Zonked out from all that cat popularity

cats sleeping-7159
These two are getting more attention than my own ramblings and projects lately.

So much so, they needed a nap from all the virtual autographs today. 

Fame will do that to you… 🙂

I love that you love them!

So while I raced around making more mess than projects today, they were busy sunning themselves.

And their nothingness made me smile. And love them even more.

Life is always better with a sleeping cat nearby. 

Wouldn’t you agree?

cat cuddle Funky Junk Interiors

Lake’s latest quirk is finding me in the AM, and slumping down right on top of me. That’s a very nice quirk to have.

Skye’s funniest quirk is when she spots me. She mews, and races towards the middle of the living room carpet. She’s waiting for…


Mandatory Cat Gear your cat can't live without : Funky Junk Interiors

In their honour, I even WROTE a post on ebay showing you all their favourite stuff!

(disclosure: I’ve partnered with ebay on writing some posts. But they give me free rein on what I wanna say. I can’t imagine them telling me to write a CAT POST. 🙂 )

Their favourite toy is listed in there. And it’s a GOOD one.

Do you have any idea how long it took me to edit out the background around that cat tree?

Looooong. I’d forgotten how to do it, so I stayed up late one night for HOURS.

All in the name of a cat post…

outdoors and cats-009
Here’s proof! 

Awww… such a squirrel moment when I see those little eyes…  

No cat lovin’ goin’ on here. 🙂

They don’t do this much any longer…

Because they’re just too busy being awesome doing all this.

You can find them on my Instagram account a fair bit HERE.

You know how it is. You’d do anything for your little guys.

Well, it’s time to turn in…

Looks like my movie stars have that covered too. 🙂

Tell me about your little mascots… what are some of their funniest quirks?

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9 thoughts on “Zonked out from all that cat popularity

  1. LOVE your fur family.
    JT (black cat with a couple of white hairs here and there) lived the first 5 years in a cat sanctuary. He’s been with me for the last 5 years and rarely stops talking. Announces everything… he drank, he used the litter box, he got a drink…. you get the drill. Then he spoons with me to get me to go to sleep and then toodles off to find a place on a counter. Wakes me up just before my alarm. Funny guy. :))) Oh, and he doesn’t do baths but he does love the hair dryer. :))

  2. Lol, I love seeing your two. Mine also get into my Instagram with alarming regularity. Unfortunately, because they were rescued from a terrible situation, they aren’t the best of friends, but they are friends, so that’s good. Mine love to chase the laser pointer. Morgan is Miss whiskers, with the most ridiculously long ones, and big boxing glove paws. She’s the most beautiful cat. She looks like she belongs on a chocolate box, and so we call her our chocolate box cat, and Milo is a sleek black panther with the longest claws in the world. Good thing he has a very calm and loving nature. (to us, not to the neighbourhood cats). They really do make every day a little nicer, don’t they? I do miss my malamutes though and keep thinking of getting a puppy, but it wouldn’t be fair to the cats or to the puppy because I’d have to leave it with a house sitter for months at a time, (I leave Vancouver for England during the year). So no puppies for me right now. But I’m so happy I have these two. 😀

  3. They are so adorable! Thanks for the chuckle this morning with the string attached to the light fixture cord – hilarious and brilliant! As I type this my Rexy is sitting on my lap (as he does every morning while I enjoy my java and read emails). Hard to type with a cat on your lap. I’ve always been a dog person until I inherited this little feline bundle of awesomeness.

  4. You know how much I love these posts!!! Our Gertie came from the pound. She is overweight and loves to lie on our bed. I make the bed first thing in the morning so I won’t have to disturb her. Lucy our youngest (my hubby calls her Lucifer) is a DEVIL. She likes to hide under a small table in the living room with a tablecloth over it. She waits till one of the dogs walks by and then jumps out at them. We currently have a vanity, toilet and other misc. things in the living room waiting for the plumber. Lucy was hiding behind the boxes and Candy – our red nosed pit – thought she was still there but she had left the room. Lucy crept up behind Candy and smacked her with her claw. Poor Candy jumped so high I thought she would get hurt but shed didn’t. Lucy loves to give Candy and Nina (our other pit) a bath and they just lie there and let her!

  5. Franklyn (black and white, about 7 or 8) loves to “chase the kitties”. He chases the 3 girl cats (Wren, Spot and Sera, ages 14, 15, 15) often. He even ACTS like he is going to chase them, and they start growling and getting out of his way. He gets in. their. faces. I don’t think he has ever hurt them, but from the growls and cries, you would think he tears them apart. We found him at a home we were renting about 5 years ago. He was friendly, so after awhile we invited him in. At sometime in his life, we think he was hit with a BB, because he has a tiny little ball embedded in his skin, and the skin has grown over it. When we pet him, we say that he has his own personal B B (like a little kid that drags a little lovie [Bee Bee] of some sort around). The vet says it doesn’t need to be removed. Well, he’s an ornery little guy, and he is here where he belongs! We also have another boy cat(Webster, 15), and they play quite a bit, but Webster is the one to call the shots. With all of the other homeless kitties out there, we wish we could bring more home, but we are at our maximum. I hope everyone spays/neuters their pets and adopts rather than shops when they can open their homes to new animals. Thank you for sharing Sky and Lake with us. They are truly an extension of you!

  6. Your cats are beautiful. My cats are outdoor cats. It’s fun to watch them, in the winter, move around the deck to the side porch to the front porch as the sun moves around. Our dogs love the sun, too. We do let them in when it gets too cold. Then they all lay in front of the wood stove. haha

  7. Thanks for the memories. I too was a tuxedo cat mom. His marking was a perfect mustache, so his name of course was Groucho! When he got mad, his mustache would crinkle funny. We would of course laugh at him, and he would stomp off.

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