, so they cannot scratch the screen. Enjoy those babies!

  7. What perfect names. I love them and would shout them from the rooftops. They are absolutely adorable and I’d probably carrying them around with me everywhere. Well, as much as you can carry an independant kitten!

  8. Aw, Donna, I love your babies! I’m so glad you settled on both. They are so cute laying together in that basket. They are best buddies, for sure. We always give our pets several names. Makes them sound official. I like the names that ya’ll have chosen. Orca Lake and Figaro Skye, sounds perfect to me πŸ™‚

  9. My first cat was a tuxedo cat. Her markings were so cute, it looked like she had a big white smile! Love that you got the cats. Love that you’re over the moon about them. They’re gorgeous.


  10. Great photos, great cats, great names. I just want to pick them up and kiss them on the top of their heads.

  11. Maybe you should screen your porch, then the kitties could go “outside” too and you could leave the door open?

  12. God has blessed you with two beautiful kittens and siblings too boot! How perfect and you can hear the joy in your voice. When we lose a pet it is so hard but my hubby always said “you don’t find the pets…they find you”. So whether you know it or not you were picked that day…that is why our heart pinged and you had to have them….it was meant to be. Smile!!!


  13. So cute!! We recently adopted a little black and white tuxedo kitten. He has the beautiful green eyes like your kitties. We named him Watson because he is such a little investigator. It’s been almost 20 years since we’ve had a kitten in the house – we lost our last one a couple of years ago at the ripe old age of 17. Never a dull moment. Love your pics.

  14. These two are so precious!! You are lucky to have 2!!!! They are beautiful!! Bless you for caring for them.

  15. I love their names! My daughter’s cat has about 5 names and answers to all of them πŸ™‚ I actually have retractable screens on my french doors but the problem with retractable screens is the screen is not attached at the bottom in order for it to retract properly. So the cats would be able to crawl under the screen at get out. I had to stop using mine because my four dogs got used to them not being closed and when I did close them, they didn’t see them and would try to run through them and crash. Maybe you could install some sort of shutter system that folds out of the way when you don’t need them (like your spectacular gate window screen)? That way you could still have airflow and the cats could look through the slats but couldn’t get out. Just a thought.

  16. Awwwwwww! They are precious! We rescued the tiniest tuxedo boy kitten last April and he has grown into such a loving, fun cat. He fetches paper balls and is learning to give high-fives. We named him Oreo….I usually just call him Boy – because he is the only boy in a house of 4 girls!

  17. As I approach my 50th birthday I wrote a ‘to do’ list. I have always been a cat person, but due to severe allergies for my son could not have one. He married last May and I rescued a kitten. Her name is Indigo. I call her Indie and the grand kids call her kitty kitty. She comes no matter what anyone calls her. I forgot what I was missing by having a cat around. I love it! She is part Maine Coon and a real snuggler. Your names are great!

  18. quick, easy and inexpensive ~ i bought a tension rod, a “replacement screen door screen” and just folded one end down a little wider than the diameter of the rod and put in a double seam. i left the extra length on the screen to keep it from billowing in and out and it doesn’t hamper access ~ there’s enough extra screen that you can secure it with something (ie” a couple of rocks or books) if it’s a really windy day.

  19. We have retractable screen doors which are great .. unless you have animals! The screen across the bottom (and top) doesn’t have a frame, of course, so it is easy for cats (and dogs) go get through underneath. The screen is in a track but easily pushed out and voila, cat out of the house. We have screens on our doors but we can’t use them! They would be great though for animal free homes. Besides cats, we have dogs from large to small. The big ones have run into the screens not realizing they are there and that messes the screens up. Never a dull moment around here! My advise, get real screen doors!

    Congratulations on your new “kids”. They are precious. A blessing for each of you! It will be fun to see them grow on the pages of your blog.

  20. I had a sweet little Tuxedo named Cleo, she died last year at 17 years old. She was only five and a half pounds, but a fierce jumper. I still miss her.

  21. They are gorgeous! We have a lovely silky tuxedo kitty who I call Velcro at times. She’s very clingy but I love it. πŸ™‚

    They’ll be climbing the screens on the doors! LOL If you have a spray bottle of water handy…that reaches a long way… you can dissuade them from climbing or doing whatever you don’t want them to do and they won’t associate you or your son with the nasty discipline. Worked for several of ours over the years. πŸ™‚

    My son lives in Langley and it blows me away that people don’t have screens on their windows there. Do you? We’d be inundated with all kinds of creepy crawlies and flying freaky bugs without screens on every opening in the house. LOL

    Good luck!

  22. Awww!!!
    You are such a special and inspirational person Donna, to SO many of us…I’m glad that these little cuties found a great home with you!
    Keep us updated with lotsa pics… ;D

  23. Awwww, I am glad you found Lake and Skye!!! I think the names are beautiful!!!!
    I have a friend that has such a hard time naming her pets!!! Once she had a hamster that was called “no-name” because she couldn’t decide!!! LOL!
    I also like Orca and Figaro, LOL! And I can see my son going for those names instead of Lake and Skye, also!
    Looking forward to seeing them on your photos!

  24. Hey Donna

    Love your kitties! They are goregous.
    I think it’s natural for our furry babies to have multiple names, so go with your feelings at the time and choose to use a number of names. I have 2 lovely cats who go by the names of Abby & Skitzy, or white one and brown one, or Princess Abigail and Sir Skitzabunny, or Furry Snail and Naughty One! It depends on how they are acting and how wicked they are being lol!! They make us laugh, they give us love, they drive us crazy and melt our hearts. THEY are my gifts from nature.
    Enjoy them and I look forward to watching them grow and hearing their adventures.
    Love your blog and your flair, you fab woman!
    Cheers from down under.

    • That is a wicker cat bed I found at the thrift store. Isn’t it cool?! They are too big for it now so on occasion, I use it to place my camera lenses when I’m flipping through them quickly.

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