31 Days Blog to Biz / day 29 – how I design a blog

What a day I’ve had. Today was slated for my ‘career day’ in which I kick off the day job and work on something career oriented instead. And today I messed with website ideas.

I was so ‘in the zone’ I still hadn’t had breakfast and was still in pj’s at 2pm! Gotta love those rainy days when the boy’s in school.. 😉

I’m getting ready to take the leap to wordpress but feel nervous about another designer taking over. I mean, I design… but I don’t know how to on WP, so I’m going to close my eyes and hand over the works to a pro.

BUT… that doesn’t mean I can’t offer suggestions on what I like that may even be used. Unless they laugh me outta town of course… So I played.

Goal – fun, not too serious, junky elements, very graphic, clean, casual, bright and cheery

I’m a little funny about design. What I love one minute I detest the next. So take anything you see here with a grain of salt. I may ditch it tomorrow and start all over. 🙂

I like to mess around in Pages, which is a mac based program. I simply screen shoot trials, then slide the graphics into the program from the desktop and move stuff around.

How to screen print on a mac

HOLD command, HOLD shift, SELECT 3 for entire screen or 4 to select.

You’re welcome!

So anyway, I look around the net for elements to help me get where I desire to go. So far, these are just loose drafts  and should I decide to actually use them, I’ll definitely be purchasing lots of cool elements I can also add to my blog posts for fun. I’m also hunting for a look for the ebook/s too so anything purchased is money well spent.

The bulk of the vector files I create are in CorelDraw which I export to the desktop as jpg. (ie the funky junk logo)

Incidently… many of the elements I’m adding I have NO idea how to install. I just look at other blogs to see what they are capable of doing and cross my fingers what I want can happen.  Kinda like decorating. 🙂

Guess what… this is the LAST post that I’ll freelance myself! Tomorrow The Nester is interviewed then it’s Your Story link party! 

It’s been a pleasure friends! I hope you’ve grasped some great ideas on where to take things in your own neighbourhood.

And for the record? There so much I didn’t get done during the series. Heavy dayjob workloads and posting in the PM slowed down some progress. But there’s the rest of my life to gitter done, so that I will! I hope you’ll be hacking away at your dreams as well.

Happy SNSing this weekend! Coming up in 30 minutes. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “31 Days Blog to Biz / day 29 – how I design a blog

  1. I like that design Donna, but I know what you mean about loving one minute and hating the next. I’m sure whatever you decide will reflect your style. Thanks so much for this series. It has been incredibly helpful, and inspiring.

  2. Your series has been awesome. I have taken a few leaps with my blog because of you and the information you gave. I am in the baby stages with my blog so changing things is huge for me but you have given me courage to just go for it and it worked! I thank you. Now to get more followers… Thanks again, can’t wait for the ebook!

  3. It will be sad to see this series end. I have looked forward every morning to see your post. I hope wordpress is everything you want it to be and more. Have a great weekend.

  4. Hi Donna,

    This series has been wonderful!
    Good for you deciding to take the leap to wordpress! I hope it will meet your every need with your new look for your blog and your ebook, so exciting!! I like your ideas so far…
    Thank you!!
    All the Best,

  5. Donna; You may be interested in this CreativeLive free workshop about Word Press. It is free while it is live and can be purchased if desired for on-going watching. Creative Live is out of Seattle and has wonderfully informative workshops.


    No affiliation… just an enthusiastic participant who really enjoys your blog.

    Bev (down the road in Abby)

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