Fall walking up Majuba hill. Stress free.

Fall trees up a mountain road / Fall walking up Majuba Hill via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

It’s full throttle fall in the west coast of BC. The grapevines against my shed out back were spectacular as was the recent fall retreat I took photos of.  Fall is just flat out amazing!  I just wish I could say I felt the same.

Every now and then, I fall into a rut of sorts. Maybe it’s the time of year. Days are shorter and darker and the weather isn’t as sunny. Feeling overwhelmed with life in general along with all the rest just takes it’s toll.

Whenever I start to feel like life is just too much, I sort of sink further into my chair and move less. Which is really like moving backwards. Know the feeling?

Fall trees up a mountain road / Fall walking up Majuba Hill via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

Well, one day I’d had enough of the likes of me. I was tired when I got up, was tired all day and wanted to crawl into bed right after dinner. EEEEE Nuff! I’m much too young to feel like this, I resonated. It was time to walk.

Fall trees up a mountain road / Fall walking up Majuba Hill via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

I needed to have a chat with the road. Lots of chats. So I pushed myself off the fake security of my chair, threw on my coat, grabbed a hat and head out. Before I changed my mind.

Fall trees up a mountain road / Fall walking up Majuba Hill via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

It had been awhile. And I sure didn’t feel like going. It was wet out having just rained. And cold. Oh well! Turning towards the flat land to the left, and Majuba Hill to the right, the hill won. If I was going to make the effort, I wanted to pour it on thick. I didn’t want to be cold. The hill would cure that one real quick.

Majuba Hill is a lovely mountain behind us just up the road. And this time of year, the fall trees are positively technicolor. So that made my walk less like work right there. The hill has a nice gradual uphill grade so it gives you a chance to get your heart rate going. That was the key for me. I can walk and walk and walk and not feel much. But get me going uphill, it’s a different story.

Every day I chose the hill. Rain or shine, up the hill I went. If it rained, I told myself I was waterproof and grabbed a golf umbrella to keep me company. 

Up the hill, there’s this super seep long driveway. Each day, I also took in that driveway. It’s difficult!  It’s so steep that you sort of have to tackle it in a part running motion. Each day, I make it up slightly further than the last. One day I did it twice. I’m up to 3 times now and maybe soon 4.

Fall trees up a mountain road / Fall walking up Majuba Hill via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

I’ve now been walking nearly every day without fail for about 2 weeks. And I can’t begin to tell you how different I feel. Stronger, happier, more energy. I actually now get a little upset if I can’t fit in my walk. I need the walk. I crave my walk.

Little red shed by a creek / Fall trees up a mountain road / Fall walking up Majuba Hill via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

It’s working. Walking is working.

And these spectacular fall trees are not hurting the process!

Fall trees / Fall walking up Majuba Hill via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

Fall walking up Majuba hill was just a good idea.

Here’s the lecture part. Ready?

If you are heathy enough to exercise, I’d pay you for your health. Being a survivor of 3 rear enders leaves you with some life long repercussions. I’d be running marathons if I could. But I can’t. So walking is my deal.

Walking takes longer, but pretty much anyone can do it. You start at your own pace, and just build up.

And good news! You don’t even have to be in shape to walk!  All you need to do is just start. And then do it again. And again, and again, and again.

Yellow arrow on road pavement / Fall walking up Majuba Hill via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

 Walking. Just. Works.

Do you need to walk?

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22 thoughts on “Fall walking up Majuba hill. Stress free.

  1. Great post, we have had some major health issues in this house. So last fall I decided to get out. I am not as faithful as you are but we hike, snow shoe, kayak when we can I find the beauty of nature is soul saving. Husband swims 3 times a week his depression is under control and we are a happier house.

