31 Days / day 6 – my BIG announcement

This post has been one of my most difficult to write to date. I’ve started this 100 times over the last few months but never had the nerve to pull through with it. Well, it’s time to brave up and make one of my dreams happen thanks to the 31 Day series. Here goes… gulp!

Back in February I nearly landed a book deal of the real kind. A book editor came knocking on my door asking me if I’d like to write a book about my junk decorating. That was quite the day! I proceeded to  create a proof that took a solid week to pull off. 

I put EVERYTHING I had into that proof because I wanted the book deal. Badly.

I even surprised the editor and designed the book from start to finish when all they expected was text.  And proceeded to knock their socks off. They LOVED it.

It was gonna be cool. And scrappy. And fun! Loaded with tips, tricks, a gazillion awesome photos and self helps galore.

But then the phone stopped ringing. And the book deal went dead. The company went through a change of ownership and everything fell through.

And sure, I felt let down, but that little voice kept saying, “It isn’t your time…. yet.”

I let it go but I swear, I’ve thought of that book deal daily since. The voice never ever went away for even one whole day. I felt I was suppose to possibly write an ebook instead so I could better work the time frame into our lives, claiming my own deadlines.

But I pushed it aside. “I don’t have time!!!” 

But then again, who does?

There are books and ebooks being published right this minute so obviously someone found some time around their day job to write a book that would possibly promise them a different future, yes?

Well, I’ve run out of excuses. I love to write, take photos, do tutorials, teach, layouts, design, I love it all. So… 

I’m doing it.

I’m going to write my first ebook.

Starting tonight.

Part of the reason I joined the 31 Day series was to force myself to make a brave move to strike out on my own doing… something. It takes guts to trust you can teach something important to the masses. But if I didn’t do this, not only would I be disappointed in myself, I wouldn’t be teaching you everything I wanted to within these 31 days. 

You see, I want to also teach you NO FEAR as well.  So I NEED to do this. For everyone.

And here’s why I want to write on one particular topic.

I get soooo frustrated when you need help with photography. I always wish I could crawl into my monitor to hold your camera and show you what I would do, then help you do it.

Well, I’m finally prepared to do something about that. I’m going to teach everything I know thus far about photography that will improve your blog photos within 10 minutes and eventually have the potential for you to land in a magazine feature if you so desire. 

What shall we call it? Hmmm…

“Great Blog Photos with a Point and Shoot.”

… wait, that’s too limiting….

“Awesome Blog Photos with or without an SLR.”

too long…

“Great photos anyone can pull off.”

… meh

” Shoot with watcha got.”

… hmmm… may BE!  Ideas??

Did you catch my main drift? All the photos you’ll see in this post are done with a point and shoot.

This is so overdue. I’ve watched forever how so many of you are asking for help with those yellow rooms, blurry photos and don’t have the funds for a big fancy dancy SLR.

I was there. I stuck by my trusty little point and shoot. In fact, I had no desire to replace it because I wanted the world to see that great photos could happen without a fancy camera.

So I proceeded to win the grand prize in a photo contest with the above photo using the p/s against a bunch of SLRs. I proved my point.

Once my blog earned enough funds, I eventually replaced my p/s only because it started to fail. But I have a secret to tell you about a p/s vs. an SLR.

I still use my cheapo one for certain shots because it just does a better job in certain situations. And I plan to replace it when it completely dies on me. Really.

Both cameras have their place, but this isn’t a camera vs. camera debate. This is primarily learning how to use the camera that you have and knowing you don’t have to have a really expensive one to get wonderful results.

Most of you know my style of writing by now. Trust me when I say, this info will have a bazillion screen shots of ABC steps that will be a breeze to follow. I hope to incorporate small snippets of video too so you can see how I move the camera, etc. FUN!!

I have never taken a photo class. And I may yet! But what’s more important than camera and settings is what your eye learns to see. And I’ll teach you how I do that too.

But what about my junk book?!?

This isn’t going to be the only ebook/book I plan to write. There’ll be more. But I still have pretty high hopes that ‘the junk book’ will eventually be in print. Dear editors, someone will eventually get my book ya know. 🙂

Wait… I don’t have the time!

 I wanted to do 100 other things first before I started writing, like updating my blog, finishing my photo studio, and organizing my staging stuff. BUT… I won’t have time in a week or 2 either.  Or 5 or 6 for that matter. There IS no time.

So how will I do it?

