4 – You should GO.

This is for all of those that don’t get out much and find it easier to say no, stay home and not make the effort. Read on.

Junk That Matters 4 - Quit stalling. You should GO! It'll change your life. via Funky Junk Interiors

I seriously don’t get out much. I live in a small town with one 3 way stop, have my work and my son. We are small town, small time casual laid back folk. I consider myself ‘just a blogger’ that shares a passion.

So what happens when you’re asked to fly out of town? To be a guest speaker? No wait, to be a MAIN guest speaker? The kind where others will ultimately make the trek to see you in particular?


Well, first you have to get a passport. Then hope it shows up. Let’s delay that, shall we? Because if we delay it, it’s easier to deal with. Good plan!

Wait. I’ll lose 15 lb first. Right! And maybe get a face lift. I mean, what if everyone thought I looked way older than I do on my blog? (The weight loss and face lift didn’t materialize but I did get my hair done)

Will they like me? Be disappointed? Maybe I’ll delay that passport just a little longer…

Until the need arises to the point of get it or you aren’t going!  I think I’m going for real. I’d better get it!

So I got it and I went.

I fussed about what to wear and brought WAY too much. It still wasn’t right because I live in Canada and I’m heading to Nashville. I can’t possibly have the right stuff! I packed what I had and went anyway.

Panic… I’m not a public speaker! And I’m going to speak?! Guess I’d better pick up an iPad because isn’t that what everyone’s using these days? So I did.

It’s now the day before the event. 6 months in the making and it’s finally here. But would I EVER be ready?! It’s coming anyway so I may as well dive in and accept it.

Junk That Matters 4 - Quit stalling. You should GO! It'll change your life. via Funky Junk Interiors

Will they accept me?

And then the barn doors opened and everyone started flooding in. I took pictures so I had something to do… and then got greeted by my first guest.

And then another. And another. Yet even more.

For the next 3 days, I hugged, enjoyed, listened, talked, laughed, cried and appreciated anyone and everyone that I met. Why in the world I worried I have NO idea! 

No one grimaced when they saw me. No one ran the other direction, but rather, embraced. I was so grateful to actually meet those that desired to meet me! In a word? The experience was completely AMAZING. I got to see first hand who read my stuff and how it touched them. Cool!

Junk That Matters 4 - Quit stalling. You should GO! It'll change your life. via Funky Junk Interiors

Wingin’ it!

Know what happened next? That kindness encouraged me to get up on that stage and talk. I forgot about the notes on my laptop and spoke from the heart. I was doing it! Do you know how long I’ve dreamed of doing just this?!

It was wonderful. My imperfect wing it non speaker type of delivery was enough. Because it was just me offering what I knew in my hack styled delivery. (I called a corded drill a cordless drill for starters… beautiful. No hecklers in sight!)

private sign making lesson at Bella Rustica Nashville

A private sign lesson

In a nutshell? There was no need to fear being seen or heard. I know exactly how easy it is to hide behind a computer monitor. But at some point, you need to brave up and get outta town. Go meet those you associate with. Put a face and a voice to the type. 

Bella Rustica dinner

Bella’s Linda, Rhoda and Sandra

Why are you afraid? Think about who you follow or what you blog about. My content brought no ax murderers, just super kind adorable loving followers and long time friends together that desired a glimpse of whom they met online. A face and voice to the type.

I get it. I soooo get it. But you have nothing to fear. Your outfit is perfect because honestly, no one will remember it. They’ll remember your eyes, kindness,  voice and warm heart. And you already have that.

You should GO! It’ll change your life.

Junk that Matters - a 31 day series that will help reset your priorites, make friends and enjoy your life more! via Funky Junk Interiors

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What’s knocking on your door that you’re saying no to?


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24 thoughts on “4 – You should GO.

  1. Donna,
    While I would love to lose 15 lbs, I’m heading to the Southern Bloggers Conference on Friday and am so excited to meet everyone! I know we won’t be judging each other – but are there to meet and have a fabulous time!

    Your trip sounds like an amazing experience and now that you’ve finally gotten that passport, I foresee many more trips down South in your future!

  2. I am unlikely to ever be invited to speak anywhere, which is ok, but I know what you mean. I live outside a town with a pop of 609, and it is 35 miles to the nearest Walmart, so I really don’t get out much, at all. It kinda gets to be a habit, saying no. The thing that was knocking on my door was to write my own blog. How I waffled! I can’t,— because (pick one or all): I don’t know how, I do not know anybody who has ever blogged, I don’t have a decent camera, Nobody will be interested, I don’t have a beautiful house to photo (and no decent camera, anyway), bla bla bla. But I decided to go for it, and I love it! A few people are actually reading it, bad pics and all. I have just begun, but it is such fun! Other bloggers have been so generous with their time and help. Yes, yes, yes, go for whatever you want!!! Just do it.

