31 Days / day 3 – take time to RESET

Today was Sunday. And that means one thing in our home… it’s reset day.

So what does this have to do with blogging and business? In a word… lots.

Setting at least one day a week aside where you can leave all thoughts of work and deadlines (and blogging) as we know it behind is actually important. AND…  it frees up precious time you can spend with your family.

Here’s where I’m coming from:

I had a VERY stressful week last week. My work had blasted through the ceiling and it was all I could do to stay awake in the PM and meet blogging and magazine deadlines. (more on that topic to come) Once mission was accomplished by dinnertime Saturday, I was D.O.N.E.

So we proceeded to church the next morning, but I wasn’t really in the right spirits.

My son chose the empty balcony which caught me off guard, but I went with the flow. And I’m really glad I did.

I struggled to listen to the message. My mind was racing every which way with no pause button in sight. I kept forcing myself back to the pastor’s words, but it wasn’t until the music started that ‘it’ happened.

One particular song came on and I knew right away I was in trouble. With eyes stinging, blinking wildly while wishing away what was to come, it was too late.

I didn’t hear the words to the song, for the tune itself sang the story.

The song started off soft and kind like any day of ours. But the sudden crescendo rise mimicked what our days of late held… totally wound with busy moments and short fuses. When the song smoothed out again, it was like a soothing wave hit me, wiping out my troubled heart and leaving me with this amazing…

What had me completely wound up before became so insignificant. And it was only then that I looked at my son and forgot what the big huff was all about.

(for the record, the song was Hallelujah)

My main reset moments frequently happen during a church service. It’s the first dedicated place all week I willingly walk away from whatever ails me, allowing the words and meaning to hit full force.

But anyone can practice a reset anywhere. What’s important is to allow your mind to stop with the noise and let the good in.

I actually practice mini resets a lot during work days. If I’m stressed about a particular step in a project, I’ll start singing along to the tunes on the radio. Imagine me in a bay full of guys working on a firetruck, and while performing a balancing act at the top of a ladder, I’m… singing. Beats complaining, doncha think? 🙂

No one has a clue where my mind really is. And it’s not that I’m trying to be something I’m not… I just find it removes the concern and replaces it with an optimistic outlook.

So here’s a little test for you to try. Next time you feel frustrated or worried, STOP. Stop thinking of the bad and replace it with something that takes your mind off of it. And for the record, my own personal resets frequently accompany prayer. Ya gotta ask to get… 🙂

As for blogging under stress, I have a personal rule. If anything upsetting happens, I wait 24 hours before I’ll publish anything. Blogging under stress can and will come through. Talking about things going wrong in an effort to receive desired empathy is not the same thing. Being outright mad at something can have your readers viewing you as defensive and difficult. Would you wish to do business with someone like that? No, of course not.

It’s human nature to get upset and stressed. However we also all have the power to overcome it too.

What’s your preferred method of chilling out?

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35 thoughts on “31 Days / day 3 – take time to RESET

  1. I am a yoga teacher, so yoga is obviously my preferred method to chill out. But when I need a reset, I need to practice alone. Maybe at home, maybe at the ocean. Sometimes with music, sometimes with just the sound of my own breath. After I practice, I just sit, and listen. I often advise my students to be quiet, turn off the mind, and listen to the heart. Then be quiet some more. 😉 When I need a reset, I take my own advice. 🙂

  2. If I could do as I like it would be a quiet walk in the woods, but obviously we can not do that daily or all times of year. I enjoy the peaceful rhythm of cross stitch in the evenings (or late morning when the light is better)to smooth out my moods. But right in the thick of it – music. Turn it up and alter the tempo.

  3. Donna ~ I love this series of posts and this was a great one about ‘resetting’. Embroidering while listening to soothing music does much to calm my spirits as does prayer, and walking in my humble gardens. Prayer is a major key as only God truly knows what is on our hearts and in our minds.

    Love and hugs to you and your dear son. May this week be smoother than last week.


  4. So true, Donna! So true. I’ve stopped allowing myself to publish on the weekends and it’s made such a huge difference. If a post happens during the week, great. If not, it’ll go up the next week and it really won’t be the end of the world. People will read it, I’ll have taken the time to do something I’m proud of, and the world will go on, even if I did one post the week before.

  5. Oh my we do need a ‘reset’ button every now and again! My reset is going out on the dock and having a good long talk with my Lord. It works every time! Thanks for the series. I’m really enjoying them! Question: Are you addressing the bloggers that link up to tons of link parties from their one blog entry? It bothers me that often the linky is more involved than the blog post! Just sayin…
    Have a blessed week!!

  6. My reset is the outdoors – whether it’s sitting in the woods or imagining being beach-side.

    On Saturday nights, church helps me refocus. But, it’s more of pushing the pause button.

    Actually being outdoors, I can press play again, and all the background static is gone. I can hear clearly once again.

    Thank for the reminder.
    I think I need to eat my lunch under the trees today. It was a very long week….

  7. What a great reminder and one I definitely needed this morning – A good idea for all of us to remember, not just about blogging (since I don’t have those kinds of deadlines), but just life in general. Sometimes we all need a moment just to “reset”. Music and prayer do the same for me – that peace that surpasses all understanding. 🙂

  8. Thanks for the “RESET” advice. I usually end up outside in the yard playing in the dirt…thinking of only the dirt & immediate plant….mind is relaxing and having nothing to do. Have a great day.