A wise friend told me it was absolute poppy cock that I had no time to write (whatev!) because everyone has 10 minutes a day they can put towards something important. 10 minutes… 

Here’s the plan. Rather than net browsing for 10 min, I’ll open up my publisher and write for 10 min instead. And it’s my bet I’ll be writing for  LONGER than that once I click into the zone. And that’s how this will ultimately get done.

A big reason for me doing this 31 Day series is to smarten up and start writing. While there are many ways to earn income while blogging, it’s my belief that if you actually offer something yourself, you’ll be further ahead one day. And writing/teaching/designing happens to be something I personally wish to do.

There will never be a right time so I may as well start now.

all photos in this post were by an ancient Canon A650 point and shoot

‘believe’ by The Rusted Chain

I’m writing a book.
10 minutes a day.

What’s something you’ve been wanting to do forever and just… haven’t?

Join me! I’ll race ya… 🙂

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111 thoughts on “31 Days / day 6 – my BIG announcement

  1. Hallelujah!!!! x’s 10! So much to say!!! First, it’s 3:16 in the A.M here, I couldn’t sleep and now I think it was divine intervention… just so I would get up and read this! I had the worlds worst p&s, honestly I did, and just got a Rebel but have no idea how to use it, so the fact that you, who is such a great teacher is going to have this book is fantastic. I know I will learn how to use it now! But aside from that, I quit my job a month ago to pursue my dream of making money being creative. I’m scared, confused, perplexed and overwhelmed… but I am also excited. I keep seeing this message to go for it and give it a try across blogland. And so I am doing just that! Thanks for the nudge! I think your second book should be how to create a blog, and have it be successful as well! I know your gonna do great!

  2. Hi Donna,
    I’m really sorry the book deal fell through but there will be others, I have no doubt. Perhaps you should start contacting other craft/design book publishers with your ideas – one is bound to go for it. If you don’t someone else probably will and with your ideas!
    Looking forward to yor e-book – God knows I need all the help I can get with photography!

  3. YEAAAA for you Donna. I’m so proud of the can do attitude you have. You’ve got what it takes and I just know you’ll accomplish everything you set out to do. Congratulations and the very Best of Luck is sent your way.. I’ll be supporting you 100%. Goooo Girllll <3 <3 <3

  4. This is so crazy. Just YESTERDAY I was thinking about my camera, lack of photo skills and the fact that I can’t afford a fancy, schmancy camera that I would dearly love. I said to myself – outloud – “I need to go back through the post’s on Donna’s blog about taking photos with a point and shoot.” Seriously!! Your e-book could not come at a better time and I am going to buy it as soon as you are finished!

    I am an Episcopalian and one of my very favorite priests once said that we miss noticing miracles in our every day life. Well, this may not be a miracle in everyone’s eyes but it is in mine. Thanks for taking the extra steps, for putting yourself “out there” and for making things happen.

  5. Yeah, Donna! You know what, my beloved point & shoot kicked the bucket immediately following the arrival of my first SLR last May. I loved that camera, I took a million pictures ON the road on a big road trip last year with that p&s camera. On my road trip this year…I only ended up able to take a couple of pictures on the road…and bought another point and shoot on the way home! I don’t know yet if I love it…I definitely have a lot to learn about my SLR.

    Happy writing!!

    : )

    Julie M.

  6. As an avid photographer, I use both a DSLR and a P/S. Many of my blog photos are shot with the P/S. Like yours, they’re just as good as those shot with the DSLR. Why? Because of composition. Doesn’t matter what type of gear you use. Just focus on composition and don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles. Then, choose the best one to publish.

    So glad you are generously sharing your photography knowledge. You have a great eye and I’m looking forward to your tips. You’re an inspiration in all you do. 🙂

  7. You rock with that can do attitude!
    Congrats on making the big decision on the ebook. I know it will be great. You are such an inspiration with what you do.
    Best of luck,

  8. Congratulations on making the right (and difficult) decision. I am very much looking forward to reading that book — I and many others will benefit greatly from your knowledge. Wishing you the best of all things . . .

  9. Ahhhh yea! Congratulations on making the commitment to put yourself out there & write a book! I’m very excited for you… and also for me, haha, ’cause I get to find out how to use my stinkin’ camera better. Hooray! Thank you for writing this 🙂

  10. You know, it’s that book company’s loss. You are going to score big one day with a HUGE book deal and then I can say, “I kinda knew her when…” I love your photos and always take your tips to heart. Thanks to you and Tracy (my other blogging friend), I’ve managed to capture some great shots (if I say so myself). You go girl!

