3. 12 reasons to fly first class

12 reasons to fly first class, via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

“Click HERE to upgrade to First Class.”

I stared at the laptop screen, wondering if I should treat myself to a seat upgrade for one of my flights home from the Snap conference. I decided to be adventurous, prepping myself with, “Go on, you’re worth it!” Then I decided no.

But my eyes wandered hopelessly to the option again.

What the hey…. “CLICK”.

The next screen informed me my two bags would be free. In other words, the upgrade was kinda free because I would have paid that anyway.


Arriving at the Salt Lake City airport, I noted First Class even had their own luggage dropoff area. And a little blue carpet.

A. Carpet.

I admit I glanced around to see if I was getting any miffed off stares. You know… the kind I may or may not have thrown out myself on occasion. (you get what you give?)

Can you tell I’m rather new to small luxuries? I am. If you’ve read my story, you’ll understand why.

Thing is, my entire trip on the SNAP conference felt like pampering. With a stunning home away from home hotel, impeccible service, mind boggling classes, the warmest of friends, and sights that made my jaw drop, my entire Salt Lake City adventure was truly first class all the way.

So the first class ticket home was the cherry on top.

Anyway, this first class experience? I was rather giddy to have achieved it! The last time I’ve been in first class was when I went travelling with my parents back in the day. I remember coach being full and they moved all of us up to 1st. 

My brother and I sat wide eyed as the continual I Love Lucy styled conveyer belt of pop and nuts never stopped.  And served us on glass dishes… with MENUS. I never forgot the experience, but have never utilized 1st class since.

Until my flight home.

So dear friends, through the eyes of an adult (that ought to know better…) here are my spy notes on how first class rolls… 

12 reasons to fly first class

12. You get served water before takeoff. No waiting 2 hours for a squeaky cart.

11. The seats are like BIG, leather recliners. Too bad I forgot my robe and slippers.

12 reasons to fly first class, via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

10. There’s so much leg room in front of your knees, you feel like you’re sitting in Papa Bear’s chair.

9. The area between the seats has a little table, so you don’t have to knock knees with a stranger crunching on smelly chips. Both of which appear to bother me. Who knew.

8. The dinner trays are embedded inside the arm rests. I do not know why. Very Transformer like.

7. They have their own bathrooms! With no line ups! EVER! In fact, it’s a miracle to see anyone even stand in front of one. (this alone is worth the upgrade)

6. Lunch comes with your seat. I asked. Because I’m not very cool.

5. And it was delish! And fresh. And not out of a sealed box.

4. Your lunch is placed on glass dishes using real cutlery, complete with a cloth napkin! Nice!

3. My ginger ale came in a glass cup that fit your hand like a glove, with a LOT of ice. Nicer!

2. The engine sounded quieter/different than in coach. 

But the coolest thing about being in first class?

Air shots with no wing! / 12 reasons to fly first class, via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

1. No WING pictures in your air shots! YEAH! But how weird. (any guesses where this is?)

The wing is hiding!  / 12 reasons to fly first class, via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

See? The wing is WAY back there. I REALLY had to make an effort to catch it.

And naturally after getting spoiled, my whoppin’ 45 min flight from Seattle to Vancouver was on a Barbie Doll plane with no first class options in sight. At least the guy next to me wasn’t eating smelly chips. #smallblessings

Well friends, aside from this tongue in cheek post, I am SO happy to be home! My kitties didn’t even give me the stink eye… they loved me just the same if not more. My son isn’t home yet but it’s all good. The most aggressive thing I did today was sit on the yellow swing by the creek out back with a cup of coffee in my hand.

I have SO much cool stuff to share. Places I saw, things I did, friends I met… and you know I’m also good for a little junk, no? 🙂


All SNAP entries are here

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19 thoughts on “3. 12 reasons to fly first class

  1. Your pictures of the mountains are just gorgeous! I flew from Seattle to Anchorage once and was in awe the entire time. I have to comment on your bag though in the shoe picture! I can’t resist a beautiful leather bag :). Can I ask where it’s from?

  2. WOW, I just booked a trip to Destin, FL from OK. Round trip coach was $470, less some skymiles for a total of $370. First class was $1100. So NOT worth it to me for that price difference!

    • I agree Jackie. I forgot to mention, I upgraded the day before I flew out. That’s when the options are super cheap because they want to fill the seats. But the best time to attempt an upgrade is when you are signing in at the gate about to board. If they are not full, you can get an upgrade for a song!

  3. Yeah, you are worth it! I think I have the same first class experience from when I was a kid and they moved my family up… they must have done that a lot back in the day 🙂 Glad you had fun!

  4. #13. You sometimes receive a warm towel to wash your hands before eating….at least it happened to me the ONE time I flew 1st class going to Bolivia on a missions trip. I was upgraded to sit by a fellow member due to flight anxiety and it was a complete surprise to me! Luxury….get used to it….you are a daughter of the king! Now where did I put my crown….

  5. I’ve never paid for first class, but I’ve been upgraded to first class on four occasions. And each time i wondered – – why did they pick me? Guess its was my angels working some magic for me. And, yes, real dishes and silverware. A hot meal, leg room – all the perks you mentioned. Even saw a celebrity across the isle. It would be nice to fly first class all the time, but for the price, I just can’t do it. I’m just too “practical”.

  6. You deserve a little pampering, Donna! We all do. We should all put ourselves at the top of the list more often. It’s like a tonic for our spirits. So glad you had a wonderful trip! Can’t wait to hear more!

  7. I hate, hate, HATE flying! So when we were boarding a flight to London a few years back and the nice lady behind the counter said they would like to bump my husband and I up to first class, I didn’t think it would make much difference. However, upon boarding and finding I had an actual recliner for a seat I thought ok, might be better. But when they came around with the glasses of champagne (medicinal nerve soothing purposes you know) I was hooked on first class flying. Not that I want to fly any more than I did before but if I have to………:)

  8. Your picture 1 out of the plane….that is actually my husbands work, it is Great Salt Lake Minerals. What you see are their evaporation ponds where they get salt and potash out of the lake. They have a pumping system that pumps the Great Salt Lake water into their ponds, which is around the left side of your picture which is the corner of Little Mountain. The different colors are caused by the different chemicals in the lake. Hope this helps!

    • Janae, that is so interesting! I was wondering why so many areas were sectioned off like that. Sure makes for a stunning air visual at the very least. 🙂 Thanks for chiming in!

  9. Guess I’m gonna be the one to sound snobby-spoiled…..
    I manage to fly 1st class virtually every trip!
    I’ve learned some really good tricks through the years that have paid off well! When I’ve had to pay, it’s been a nominal charge!
    Little luxuries—always worth while!

    Can’t wait to hear all about SNAP!

  10. Haven’t flown first class in many years…..you’ve made me wanna give it a whirl next time I fly…..if the $$$ stretch that far. Glad you had a wonderful trip.

  11. Dear Donna!
    I haven’t been in first class in a while! It was fun to remember the perks!
    I’m in California right now, coming home to Vancouver tomorrow.
    I had the pleasure to meet Karen from Redoux this weekend, yaaayyy!
    I will email you when I get back!!
    I can’t wait to read more about your adventures in Utah!

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