31 Days Blog to Biz / day 9 – be original

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Pretty powerful message, isn’t it? And here’s why I think it works.

I had a visit from my neighbour Janette last week. I opened the door to her knock, noticing she had scissors in hand and asked to …. would you believe I don’t remember? I was so ‘in the zone’ that my mind was in two places.

She stopped in mid sentence at the entrance when she noticed what I was doing. “Oh.. you’re decorating for  Christmas…. (pause)….  OH!!!!”….. hand running over project I just created..

“… this is REALLY amazing!”

“Really? You don’t think it’s too weird?”

” I think it’s REALLY. QUITE. AMAZING. is what I think!”


(that project will be revealed in the FOLK nov/dec issue)

This is the reaction I attempt to create each and every time I pull out a new project. I strive to make it amazing in my own mind, not really worrying about what others will think. I study a given item, then allow my mind to wander and dream up ridiculous options.  And if I like what my mind sees, I go for it. If it doesn’t work out, I simply try again.

I think differently. Which makes me original.

No limits.

It’s my belief that it doesn’t even really matter WHAT you create. If it’s original and you proved you can pull it off,  it’ll draw attention.

You may become known for it

But be careful what you wish for… being original can also become your trademark. Originality takes more thought. It’s about creating a new invention not tried before so you’ll likely be starting from scratch, with a lot of trial and error time attached.

What’s your special recipe?

Think back to someone you admire. What’s their special recipe that keeps you coming back? They all have one. You just don’t forget what they pulled out of their hat last time and you just can’t seem to get enough until next time.

So what does this have to do with earning income on your blog? Lots.

Originality draws major BUZZ

Apartment Therapy home tour is HERE 

The premise to the AP writeup was that I created a ‘handmade home.’ While most buy their components, I made mine. And to the AP crowd, that was original. And then the feature continued to get an extra 269 shares on Facebook.

And once you’re out there, that’s where opportunity can knock.

So next time you dream up recarpeting those stairs during your renovation, think beyond and ask yourself, “What can I do to this that I haven’t seen done before?”

Push your idea further.

And then sit back
and watch what transpires.






One little stairway caused all this commotion.
What will transpire with your own?

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21 thoughts on “31 Days Blog to Biz / day 9 – be original

  1. I have to be honest, I am a little bothered by this idea of being original. The unfortunate thing is that there really is nothing new under the sun…just altered versions. We may think we haven’t seen it before but odds are good that another version is already floating around out there somewhere. Not to discourage people, but I see too often bloggers who don’t give credit to the places they rip their ideas from. I wish bloggers would take more time to explain where they got their idea from and how they did something to make it better or different instead of just claiming to have a completely original idea.

  2. …And you never know which little original idea is going to be the one that POPS! That’s why I love what you said about pushing the idea a little farther and MOSTly striving to make it amazing in your own mind. Then no matter what, there’s no losing. You get the satisfaction of your own joy in creating AND you build that originality muscle at the same time. When something launches, you’re ready because then all you gotta do is to just keep being YOU. Thanks Donna!

  3. Girl ya good with d’em words huh!!! Great post keep up the good work. I see why the magazine
    wants you to write. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  4. Not only are you original, but you’re a wonderful writer and so inspirational to so many of us in either creating or motivating that spark! You have more than one career path if sign making doesn’t work out for ya! ;^)

  5. I love this post, Donna. It’s so true. Your stairs are what originally caught my attention on your blog. When I first started blogging, I wasn’t sure where I would fit in. When I stopped worrying about it, and just stayed true to myself and my joy of creative redesign, everything began to fall into place. I shared my outside the box ideas and techniques, and my blog started to pick up steam. You seem to be reading my mind with this series. Thanks!

  6. Love your 31 day series. You are mega brave.
    I’ve been reading your blog forever and today it dawned on me – I wasn’t following! So, now I am. Loved your photo’s from Fieldstone Vintage Market.
    – from another BC blogger (Fraser Valley too).

  7. Today’s topic brings a smile to my face. Just this morning at 5:am while standing in my kitchen I was thinking – how would Funky Junk Interiors use this stuff? What does that say about my originality? My husband and I have dismantled a 100 year old barn/shed to reuse in our house. The tin roof is currently being installed on our kitchen ceiling. The boards will probably become new cupboards. I was able to snatch up lots of rusty finds in the process too! Small wooden barrels, rusty horse bits, horse yokes, etc… Really fun because it was all used on the family farm. Thank you for your inspiration!!!

  8. Hi Donna –
    You know I love to see original thinking – it excites me more than just about anything. I just read the Bloomberg Review dedicated to Steve Jobs cover to cover in one sitting. My hubby saw it on the news stand and bought it for me knowing I would devour it. It is always enlightening to read about the creativity process of others. Being yourself – truly original and one of a kind is the best way to live. You do it beautifully.

    My best- Diane

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