  11. Well, just yesterday, I was sitting here lamenting the fact that I have to shoot all my photos for my blog and shop with my five year old point and shoot. My two daughters have fancy SLR cameras. I want one, but it just isn’t in the budget yet. So I am constantly trying to improve my photos. They may not be the best, but my photos are chosen for at least 5 treasuries a day on Etsy, so they can’t be too terrible and now you are going to to be helping me to learn more. Hooray!!!
    Thanks, Donna.

  12. Yay Donna! I just know it will be a huge success and the start of a whole new venture. As for your first ebook, you picked the perfect subject to start with. I too have been re-reading your past series about photo tips. I believe I’m hopeless in that area, but I’ll buy the book as soon as it’s done, ’cause I know you explain everything so simply!

  13. Way to go Donna ~ Your ‘passion’ blows me away at times, that’s why I always come here to read what you say. Your book will be published one day, and your e-book sounds FANTASTIC. I know I need to learn how to use my p&s better than I do.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  14. Yea! I take lousy pictures – this is just what I need. Also a new camera but right now I have to make do with the one I have. Good for you and I have no doubt you’ll get a book deal one of these days.

  15. Donna, I will be buying your book. I have read my manual, I have googled stuff…I have a hard time figuring out all the things my camera can do..the aperature, the whoosie whatsy etc…its been hit or miss for me.

  16. I’m just sitting here smiling. 🙂 Yay for Donna! And you know I’ll be the first in line, uh – at my monitor – for your ebook. And we’ll all hold you to it, you know that right? LOL

  17. How exciting! You go for it! It will be an amazing book in whatever form it takes. Blog Photog 101, that’s what I need along with all the tips, tricks and whatever else you have that will help me take better photos. I look forward to reading the book!

  18. Way to go! I’m glad you’re going to follow your heart’s leading on this and I know what you write will be beneficial to all who read. And, thanks for the reminder that I can get some good photos with my point and shoot camera. A nicer one is not in the budget for a long time, so I’m stuck with what I’ve got, but I’m gonna try and make it work wonders 🙂

  19. congrats to you – taking that first step is the hardest! I look forward to not only your journey but your end result! BTW – I love my canon A570…and think I do ok with it…but totally will soak up any and all pointers you will be sharing!

  20. YOU GO, GIRL! If anybody should write a book, it’s you! All I have is a little Canon PowerShot SD600, and I am determined to learn how to take great photos with it. I’ve had a few, so I know it can be done! There are NO fancy cameras in my future… I’ll be waiting for your book with bated breath!

  21. I am so excited for you and thankful at the same time! Thankful for someone to encourage me to take more pictures with my pitiful little camera and know that I can get better at it! Cannot wait for this e-book! We are all poised and ready to learn from the queen of junk!!!

  22. I can’t wait! I need help with angles & just about everything else. I don’t know if my camera is considered a p/s, but it’s definitely not an SLR. I like it better than my last one though (except battery life). I keep thinking about taking some photo classes just to help me improve. Maybe I’ll just wait until you’re done with your “class” and see where that leads me. Thanks Donna!

  23. I am so excited for you! And for me because I already know your ebook is going to help me tons! Can’t wait!

    I am going to follow your lead and organize something in my home for ten minutes a day. Not nearly as awesome as writing an ebook (Yay You!) but it something that I really want to do.

    The race is on, girl!

  24. I have to agree. Photography is more about composition and lighting then the equipment you have. I wanted to explore it more and my old camera was going downhill. So I got a DSLR last Christmas. I forced myself to start with the manual mode. I took a ton of pictures and made a ton of mistakes but I do think my pictures have improved a lot over the last year!
    Good luck with the new adventure! Can’t wait 🙂

  25. Donna,
    Thank you for this inspiring post! Over the past few days, I’ve started building the foundation for advertising my e-writing services. I’m presently at the research stage, but your determination to write your book has encouraged me to work more aggressively toward my goal.
    Wishing you the greatest success…
    ~ Wendi ~

  26. “You Go Girl” I can’t wait for it to be finished, so hurry up and write it! LOL I really need to know how to improve all my picture taking!
    congratulations! You will be a great success!
    Olde Crow Mercantils

  27. That is wonderful. And, YES you can do it! I’m excited about the photo tips. My pictures always look great in my head, but when I download them, not so much!

