6 – Cheat eating

Junk That Matters 6 - Cheat eating when time doesn't allow for homemade

I know! Here I am. I rose up ‘from the bed’ just long enough to share a fabulous cheat.

I’m generally a fresh food kinda gal. I’ll buy fresh veggies vs in a can or frozen and generally gravitate towards ‘real food’. (the way nature dishes it out) But when you’re pressed for time or in my case, not feeling up to par, that’s when I say a-ok to cheat eating.

By cheat eating, I mean processed or predone up foods. 

We’re fortunate enough to have a lovely little local deli that makes all kinds of homemade things and one of them being quiche. They are delish and that sat right with me today, so I whipped (heated) one up for dinner.

I actually felt rather proud of myself because they officially are homemade, just not by me. 🙂 So I think I did well!

In a perfect world, I’d make amazing meals and freeze them, but I don’t. So this kinda cheat eating works for me! And sometimes it’s just downright necessary so you can spend valuable time in other areas. 

What’s your fav cheat eat when you’re too busy to cook?

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15 thoughts on “6 – Cheat eating

  1. I love to cook, and rarely eat food I didn’t prepare myself. Not healthy, calorie-wise, unprocessed food, such as we all should eat, noooo, I make fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, lasagna, etc. Not that I am advocating that at all, just saying I love rich, homemade food like I grew up eating. Y’all will likely find this sad, and maybe yucky, but when I eat “cheat food” (meaning I am too busy or lazy to cook) I love, love, love Spam. Yep, canned Spam. Preferably fried, with eggs,or make into a Spam and cheese sandwich. I have owned two restaurants, and am considered an accomplished cook and baker. But I love Spam. And don’t tell anybody, but I like Potted Meat, too!
    But I have to admit, that quiche looks fantastic!

  2. That’s a tough one! I’m like you and do fresh. Oh, I know…sushi! Or maybe something lovely from Whole Foods. Something from their deli window. They make the most terrific BBQ pulled pork and vegetable pakoras. 🙂

  3. My favorite cheats are soups/stews – they are so easy to double the recipe & freeze in single-serve portions & chicken breast or ground beef. I grill boneless skinless breast & freeze for fast meals & do the same with ground beef. It’s very easy to throw together a dinner salad topped with a chicken breast or make taco salad with precooked ground beef.

    Leftovers also make great fast meals. I freeze them for a busy day.

  4. I hate to admit, but my dirty little food secret is that I love those little mac and cheese cups that you can just microwave. I don’t like to cook for just one and usually just snack most days, fresh fruit, cereal, sandwiches, etc. But the mac and cheese is my hot meal when I need one. And Sandra, I like spam, too. I dice it into small cubes, brown it and use in scrambled eggs. Or we slice it thin, squeeze fresh lemon juice on it and eat it on crackers. I grew up using spam when we camped, was an easy meat to carry along. We all have little food secrets, something we know is not healthy for us, but it’s soooo good. When I travel, my treat is a banana split, something I rarely eat normally, but just cannot resist a Dairy Queen banana split!

  5. I get a rotisserie chicken from Costco & shred it up into individual servings and freeze. Then I can add to soup, stir frys, etc. Only takes a few minutes and I have a somewhat healthier meal than coming from a box. But, the local deli I think would work too. Especially if they have things like that quiche. One of my favorites. Feel better soon.

  6. Shirley said:
    I am sorry you still not feeling well. You go girl, if you are feeling rotten anything goes Love your blog.

  7. Soups! When I’m in a rush or mostly when I’m under the weather it’s soup. I make wonderful soups from scratch and I keep saying I’m going to make some and freeze for those days…it hasn’t happened yet :0(

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