Shutter priority where cats are concerned

Tuxedo cat Skye - Part of Shutter Priority, where cats are concerned. on

Every so often, my furry friends stay still long enough to capture on film.

But that isn’t generally the case. They still love to happily dart from one side of the house to the other.

So I was practising with shutter priority on the camera on this day.

I’ll admit I’m not very good at it yet, so I test myself out from time to time.

Tuxedo cat Lake - Part of Shutter Priority, where cats are concerned. on

But someone was still too quick for me. Shutter priority or not.

For those not knowing what I’m talking about, there’s a setting on a DSLR camera that is S. If you set your camera here, the shutter speed becomes the most dominant feature. You can set it to snap FAST, so action isn’t blurred.

But because the shutter moves so quickly, you tend to block out lots of light. So you have to up the other features to accommodate.

It’s quite a dance to get it all right.

– – – – –

Try this:

Go outside (which is easier), and set your camera on S.

Practice with a ‘fast click’ on something. Adjust your light accordingly. Then take note of your settings.

Then move your camera indoors. And try again. And take note of the settings.

It’s a lesson in dials and numbers for sure! But it’s good to run through it and have a better understanding of what you need.

If I attempted to teach you more on this one, I’d fail in flying colours. I need help with it myself. So maybe I’ll ask you…

What shutter speed would you use without a tripod on flying cats vs light settings?

Maybe I’ll try your way…

Tuxedo cat Skye head turned - Part of Shutter Priority, where cats are concerned. on

See what I mean? Hey… at least they’re ‘sharp.’

And it was a fun subject. 🙂

Which DSLR settings are your biggest hurdle to achieve?

You can find some camera tips I am successful at (ha!) HERE

And one for the cat lovers, you’ll love the post, “When cats photobomb.”

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7 thoughts on “Shutter priority where cats are concerned

  1. I knew a lot in college from Photography but that knowledge is long gone. I definitely need to update my brain on setting to get better pictures and less photoshop time. Thanks Donna!

    • I always thought your pics were phenomenal, Brian! If you improve any more than where you’re at, I’m in deep trouble! haha

      Lightroom is truly my hero where editing is concerned. I’d be lost without it. 🙂

  2. Wish I could help but I don’t have a DSLR camera, only making do with my BB’s and iPad’s cameras. The only pictures I get of my dog are walking away or the famous ‘turned head’ shots unless he is lying sleeping in a sunbeam or on the couch. Asleep? I can get all the shots I want.

    Hopefully, someone else will have the answer to this issue. Maybe they can also solve my other animal issue. My other dog only has to see you aim a camera and he’s gone in a flash and hiding under the bed or behind the couch. If he’s outside and spots a camera he runs to the farthest reaches of the yard and hides behind a bush. (I get the tail end him in sports mode!)

    Didn’t have these issues with my 3 kids!

  3. I have so much to learn about photography. My daughter is really good at it and likes to play around with all the settings. I don’t have the patience. I am seriously thinking about hiring her, when she and her husband move closer, to take my blog pictures. I have to admit I need a better camera. Had a really good one that used the old film, but just have a little point and shoot digital one now. Hinting very loudly for Christmas to get one.

  4. I don’t have a clue about cameras of any kind, but I do love cats! We have 5, and while they are sometimes like toddlers and sometimes out of sight/out of mind, we love them and we miss them very much when they are gone. I am glad you have little photo bombers. They make a house a home. They make it real! Thank you for sharing your kitties with us! They are such a delight.

  5. You are talkin’ about my dream camera! One day I will get one! I am still learning Lightroom slowly but surely. Thankfully there are a lot of videos on YouTube that help, it is just finding the time. But one of my main goals right now is improving my photos to grow my blog so I need to give it attention.

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