  28. I can’t wait for all of your ebooks. The photography info will be priceless, I am sure! More importantly your inspiration is worth more than you know. Thanks for doing this! Everyday I can’t wait to see your new post!

  29. Donna, my husband is an author who just got his first book deal. He gets up at 3:30 AM every morning to write. I think what you need to get your book published is an agent. Do you have an agent? If you can sell an agent on your book, then they can sell it to a publisher! Good luck!

  30. This is awesome! I have an SLR but have no clue how to use it. I just have a kit lens, so basically it’s a real expensive P&S in my hands. LOL! I will be listening, reading and learning. Thank you my friend. This will be great!!

  31. Congrats!
    I just wrote an ebook too!
    Can I offer a humble suggestion on the title?
    Do something simple and to the point.
    Something people will naturally be googling for.
    You can do the cutesy clever thing in the subtitle.
    Plus, a straightforward title will make it easy to set up a website to host sales if you want to do that.
    Here’s mine in case you want to see.
    (disclaimer: I am not an expert.)

  32. I’ve been reading your 31 day every day. You have inspired me too. I’m relatively new to this blog world – I don’t have many followers yet. I didn’t even know one could make money at this??? Will you touch on that subject? However, with only 43 followers – probably not yet…. Anyway, beautiful pictures! I guess I understand the p&s concept – I like “real” things and the old fashioned way to do things. So, learning how to even blog and link has been a major step for me! Blessings from Wisconsin

  33. Donna, I have to tell you, this post just took my breath away. I cannot wait to hear more of what you write about photography, about junking, about EVERYTHING! I am a huge time management disciple but I never really thought about it terms of the 10 minute principal for something I have been dreaming of doing. My 10 minute project is a piece of art work to hang over our mantle that my husband and I dreamed up. It is edgy, rock and rollish and totally kitschy. Maybe in about 100 10 minute increments you will see it! I am so feeling the wave of courage you are riding right now and I am down here in CA cheering you on!!!!

  34. You go girl!! I know you will do a great job…yep, you will. I love your photos and can’t wait to learn a ‘thing or two’. Thanks and we will all be here to support you!!!

  35. I will be the first in line to buy the ebook. I understand exactly what you are going through with the book deal falling through. I have had a similar experience. You tell yourself it’s OK and you really believe it, but it is so hard to let it go from your thoughts. I am so glad you are following through. Good for you! Lisa~

  36. Hip, hip


    Honestly, I don’t have the time or inclination to learn to use a fancy camera and do all the cool things. I ADMIRE them, but it’s just not in the cards for me right now.

    But to learn to take good photos with a point and shoot?? THAT sounds awesome! Thank you so much for having this vision! Bless you!!

  37. This is wonderful news – a win-win for everyone! I REALLY need help with photographs (and I don’t really blog, lol). I like the idea of the title “Shoot with what you’ve got” since that seems to be your mantra in life 🙂 Can’t wait to see and purchase the finished product!

  38. What?….I was up and wandering around and playing with the computer when you announced, but I missed it. So, my question is….How can I convert your ebook to a hard copy so I can buy more and give them to friends? Arthur Godfrey, forgive the reference, I am old, said that if you give something 30 minutes a day, you can do anything. He learned dressage riding. Good luck Ann

  39. I am volunteering for the role of idiot tester. I have a few degrees, etc, etc, but if you can make ME understand this stuff, you have a winner. I even have 8 credits of Advanced Physics. Maybe the thing is that I can’t read directions I still haven’t figured out a dremel and I’m on my second one. Collet? collet? what the heck is that? Ann

  40. YOU WILL SUCCEED! Your talent, in writing, photo’s and not to mention your wonderful blog will take you there! Thanks for all your help and great ideas! Someday, I will say “I know her”!!! You wait and see!

  41. I JUST attended a 3 hour photography class last night that was “supposed” to teach me how to use the advanced settings on my new SLR camera. Let’s just say that I am more confused than ever. Your book will be #1 on my books to buy list. I have followed many of your blog tips because you make it SO easy. Cha ching! SOLD.

  42. Well sorry the first deal fell thru but I’m glad to hear you’re pushing thru and going to start writing a photography book. I do have a slr camera but I worked 2 extra jobs to afford it. I don’t have a natural talent for taking photos but I keep snapping.
    Thanks for sharing your tips and story.

  43. Your book will be great! You could also write a self help book, you have such a wonderful way with words and a heart for helping people see potential in themselves. You have been such an inspiration to me in the short time I’ve been blogging! Thanks for everything, I will keep on reading here and learning!