  9. love love love love your 24 hour rule. too often i think we post in the heat of the moment…on things that aren’t necessary to publish. i just spoke alongside a friend who said that when she is 80 and sitting in a rocking chair…and looks back on this manuscript she wrote (blog), she only wants to see the beauty and joy and big stuff of her life. not the inconsequential or silly spats or bitty annoyances. she wants it to be a beautiful account of her life. not fake. not made up. but beautiful.

  10. Wise words, Donna. We’re all constantly inundated with negative influences, and it’s important to give our spirit a safe place in which to retreat. I use prayer and meditation to adjust my mindset. A few quiet moments is all it takes to regain my focus. Our blogs should be an expression of our ‘better’ selves, and your 24 hour rule is a great piece of advice.
    Have a lovely Monday, Donna!
    ~ Wendi ~

  11. Donna, prayer is definitely my reset button. Music as well, and reading. Your Sunday morning sounded a lot like mine. Sometimes I have trouble turning everything off. When I do, all is well again, and my spirit is refreshed. We’re also big movie buffs in my family. So, just hanging out with my husband and two teen sons at a good movie works too.

  12. My reset is walking my 3 miles every morning, it is quiet soothing and gives you plently of
    energy. It gets you ready for your day. I love your pic of you cat and dog, so
    very cute and I bet that kitty’s reset was ready, set, go.

  13. Encouragement extraordinaire, Donna! I logged on to re-read your tutorial about optimizing comments and once again I am reminded how God puts you where you need to be! As I read your words I was overcome with emotion. I truly felt a sweet release realizing we all experience like situations.

    Life’s reset button is a “feature” we all must incorporate in our daily lives. I’m relatively new to blogging. I read, and read, and read(did I mention that I read…a lot)tips & tutorials. Just this past weekend I ran across several “I’m burned out/I’m burning out” statements regarding blogging. I blog four days a week, write six days and week, and pound that reset button like nobody’s business! Faith, family, & friends is the key to my life. Perfect post, perfect timing!

  14. Mine is also Christian music. It takes me to worship mode…which triggers peace, joy, thankfulness, etc. We have the music on while we’re getting ready to go to church (and a lot of other times) and we find that we’re already in tune when we get to church. I wish I would have/could have started that years ago when I was raising my family.

  15. I LOVE the song “Hallelujah” (if it’s the version that Heather William’s sings). Story of my life: “I have fallen so hard, flat on my face. I’m in need of Your grace today. Hallelujah!” God is good!

  16. Stress is super bad for your body – which is getting to be common knowledge. But what isn’t common knowledge is that psychologically re-living stress by complaining has the SAME effects on your body!

    Reseting is about total health, not just mental health 🙂

  17. Hey, Donna! Out of all the great 31day series going on right now, (and they’re all amazing!) I am most excited about this one. Thank you so much for sharing about your Sunday morning. It’s so true. God can touch us whenever and wherever we are but so often he uses music. Wonderful post!

  18. My reset is taking a ‘walkabout’ with my girls (Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks) and my dog, Dash. It is a delight to watch my chicken’s antics.
    And I don’t always want to do my yoga class but it sure relaxes me big time.

  19. My reset is working out. I have 4 kids & the only time I can manage to do this is at night when my hubby is home to play interference-(which sometimes works!) I’ll start w/energetic music to get me moving but the best part is my cool down. I always listen to JJ Heller’s “Your Hands”…..it gives me a breather & makes me really listen to remember what is real & important…..thanks for sharing 🙂

  20. Wise words. I have found myself feeling similarly and having the same kind of ‘reset’ at service. I also like walking / hiking and doing yoga..but haven’t been so diligent about that of late. Finding mini moments to intentionally stop take a conscious, cleansing breath can really help, too! Thanks for sharing your experience, Donna!

  21. My favorite way to chill out is to spend time walking along the waters at the beach. My feet must be in the water…no matter how cold…it is a must do. Something about being there makes everything in my world seem so small compared to this great big world we are a part of.

    My reset button is another story. I agree with you. I think church is the best place for my reset button…just me and God.


  22. I love this post! Thank you for sharing how you stay sane in the middle of a busy life.
    My favorite ways of resetting also include church, worship and prayer. Others that come to mind are walking my dog and making inspiration boards with pretty pictures.

    I love your 31 Days challenge topic, so glad I found you and I’ll be following along!

  23. I have something parallel to your singing at work instead of complaining… whenever my boss gives me a less than desirable task (we’re a department of 2, so all the sucky jobs go to me!) I think of things that are comical for him to do because he’s pretty tall (6’2″) and skinny. Things like him driving a smart car (knees, meet ears), trying on regular length pants (when’s the flood coming?), or getting a piggy back from another co-worker who’s barely 5′ (picture feet dragging on the ground). I usually giggle, and then can’t even be annoyed at him if I wanted to be…and he never needs to know what’s on “the list” lol

  24. I take my two dogs into the trails on our property. They don’t get enough of my time and when I’m with them I see their joy in anything and nothing… chasing birds, putting their noses into anything that might smell good and just plain old romping. But a major reset is going on holiday, driving out west to Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, etc.

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