8 – Clean it, then redo it

Junk That Matters 8 - Clean it, then redo it. via Funky Junk Interiors

I rarely feel creative when overwhelmed. Physical clutter can add to that fuel very quickly as well. So one of the best tricks of the trade for me to feeling inspired again is to clean up, then start over again.

Junk That Matters 8 - Clean it, then redo it. via Funky Junk Interiors

Cleaning up to me means removing something that isn’t there for the long haul. Your window frames are built in, but the junk on top of them isn’t. So a clean sweep will not only will freshen up a given area, it’ll give you a chance to create again!

Junk That Matters 8 - Clean it, then redo it. via Funky Junk Interiors

If all your tabletops are full, counters are spilling over, desk is mayhem, and every surface already is decked out for the season, what’s to be inspired by? Where’s your chance to try new things? Chances are, if EVERYTHING is full, those vignettes may be getting tired and needing a new kick anyway.

Junk That Matters 8 - Clean it, then redo it. via Funky Junk Interiors

Tip: GUT IT. Avoid the shuffle where you move one thing to another area. It just isn’t the same. GUT the area clean as a whistle and start from scratch. You’ll be amazed at the difference!

Goal above? I’m gearing up for some ebook filming in my sign shop. Yes, my goal is to get one done before the year’s out!

One area down, 800 more to go. Wish me luck.

Is there an area you could clean and redo?
Where would you tackle first?

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16 thoughts on “8 – Clean it, then redo it

  1. I DID THIS TODAY! I wish I would have taken a “before” picture of my space before cleaning it up {well, maybe not}! It feels so good and you’re right…now my thoughts can function and be creative again!!

  2. Donna! This is EXACTLY the kind of thing I’ve been working on. My desk is the absolute worst. I am tempted to just remove everything into a big cardboard box but I am forcing myself to deal with the mess as I go. . . but the goal is to REMOVE EVERYTHING and START OVER!
    Great Minds Think Alike!!

  3. Donna! thank you.
    I needed this …I’ve shown pictures of my desk…and I really need to get this done. Because while it still looks the same- it is just different STUFF piled up. I really need to just gut AND STOP THE SHUFFLE!

    Inspired again! Pat

    • First…YES! I’m replying to my own comment…

      I just popped in to tell you…I posted here about my progress:::


      You always inspire me. While I don’t have a big huge, beautiful window to out; and look onto my pasture. I do have a small ‘kit’ desk. And it is mine. I should be proud of what I have. Regardless of size, stature and ‘Jonesing’ real bad. My point is…you’ve lived in your house, how long? and you are finally getting your rooms they way you want them. For a long time, I didn’t even realize you had a downstairs to make beautiful. But, you’re taking your time, you’re doing it right. Live with it, dream about it, then get to work, right? If you’d jumped into every room with both feet (and had the money),you’d have wasted your time and money…because you’d no doubt hate it and want to re-do everything.
      I read your blog Donna because you encourage and inspire us to love our homes and make it work…EVEN IF it takes time.


  4. When I was still working full time…I had to teach myself…handle paper once..this is one of the hardest lessons to learn…but I have been able to do it at the home front..
    the shredder is in a close closet…and that junk mail…gone..bill comes,we go to our computer and pay…hard copy filed….One small drawer for reference bills…Now my back room where I create…hammer on the desk, paint sand paper….three projects in the works..and my floor with all kinds of torn paper…I move every thing to one corner and got the vacum….Every time I see your office area ….I drool…love it

  5. I am in a state of constant sewing due to a couple of craft shows I have entered. My studio is a disaster area, my living/dining room has been taken over by fabric and a second sewing machine and, because I have been so busy, my bedroom looks like a 16 year old girl has moved in. Yesterday I snapped. Last night when I got home from work, I hauled “stuff” from my first floor to the second floor guest room. I am one floor closer to having everything back in the studio where it belongs and at least I can breathe when I come into the house. Just having a clean first floor makes me feel 100% lighter. This Saturday is designated as “clean your room” day at my house!

  6. My craft room is in a constant state of disaster and over the summer the sun room became this as well…craft supplies everywhere. I have started by moving the craft things to the craft room….but now, the craft room is over loaded. I need to come up with a shelving/organizing idea. I have seen many on the blogs and Pinterest. Just need to tackle it an get it done. I will probably be laid off over the winter and that looks to be the best time to get this job done! Meanwhile, I will take your advise and clear off areas totally and put away and organize the things I can do.

  7. That’s really impressive and I completely agree with you – clutter zaps my energy faster than anything! Unfortunately there are little clutter clumps all around the house right now – not helped by my 2 year old who loves to leave a trail of toys everywhere she goes! But I do feel so much better when I take a moment to clear the piles! I really need to tackle my craft/sewing room but I’m just not up to that challenge yet. It still has boxes in it from our move earlier this year and honestly – it’s pretty intimidating! But I keep swearing I WILL tackle it. It’s one of my goals for the Fall!!

  8. I love your blog, you are so cute and real. I so agree with everyone. The clutter gets in the way of the creativity. Whew! Right now though my problem is the 2o year old house I am living in. Stuff is breaking right and left. Does everything have a 20 year warranty or something? I just get one mess taken care of then another one pops up. Right now my toilet won’t flush, my deck is rotting and I fell through one spot, my fan/heater in my bathroom is giving up the ghost and my shower just cracked (love faux marble!!), not to mention my youngest just moved out and I am busy trying to create a craft room in his former bedroom. Whew clutter of another kind, but clutter still the same.

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