  44. How some minds think alike. I had just decided to do the same this week. Not write an ebook on anything but taking 10 minutes a day to do something I have wished to do for a long while but could never “find” the time. I want to learn to fully utilize my Nikon D40 to the fullest. I have been drooling over the Nikon D7000 kit at Costco for a long time but it is not in the budget then I took myself to task deciding I did not “need” a new camera, I needed to make the time to learn to use what I have better. I know I will enjoy your ebook, it will enhance my goal of better utilizing my camera, so thank you in advance!

  45. YOU GO GIRL!!! You show your son to never give up. You are so darn talented with so much to say and do, if you are exposed another publisher might find you. I am happy for you,
    show us what you got.
    Don’t wait until you are my age (62) because when you start a sentence, you forget what the heck you were going to say half way through it.LOL. My kids tell me I am nursing home material. I know they are just kidding, I hope!

  46. Way to go!!! I am so happy to hear about all of your exciting news. You sure are one busy woman. Keep up the great work. I am sure there are many many people waiting for this ebook. Put me ln that list.

  47. I´ve only just discovered your blog, but I am so impressed by – well, everything. Such a talented lady and you just exude that sticky kind of positive energy…the sort that adheres to others and encourages them to get going too. You should feel very proud of yourself. Well done you.

  48. You’ve motivated me! To do what I’m not quite sure. There are so many things I want to do, it’s tough to know which to start on. I guess picking any of them would be a good place.

  49. WTG Donna! Up until March of this year our blog pics were taken with a hand-me-down p&s. I didn’t go all the way to a SLR, just to a fujifilm finepix s1700. And only recently did I start using manual mode and a tripod – like in the last week! Lol. As for the ebook and book, good for you. I have an entire book outline written for a book, and the first couple chapters too. But I haven’t done anyting further with it. Thanks for the extra push!

  50. I LOVE YOUR TITLE! We all need to start with our dreams with what we got! I also started this 31 day series to get me writing again. I’ve published two books and a few ebooks. But what I want to write next is a little overwhelming to me – content and topic. I want to write about people on the streets and share their words – I want to give them a voice. AND I’M SCARED!!! Shall I take your advice – 10 mins a day and BELIEVE!

  51. Donna, I don’t know why I took so long to find you, but I finally found you the day you started your 31 day postings. I think that was a divine appointment. Thank you SO MUCH for doing this – all of it. I love your spunk, your funk, your faith and your heart. Wishing you everything wonderful HE has for you,

  52. Donna,
    Can’t wait for the e-book. I’m amazed you get the depth of field with the point and shoot, thought you needed an SLR for that. I really need help with lighting and composition, especially indoor lighting.
    OK, been mulling over titles. “Great Photos with a Point and Shoot” was my thought for simple and explanatory but maybe there are people who don’t know what a “point and shoot” is?? Maybe add the word camera. It’s hard to think of everything but I agree with others about keeping it simple and searchable in the main title. If you use “Shoot with what you got” I think there will be gun people finding it who have no interest in cameras. When I saw “shoot” a gun is the first thing I thought of and I don’t use one. So run it by a bunch of people and I’m sure more thoughts will come out.
    Can’t wait for the book, I need it now.

  53. I’m totally inspired! Not to take great pictures, although that would be great, but to just do it (your passion). Several weeks ago I talked my hubby into helping turn an old exsercise room in the garage into a work room for me to upcycle furniture and home decore. He was all for it, as supportive of me as always! Love the man big time!! I have everything I need, including furniture and old decor to get going. The problem is I have a million excuses to avoid that room. Toilets to clean, appointments to keep, dinner to make! I’m afraid of failing and for that reason, I’m not making time! But I have 10 minutes and in that 10 minutes I’m sure I can at least put brush to wood or finger to spray can. So I’m going to do it tomorrow!! No matter what!! No more excuses!! Thanks for the inspiration to just do it!!

  54. Donna, I just know you are going to be a raging success. I’m so glad you’re taking us on this journey with you. The encouragement is well appreciated. I’m making some much overdue leaps as well.

  55. HURRAY for you!!! We’ll be watching, waiting, and cheering for you, so stick with it!! You are such an encouragement to me…REALLY. You put things in such simple, honest terms, and I can’t thank you enough for this series!!!

