9 – Get what you NEED

Junk That Matters 9 - Get what you NEED so you can move ahead! via Funky Junk Interiors

For years, and I mean YEARS, I denied myself a decent vacuum cleaner. (my sad sad tale and your recommendations are HERE)

I’ve been using the same ‘ol beat up one from 20+ years ago. It has duct tape around the hose, squeals at a glass shattering pitch when it desires, and when I turn it off, it huffs a big puff of dust. (cough) Each time.

So why the denial? Money.

I knew what I wanted and I knew it wouldn’t be cheap, so I made do with other crappy vacuums as time went by. I even picked one off the curb that was better than my dinosaur.

But each borrowed one died before my dinosaur. So, I never moved ahead.

And then other things always came up that were more important.

So it took losing my iPhone to WAKE UP. I went in to get a new iPhone (funny how I didn’t deny myself that!!)  and turned and saw the vacuums staring at me in the same store. I  thought of the last time I was in my basement office and how dusty the air  smelled because ‘the dinosaur’ couldn’t get it clean enough.

And then I ended my misery and bought the thing. Just. Like. That.

Or not. Oh no. It’s as if I have to give myself a 20 year painfully long sentence each time I want to buy something for myself.

(iPhones are indeed exceptions! Just don’t ask me why or I’d have to lie)

Junk That Matters 8 - Clean it, then redo it. via Funky Junk Interiors

And the result? The vacuum was a HUGE motivator to clean my downstairs office. Because now I could!

I played out this same ploy with my computer and camera too. I knew what I wanted and they wouldn’t be cheap. And they weren’t! But I saved up, then gave myself permission to get what I needed. Which now both earn me income and have paid for themselves LONG ago.

Looking back, I don’t know how I’d be doing what I do today if I didn’t have my toys to help me. But they were all a necessary part of my end goal and I’m just glad I finally gave myself permission to grow.

You’re going to need certain tools of the trade to help you along your way, whether that be a camera, computer or vacuum. They WILL cost money. Just plan it out. Plan what you need, save up, then get it.

And then watch what happens.

What are you delaying getting?
What do YOU need in order to move ahead?

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26 thoughts on “9 – Get what you NEED

  1. I’m the same way! I put off buying a good vac until the old finally burst into flames…literally LOL! Just imagine me running out the front door with a flaming vac in my hands and throwing it in the driveway :0) I do entertain the neighbors. Went out that weekend and bought my Dream Dyson and have been in love ever since ♥♥♥

    • Haha! I did a similar sprint with a flaming dirt devil! My neighbor still talks about looking out the window in time to see a red plastic flaming missile flying out my front door, followed by me with a look of terror, and wondering if I cleaned that much and that fast would I be interested in a job cleaning his house! Haha, had to let the poor old guy down easy and let him know it didn’t actually work it into flames and I would seriously love a maid too.

  2. How true! There are some things that are just worth the money. I’ve often been frustrated with myself in the past when I end up buying a few “cheap” options instead of saving for what I really want. Maybe one of these days I’ll even break down and get an iphone. 😉

  3. True, ya get what ya pay for. We bought a Dyson about 8 years ago and were hooked. We then bought a Dyson Animal about 5 years ago (we gave the first one to a friend who was in dire need of a vacuum) and boy am I glad we did. We have 2 golden retrievers and a kitty. For the fist time in 15 years we have fleas. I have been vacuuming everyday. The Dyson’s canister makes it SO nice to empty then clean with a simple hosing off outside. The vet says doing this and washing the animals will keep from having TONS of chemicals on them and in the house. A Dyson will live in our house, FOREVER!!!

  4. Good for you! I want to know if the Dyson can keep up with a 124 pound long-haired German Shepherd and a 50 pound shedding lab/shepherd/? We need a good vacuum cleaner, but the canisters are way too small. Even with a large canister we need to empty it every two rooms. No kidding. But your recommendation and Deanna’s make me want to look at the Dyson.

    • We have the Dyson animal, a german shepherd, and a german shepherd mix, and although we have to empty out the canisters more than once during a clean up, it’s so worthwhile – the canister is so easy to empty, and filling up the canisters so quickly makes you realize how much hair you are vacuuming up, especially if you think back to how much your other vacuum was clearly missing!

      I don’t know how I lived without a Dyson.

  5. Ha, I’m still using my father’s old Hoover…yes a Hoover..from the 1960’s. Can’t help it, the thing’s indestructible and has that lovely vintage feel. Weighs a ton though, I suppose that’s good for a workout. 🙂

  6. I get it….what do I need..a camera, now I have one and it is a good Sony,but I want better pic’s!So saving my pennies! Now Dyson, you will fall in love. Trust me such a faithful kind a guy,always works, always meets expectations…and I helped my Kids clean their last house.They had vac’d and shampooed…..I went over it again with my Dyson yeap he proved he is the pro…I emptied the canister numerous times…They have 2 Great White Pyreene’. I love mine and it is now over 10yrs old, I wish I could get a new one, but I will wait, got pennies to save…