  2. Your walking spoke to me. 32 years ago, I had my daughter, quit working my fast-paced job in DC and became a stay-at-home Mom. I was loving being a Mom, but going nuts. I put her in the stroller and we walked, and walked, and walked…sometimes twice a day. Walking has become a positive addiction for me now, and I still walk 6 days a week. I walked alone for years, solving the problem of the world as I went. Now my husband walks with me and our 3 dogs….we talk…amazing. Walking has saved me and I’m so happy you have changed your life by getting out there and just doing it!

  3. Thanks so much for the inspiration, I have been a huge fan of walking for many years, I used to walk the steepest hills of San Francisco, and the length of Manhattan, and the hills and forrests in my latest location in Northern Israel……but somehow the summer heat and life have kept me from doing what I need to do too, go walking! So thanks so much for the inspiration, and now that it is fall here too, (though very little color, sigh) my chances have just gotten a whole lot better. all the best!

  4. Thanks for sharing!!
    I walk and have a similar view,the biggest reason for walking… I get to take in the scenery..a little more up close and personal with nature.
    It’s amazing how some of the smallest and simpler things in life can make our day a little brighter!

  5. ..they say walking is the best!
    I love Majuba Hill and know the grade…so girl I am very happy you are conquering it!
    Love the trees you have shown us STUNNING!
    Good to see you at the Urban Market…we need to do coffee!

  6. Great post! My husband and I have figured we’ve logged nearly 1,000 miles walking, this year alone! We have always been very active, but can’t do all the things we used to. Walking lets us take in the neighborhood, talk to each other, and see the beauty in the place where we live. And with the seasons, we watch the subtle changes of everything from the angles of the sun and shadows, to blooms and wildlife. It helps us sleep better too! Btw, love your photos!

  7. Thanks for the kick in the b. Well you know. I live at the beach and miss my walks, I’ve been sick and really need to get out and walk again. Walking in the dry sand is like up hill. Wet sand is road walking. The cold and rain is just some motivation to keep moving! Your words of encouragement came at a good time. Thanks…….

  8. Thanks for the inspiration, Donna! Your post was just what I needed today. I keep telling myself I’m going to start walking again, but something always gets in the way. Well that’s going to change starting now! If you can do it, so can I.

  9. i love the area you live in. where i live it is for a better word ugly and at times not even safe. but i can get in my car and drive to an area that is better but not beautiful. i have health problems also i find when i’m away from here i do walk. i wish i had a laughing place like brier rabbit. your photos are inspiring.

  10. Yay, Donna! Walking does indeed work. I had been sick for a number of years, I started walking-just around the block. Then a little more, a little more. I walk 7 miles now and could do more.
    Keep at it, girl!
    Great pics, too!

  11. I started walking as well. The scenery isn’t as pretty as yours but I started walking in my backyard and have increased the number of steps everyday. I am feeling better as well. I turn off the electronics and outside I go and the weather here in Arizona is so beautiful this time of year. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

  12. Thank you for this post! I’ve been in a major funk since returning to work after 2 months off due to surgery and right when the time changed. It was a major depressor for sure. Now I have to change my entire routine to get things done in the morning before work and I am NOT a morning person. I’m sure this funk will last until daylight saving time returns. But you’re inspiring me to get up and take my dogs for a hike in the morning. We don’t get the beautiful fall colors here in Southern California so I am envious of what you get to experience.

  13. Yes. I know what you mean. I love walking. I have exercised most days since 1989. At least 1/2 of that has been walking. Literally thousands of miles. about 4 years ago my knees got bad enough that I had to stop walking so much and now I get to walk outdoors very little. It makes me sad. I miss it soooo much. I liked my long walks (8+ miles) the best. They are out of the question. Sometimes I can still do a few miles and that is awesome. Walk every chance you get! It increases your creativity!

  14. Your area is beautiful. We came to Lake Louise in 2011,a long way from Texas. After 9 weeks in the 5th wheel, we fell in love with the Northwest. August not winter.lol It is cold here today but your post hit home. I have been having some health issues and stressed to the limit with a sick parent. I am going to take my camera and my picking bag and go for a walk tomorrow. Thank you for the encouragement.

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