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Aloha from the beautiful island of Maui!

I have yet to blog while being here. Yet here I am now. I’m actually amazed I’m even in-tune to what day it is! It’s been nice to let things slide for a spell, and just take in my new surroundings while working on myself as well.

I have been sharing lots on Instagram Stories HERE though which of course are absolutely effortless to do. 

I’ve been scouring the local thrift stores for something to repurpose, however so far have come up empty handed. However I won’t give up quite yet! 🙂 I’m striving for a little routine with creativity now that I’ve allowed some rest time so we’ll see what happens.

Ok, so I did attempt to inspire you with some beautiful features from last weekend’s party, however everything simply ground to a halt. I’m not sure if it’s the laptop or lazy wifi system… possibly both. (I run into this every time I’m here, so….)

So this round, let’s just celebrate your newest projects this round, and if I don’t have any luck next weekend at a new wifi location, I’d like your opinion…

Would you rather the party take a break until my return home?

Or do you desire the linkup, regardless of no features?

I appreciate your input!

What did you make this past week? Link up below!

Party Highlights on Pinterest from Party Junk.53 PM

~ Blah blah linkup rules ~

1. UpcycledDIY home decor projects only please. Items for sale must be in tutorial form on your blog. NO FOOD NOR NEW CRAFTS please.

2. Linkups must be your own work, not another’s.

3. Only projects new to this link party please, to keep things fresh. Repeats may be deleted.

4. By linking up here, you’re cool with me featuring you on my blog,  Pinterest, Twitter, FJI Facebook with a link back to you, or its own new LINK WIDGET with no additional permission required.

5. No need to link back to the party! Would love it if you pinned the first gallery picture instead. Thank-you!


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3 thoughts on “DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 483

  1. Aloha! Thank you for hosting while in Hawaii but I think the decision should be yours. Who can blame you for taking a break from hosting to enjoy some downtime in your beautiful surroundings? If that’s what feels right for you, Donna, I say go for it!

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