  7. I love this post. Quality is almost always less expensive in the long run. I’m delaying right now on a dishwasher. Ours is crummy AND ugly–but we had some unexpected expenses (car accident!) and now the holidays are looming. Guess I’ll just keep rinsing those dishes really well before putting them in! 🙂

  8. I SO LOVED my Dyson Animal! When we took to the road in the 5th wheel I gave it to my son for his home and he was delighted! (it was too big to use in the camper!) I just visited it a few weeks ago and it was like seeing an old friend! 🙂 {can’t believe I am sappy over a VACUUM!!!!}

  9. 30+ years ago I bought a new (inexpensive) sewing machine. I used that to sew all my children’s clothes and quite a lot of my own. I sewed curtains and quilts and doll clothes. I sewed all the time. But I had always wanted a machine that did embroydery. But they were too expensive, I just couldn’t bring myself to buy one even though I would have used it a lot. Three years ago when my whole house vacuum cleaner head broke and I was in to buy a new one there were all these beautiful sewing machines all lined up. Just what I had always wanted. I sat right down and had them demo the one I had craved for 30+ years. Yay I loved it. Yes it was very expensive. At first I said I would go home and ask hubby and think about it. Then I realized I had already spent over 30 years thinking about it and hubby told me to buy what I wanted. So I think I shocked the pants off them when I came back into the store and said, “I will take it home right now.” I love it and woner why I waited so long. It wasn’t as though I wouldn’t use it or didn’t need it, I was as always just too cheap I guess. Glad you finally got what you wanted and needed. Makes such a difference.

  10. Funny how I just finished vacuuming when I sat down to blog hop and came across your post. I also want to thank you for featuring my sunflower post from last weeks’s SNS party. You’ve been so kind featuring many of my room makeovers as well and I really appreciate it:-)

    Thanks again!


  11. I would like something that you get from a certain kind of doctor, I won’t spell it out from fear of ridicule, hey three babies people, moms you may understand? 😉 These would not be used to make money…LOL. Now the vacuum and camera would help both my businesses but kids always get there stuff first! Thanks for encouraging me…I have a lot of pennies to save especially item #1…lol, laughter is the best medicine 😉

  12. how do we have such extremes in this area.? it seems that we either know the golddigger that just destroys her family with having to have everything even tho thre would never be the funds to pay for it or those of us that will use a taped together vacuum or any other necessary tool.
    my now deceased MIL wanted us to have an embroidery machine and use the wonderful drawings my hsb created as our patterns. This woman would not even turn on the computer we set up so she could contact her relatives and friends who are on the computer. I am still trying to justify my purchase of a computerized machine.

  13. I agree – if we are serious about our job – even as a homemaker – we need the tools to do the job properly. The thing that I always catch myself at is not buying the little things – and that is even sillier because they often only cost a few dollars – we went without enough teaspoons in the house for about 3 years! Teatowels is the other thing I just put up with where it wouldn’t cost much to have fresh teatowels!

  14. If and when you get new carpet, make sure that their warranty covers the carpet if you have a Dyson vacuum. Our friend found out the hard way that their Dyson made the warranty on their carpet null and void 🙁

  15. I decided many years ago that the things we often call ‘toys’ or ‘gifts’ are in fact the tools of my trade and I shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting/getting them.
    I still luv mine

  16. Thank you so much for your post. Seriously. I am so glad I am not the only one. For years, I have wanted a Kitchen Aid Mixer. I love to bake. I have been using hand mixers for years and recently have had much wrist pain. That makes ‘mixing’ more painful than I’d like to admit.

    For years I’d wanted a kitchen Aid, but could NOT justify the expense. I Just looked at them longingly and said “some day”…. and baked less, or grimaced more, when I was mixing. Sometimes I’d even enlist my 20yr old son to help me mix. Funny how he’s more than happy to “Help” when it means he’ll be enjoying the fruits of his labor! 🙂

    Anyway – last weekend I took the plunge. I went to the mall, and when I got to the store, I found a beautiful shiny red one on sale. The sales girl gave me another awesome discount and I walked out of there, the proud new owner of my very own Kitchen Aid. My gramma would be proud! And I will be proud for my son to inherit this when I am gone – since they last forever!

    So congratulations – happy cleaning to you – and happy baking to me! <3

  17. He had an old Sears canister type when I moved in and it just wouldn’t die. The thing weighed a ton and was a chore to use. Dust clouds even after I changed the filter. One day my son dropped by for a visit while I was feeling poorly and vacuumed for me. He broke it! He looked at me like I was crazy when I did the happy dance:)in my kitchen.

    Permission to buy a new one – yay. Sent him to the store on the spot to buy the Dyson animal. I’d already drooled over it and had a store coupon to help ease the financial pain. In fact I got a $25 Target gift card for buying over X amt of dollars.

    Love my Dyson, kitty hair is a thing of the past – I always thought that was impossible.

    … and I second what you ladies discovered – sometimes the expensive tools are the necessary tools of the trade. I mean, really, who can work well with shoddy tools?

    Anyway – great post and a great blog, found you via pinterest – stalking:)

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