  56. Wow, I just admire you! You are so brave for sharing this with us, and you are such a great example that it’s possible to trust your innermost dreams to come through.
    I’m so in love with your blog and follow your post every day. 🙂

    In my drawer I have finished written book for children, with my own drawing made for the book. It’s been hiding there for ten years now and everyone that’s seen it and read it try to convince me to publish it. So what’s stopping me? Fear! Simply and stupidly fear.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Keep up the great work. All the comments above shows you that we are sharing for you and your courage to bring drams come through!

    Anette Willemine

  57. Bless you! I’ve gotten so frustrated with how everyone thinks you have to have a SLR high dollar camera to take good pictures! I’m no pro by a long shot (and haven’t had the time to really study my digital -learned on a film model), but one thing I’ve learned is that you can take good pictures with a simple camera. It’s all in learning to SEE the picture with your eye, capturing it in the frame and knowing how to work what you have…which is what I need to study up on. When I was in photography classes in college one of the first classes they made you take was how to make a pin hole camera and take shots with it – the point being to learn to use the simplest of equipment to get a good shot. I can’t wait to read your tips. Thank you again for pointing out you can do a good job with what you have! You are a tremendous inspiration to all of us in so many ways:)

  58. That is absolutely wonderful news! I’m so proud of you & wish you all the best. I know you will do great things & go far!
    🙂 CAS

  59. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I desperately need tips to work my P/S, as I’m clueless and would really like to do more polished work. Waiting on the edge on my seat for your eBook! And thank you, too, for this 31 Day series. It is so helpful and inspiring to see your journey and to know that we have someone alongside us to cheer us on as well.

  60. You are my kind of girl! Using what you’ve got, embracing opportunities instead of focusing on the challenges…we all need this message. I’m so glad I came over. I am loving your series!!!

  61. Timing is everything you know, at least I believe it is. The book deal fell through for a reason and I think you’ve hit on it! Congratulations and put me down for a copy!

  62. We all agree Timing is Everything. With blogging so popular it’s time. So many of my younger friends are over-spending and sinking themselves with the latest and greatest cameras. I’ll not say at which camera I stopped I have 4, but you’ll be sure to give the pointers and save some girl some money. My chance of a lifetime comes next month and I am wondering how I’ll juggle two cameras abroad. I’m getting out of my comfort zone and doing “big girl” things.

  63. The first comment on here just said you should write about how to create a blog…PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. I have just started my blog in the last 3 weeks…it was my “dream.” My way of starting to get out there and show the world how I create. I need all the help I can get! Creative I can do…blogland, well that is a whole other story! The computer and I just don’t speak the same languagge!

    THANKS for this series…it is extremely helpful and well timed for me! I can’t wait to hear more about your book!

    Heidi @HomemadeBeautiesByHeidi

  64. I am your newest follower and I just love your series! I am a new blogger and have taken a risk at joining the 31 days this year! I bet your book will be fabulous! Thank you for your inspiring tips about photography – this is my biggest struggle!

  65. As I told my friend when we both went through infertility/miscarriage for years … the only one who doesn’t get a baby is the one who gives up. I have two teenagers now and she has one 🙂

    Yep. Winston Churchill said it best: Never, never, never give up.

    You will publish that book, and it IS all about timing.

    Thanks for all these great bloggy blog posts, they are feeding my mind and soul. I’m off to read more.

    Mary @ Redo 101

  66. I’m really new to your blog but I’m excited for you and myself! Your photos are just amazing! I have been debating on whether or not to invest in an SLR so it’s good to hear that there is still hope for my point and shoot. Thanks for all your inspiration. Good luck! I’ll be waiting for the finished e-book.

  67. Just getting my blog up and going good. This has been hard for me to keep up with but if I want a good freelance career I had better start getting in the zone right?

    I love point and shoots! I have an SLR now, but I started out with a point and shoot. Heck, I even photographed a wedding with a point and shoot.

    It’s not about the camera itself, but it’s who’s behind the camera. 🙂

  68. I will be one of the first to purchase your ebook. I have been using my p&s camera as an excuse to do “up” my photography game on my blog and blaming it for bad pictures. I finally figured out instead of begging my husband for a new camera for Christmas I needed to learn how to use the p&s to the best of my ability and quit using it as an excuse. I have all of the questions you mentioned and more so I’ll be very excited to read your ebook!

  69. You’ve inspired me! I’ve wanted to write a book on Blurb about my vintage style Halloween decorations I make……I’m going to do it……..tonight……..10 minutes at a time.

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