  3. Donna
    You are so very right. We all fear the word “acceptance”. Today in church our preacher’s message was about the “mind monsters” that try to invade our heads-the negatives that we take on until we begin to believe them. Don’t allow fears to rule your life-control your destiny.
    I am overweight- have high blood pressure-am scared more than one would know of the dentist BUT I just shrug those issues-laugh big and loud(even with missing teeth…never thought I would put that in print :>)-run through crowds like I am skinny and have no blood pressure issues-hehe and never allow my physical being diminish what God has given me to offer others positively.
    I am talented- I am creative and I love people…what A shame if I allowed myself to not share that with the world and not live in all the glory that God created me to be.
    Let go of your fears–it will free you to all that you can be.
    Having never met Donna I would have never known she had not been a public speaker…well except for maybe the cordless drill…..just thought maybe that is what they called them in Canada-cordless drills with cords :>) Just love that woman !

  4. Hi Donna! So happy that everything went well. I knew it would! All you had to do was be yourself! You’re so open and down to earth in your posts, that you can’t help but be yourself in person as well! I’m sure that everyone was thrilled to meet you and hear what you had to say! You’re a big celebrity now! LOL! Now, the next time, you won’t be so nervous! Thanks for sharing! I’ve been wondering how things went. Hugs, Leena

  5. I think this post can apply to so many people in tons of situations. But holeeeeee cow! Are you talking straight at me?? I am traveling across the United States this Wednesday to be a speaker, for my first time, at the Sewing Summit. Granted, people aren’t lining up at the door to come meet me, but this is such an exciting stepping stone for me. I can’t wait, and I am also getting the jitters like crazy!!!! But what a perfect message- get out and do it. I simply can’t wait to connect with the others in my class! Wish I could have heard you!

    Thanks Donna!

  6. Knew that you would conquer this as you have conquered other aspects in your life. Congratulations on the opening of a new door and next year you’ll be doing more than just one in America. Hugs.

  7. My blog just needs to get bigger and better…so I feel more self confident in the how too…the tech stuff..Now if it is how to redo a piece…or how to think out of a box…ect..and the talking stuff…I was a trainer, a store manager of 185 employees..and did style shows, and fashion workshops ..so I can manage the talking…it is just getting their in this new blog world…my self confidence is not what it use to be….

  8. Donna, I feel privileged to have seen you at Bella Rustica up on that stage and you were great! You were real! You were yourself! The same as you are in your blog. I’m a new blogger and I’ve discovered what an amazing and inspiring community it is and not just the creative part of it, which is awesome, but also how kind, unselfish and how genuine everyone is. It is a wonderful experience. I like to make signs, too and I learned some new things from you about sign making that will make it easier for me, so thank you so much for sharing your talent. Love, love your blog! One of my favs!! Keep up the amazing work and I hope you make it back down South again.

  9. Donna we are so glad you did make it! You did an awesome job and we all loved meeting you. Isn’t it something how we all worry about things that really are not that important, but we think they are?! It was a great weekend and so much fun and a pleasure to meet you! We would love to have you back anytime!

    lin [email protected]

  10. “There was no need to fear being seen or heard.”
    Donna, that? Was a beautiful revelation that we all need to hear. Thank you!

    Also, you look 21 years old.

  11. You have a simple kind of wisdom, and I mean that in the best way possible. I am so pleased I began following your blog (and your recent adventure). I hope someday you make it out to the East Coast of the US, I would love to attend one of your workshops. Thanks for the continued inspiration!

  12. It is an exhilarating experience to complete your mission and hear from those who were in attendance that you were a huge success! Congratulations!

  13. I’m surprised you were apprehensive in any possible way–you sound so totally confident in EVery way through your blog! You are so funny!
    I wish I could have gone to meet you too!

  14. Before you even wrote this post, you inspired me to do this…GO! It wasn’t for me to go to a conference (because I did and was so glad) but for me to go ahead and take my blog and Etsy shop to the next level. I’ve got three years before my youngest will be finishing high school which means my life will drastically change. We home school so with my last child graduating, it will be time for me to move on to the next chapter of my life. I’m hoping it will be doing what I love…junk hunting, creating, blogging, and continuing to learn about things I don’t know. Thanks so much for your honesty and for being brave enough to GO to Pulaski, Tennessee. Hugs!

  15. Donna,
    What a wonderful post!! I love the inside look to how you felt. I think as a long time reader and new blogger… I always tend to believe you {blogger} would never have any fear!! I went to the Southern Bloggers Conference and absolutely adored meeting those that I have followed!! It was so refreshing to see that they were as genuine as they seem to be online!! It was truly stepping out of my own box for sure!! And I am so glad that I went!! I can only imagine that you would have been such a wonderful speaker!! Genuine and Uniquely You!!! ~ Lori {Vintage Charm Restored}

  16. I only discovered your blogs on Pinterest today, and have been inspired. I absolutely love the fantastic items you make yourself, and without a lot of money. You looked so perfect in your pic (like a Canuck Martha Stewart..lol), I thought you must have a perfect life too. So I was then even more inspired when I read your 31 day series focusing on important things. I have been going through some trials in my own life lately, and your calming words were exactly what I needed…to know that somebody else has been there too. Thank you so much.
    Ontario, Canada

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