A moody, gorgeous fall trail bike ride with a life update

moody fall bike ride on the vedder river rotary trail in Chilliwack, BC

Fall Trail Bike Ride Wow… it’s been a LONG time since I’ve shared a fall trail bike ride with you from my own trails! April to be exact. I suppose when you’re out there every day, it feels… well, every dayish. I do share lots of daily video clips on Instagram stories, so please follow […]

How to make today count.


(epic bike ride adventure posts with stories) Ever wonder how some days feel so epic, while others fail to inspire? Those are simply the ups and downs of life in general I suppose. Maybe a good day vs.a bad day has something to do with health challenges, finances, relationship dynamics, if you’ve learned something new…. […]

Relinquishing from the heart.


Over the last couple of days, I was striving to ‘feel’ productive, but didn’t really know what to dig into. I just felt a general loss of direction, and knowing cleaning always triggers me into a really good zone, I ran with it. So I allowed my mind to wander and muse over what else […]

7 ways to motivate yourself into action

Measuring for pilot holes, part of building a DIY reclaimed wood rustic crate with Apple Farm and Flower from Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

Dear me…  So… you booked a vacation, and now you can’t settle down and do anything else but mindfully pack! Can you relate? For most that book a future vacation, my guess is it brings them something to look forward to. For me, it has a different effect. My mind plays tricks on me and […]

Why I relinquish stuff and break decorating rules


Does anyone else get ‘attached’ to the things they either find, DIY or buy? I know I sure do. And I know for a fact, I actually place super high values on my stuff over time that no one else feels quite the same way about! Case in point: I hold onto my things thinking […]

Why the million little steps of a journey matter most


Over the weekend, I got the hankering to wash the front of my house. The house was a mess. I let it go all year which I don’t normally do. The algae could be seen from the road of all things! However I also knew the effort it entailed. I’d have to climb a ladder […]

Permission to thrive


When I first arrived in Maui, the two big aloe vera plants beside my outdoor lanai had seen better days. I’ve frequented this condo many times over the years and honestly, their current state shocked me.  They were both orange and dry. I honestly thought they were on their way out.  So I decided to […]

The next chapter

cabin getaway in front of Cultus Lake, BC Canada

Hello from the lake! As you’ve likely noticed, this little ‘ol blog had become quieter the past little while. My time and energy simply took top priority to other things. We all have our stories, so I know you get this. I promised myself that once I reached a certain achievement, I’d start to be […]

A message for those fearing to be different


When I first started blogging, well before the art of repurposing became ‘a thing’, the ideas that popped into my head were… unique. Maybe even forbidden in the ‘real world of decorating’. I didn’t even know how to swing a power tool back then. Yet, because I desired to decorate my newly renovated home without […]