6 reasons why we joined a (real) gym

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Do you remember my hilarious post about my gym with a view on the mountain?

Well, I truly do love my outdoor evening walks! I regard them as nature’s gym with revolving scenery. With outdoor breezes sweeping your face, and the fact that it’s FREE, a workout doesn’t get much better than that!

Trouble was, my son didn’t like walking. And I wanted to encourage him to join me in whatever we attempted to do.

And then one day he got the bug to join a real gym. Ugh.

Trust me, I fought the idea. A gym has worked well for me in the past, but I’m such an outdoor girl that I fought it.

But then my walking diminished. Between weather issues and a boy that wouldn’t come, it wasn’t working. I needed to figure out a new plan.

So I listened… and we joined a real gym.

It’s a small family run gym which I really like. We’re generally the only ones in the building which is pretty super cool. Pounding upbeat music, plenty of cold water, beautiful equipment, and only a minute drive down the road, you just couldn’t ask for more.

Have you ever wondered if a gym is for you? Here are

6 reasons we joined a real gym


Fall walk in a road / part of 6 reasons why we joined a real gym via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

1. What’s your weather like?

Yuk. Wind and rain again?!

I dunno about you, but it rains nearly all the time in our west coast region. While I won’t melt if I walk in the rain, it didn’t exactly motivate me, so I avoided it more than I should have.

As for being indoors on a beautiful day, well, that can be just as hard. So we’ve been going evenings so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on a great day.

2. Are you building muscle?

In case you weren’t aware.. muscle mass is where it’s at for burning fat. Muscle will burn fat even when you sit and sleep. This allows you to not be a total slave to just dieting forever. (if you’re doing it for weight loss… and who doesn’t want to lose a few?)

At one point in my past, I had stopped working out because I was busy getting ready to move. But my weight loss was still so rapid! And that was totally due to all the built up muscle. I remember wolfing down burgers to slow my progress down. Ohhhh to be there again…

Muscle works.

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3. Motivated by payments

A free, beautiful outdoor walk is wonderful! But… it was also easy to place on the back burner. Very easy.

Having to pay to work out has motivated me moreso to get out that door. We schedule the workout into our day rather than avoid or ignore it.

4. What do you primarily want to do?

Walking was great! I did enjoy it, but I knew in order to build up muscle again, I needed machines.

The gym we chose is a small family run. No pool, no classes, just first class machines. And a price to reflect that. It’s affordable. 

Before we joined, I thought about a larger gym complete with pools and classes. But I didn’t want to spend an hour a day driving, plus even more time in a pool and even MORE time in a class. I wanted to work out on the machines, then go home. So having the basics close by works well for us.

If you like the idea of pilates, zumba or yoga, you may wish to check out places with classes.

A real gym / part of 6 reasons why we joined a real gym via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

5. Teaming up with another

I’ve always pretty much resorted to walking alone, prior to this. When I had our dog Jenna, that worked out very well. I’ve attempted walking with friends before, but with juggling schedules, it was always tricky to coordinate. 

Going with someone in your FAMILY is easier! You’re on the same time frame for meals and schedules, so if you can get a family member to join with you, that’s really the most effortless way. 

Going with another just flat out helps motivate each other. No question about it.

Yep… we are working out!

And while we will hopefully gain some health benefits from this, it really isn’t just about self improvement. It was a lot to do with…

6. Creating a new common interest with my boy that we could both enjoy.

Just think… there may be potential for this ‘teen’s mom’ to become at least 10% cool…. it’s worth a shot. 🙂

My 6 ridiculously easy, free, life changing habits. Improve what you do and how you feel INSTANTLY. via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Not ready for a gym yet but know you should be doing something? Read My 6 ridiculously easy, life changing habits post. I’ll betcha anything you’ll be heading out the door tomorrow…

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  1. loved your thoughts on the gym! my 15 year old son and I checked out many gyms – some near, some not so near. we chose the YMCA – it’s small, which we like, yet has beautiful equipment, a pool, and has some great hours. also, we motivate each other to go!

  2. I’m guilty of wanting to walk outside for free, but then it’s hot, or rainy, or dark, and I don’t. So yeah, I think being motivated by paying for a gym helps, and avoiding the weather issues! Nice post!

  3. I’ve also found joining a health club is the answer. Since I’m retired, my insurance covers a free membership, so I realized I was being totally stupid by not taking advantage. When I turned 70 I got up the courage to sign up, then the further courage to show up and get on the treadmill. I hadn’t been in exercise togs since the Jane Fonda days of leotards and leg warmers (still like that look!). I’ve not missed a Monday, Wednesday or Friday since. So, even if you don’t pay, there’s something about having that appointment that keeps you going. The treadmill is also easier on joints and muscles than uneven sidewalks of which we have plenty in the old West End of Boulder, Colorado, and the weather, which always seemed to be too hot, too cold, too windy or too wet, is no longer a consideration. I’ve also been counting calories on line and have lost 13 pounds! Best of luck!

  4. Awesome idea and a great way to keep the conversations going with your son. You’ll always be a cool Mom and your son will love you even more for making the time you spend together extra special. What teenage boy doesn’t want muscles?

  5. Ok I’m going to look into the small family run one that is less than a mile away… all I really want is the machines. I don’t like classes (I’m too uncooperative) lol… Thanks for the motivation!

  6. We just had Planet Fitness open a gym here. It’s open 24/7, the equipment is top notch and the staff is great. Hubby and I try to get there 3 x a week. The best part is that it’s only $10/person per month.

  7. We have a fitness center attached to our local school. I have a “body” buddy that I work out with daily. I am in the Torture Chamber 5-6 days per week. It shows. I’ve lost 48 pounds and am onto a better me. Enjoy Donna. You and your son will both so happy when you start seeing the results.