A cleaning challenge, inspired by my boy’s minimalist bedroom

Tired white room, with board and batten trim and tv on numbered dresser
Happy New Year!

And before you say, “Boy, your photography staging is slipping…”

This post will not be pretty. But it will be real.

When I returned home from my Christmas vacation, the first thing I noticed upon walking into my home was ‘dust’.

I couldn’t see it, but I sure could smell it. Or taste it. Or inhale it.

It was everywhere, but the worst was my own bedroom. So I knew, the next day I’d have to gut the room and clean it from floor to ceiling. It just bothered me THAT much.

I had no idea my home was like that. But when you are use to breathing in fresh, ocean blown trade winds vs. forced indoor heat, there is no competition.

Therefore, I am officially moving to Hawaii!

End of post. 

(I wish)

horse gate headboard with Love sign and two sleeping cats
Back to reality…

My bedroom was super cluttered. With too many things to dust, out they went.

The cats were in no danger though, only the cat hair was. I washed every bit of bedding, hauled all the clutter to the centre of the room, unearthed the RV tv that was crammed against one wall, cracked the windows open wide, and just started vacuuming and washing.

But I did not bother staging it back to pretty right after. Just barely functional. As you see above.

It was here, that I noticed all the things I’ve over looked. Board and batten boards letting go. Walls that needed touching up. The horse gate bedroom headboard long overdue for an upscale change. The ladder side table that could use an update.  

You get the idea.

tuxedo cats on a white bed
The room was just tired. But at least it was clean.

But it needed to be clean first, before I saw the tired.

These two are tired just thinking about it all…

teen's bedroom, with Ikea wooden wall unit against a black wall
Some of you have been asking about my boy’s room update.

The changes are very minimal. A trip and Christmas took priority.

But I’m glad I delayed decking it ALL out right away. I’m studying how my boy likes to use his room.

And how he (un) makes his bed.

Interesting. Roll it up!

BTW, for those asking previously, he loved the changes. So much!

And he was so happy I did them for him.

I’m babbling…

So, the first thing he did was move his bed against the wall. Again. Arg, but, whatever.

white walls with blue love seat in a teen's bedroom
I had picked up a carpet on sale from Ikea, which helped to cozy up the sitting part of the room, which is a son requirement. (the tape is to help it unroll)

My point in showing you his room? It wasn’t even tidy. But due to the lack of stuff in it, it kinda was. Without even really trying. It’s been a breeze to keep up with it!

So very unlike my own room.

I want a bare room like THIS!

white walls in a teen's bedroom
I can certainly see why minimalist decorating is a thing.

Which takes me back to the rental properties. They had JUST enough stuff to do the job. Nothing more. Pretty, and functional. The end.

We could all learn something from that.

All I know is, I want in.

I want, no dust interiors with little stuff. Nearly bare! But still functional with attractive junk, of course.

And a palm tree, with beach out back would not hurt one little bit.

So I’ve decided to kick the cleaning thing into high gear again, for at least the month of January. Maybe longer if interest is still there. One post a week!

From Crap to Clean before Spring! – Join the challenge!

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If you wish to share your own cleaning progress, feel free to join my Crap To Clean closed Facebook group HERE.

Bloggers, if you wish to blog about a mini before and after, join the above Facebook group to sign up, and we can link to each other on event day!

Or, just sit back, and watch for the posts as they roll in.

Just maybe… the dust free, minimalist bug will hit you too!

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12 thoughts on “A cleaning challenge, inspired by my boy’s minimalist bedroom

  1. Ha! Great Post! I started tackling (decluttering) my guest bedroom before Christmas. There were two twin beds put together as a king size that no one ever used. I threw out one of the twins and kept one to use as a daybed in the room. My ultimate goal is to use the room as my sewing room. (So I can actually leave the sewing machine out and set up) But after decluttering and making some room in there, I noticed how beat up the paint job on the walls looked. So, it will be a new coat of paint and more decluttering. I’m hoping by Spring I will have my sewing room!? We’ll see……

  2. I’m in! I want to enjoy the space I have realized I don’t because of the clutter. I’m starting in my family room with the floor to ceiling shelves that flank the fireplace. They need a fresh update.

  3. I like to clean up after taking down the Christmas decor-and my blinds really need a cleaning. Such a tedious job. I usually listen to a book so I don’t think of what I would really like to do!

  4. Decluttering is my middle name. I’ve been on this band wagon a few years. When people come into my home they say “It’s so clean”. Yeah right. It’s not clean…it’s not piled full of stuff so it gives that illusion. I’ve given almost everything to Goodwill and other stuff, just gave away. Truckload after truckload. It’s the only thing in my life I have control over and it’s so freeing! If that’s a word LOL However, there is still more to be done. I joined your group and look forward to going on the cleaning/decluttering binge with ya’ll! Happy 2017 Donna!

  5. I was surprised – and yet not surprised – by the amount of cat and dog hair that accumulates everywhere! Spent the last 4 days cleaning and decluttering. Feels so good!

    • I am totally shocked how much dust cat hair holds… when you don’t clean it on a regular basis of course. ?

      But would you believe, my furnace filter hadn’t been changed in seven years?! SEVEN! It’s on the unofficial annual new year’s list now.

  6. Enjoyed the post, Donna! And I smiled when I read that your boy likes to push his bed up against a wall. Mine do the same thing. All of them! And making the bed, well they have their own way. Just like mother. Don’t really do it all the time. Oops, the secret is out! LOL! Seriously, I am looking forward to your cleaning posts. I too need to do it. When the rooms are clean and uncluttered, it feels so good. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

  7. I wish I could so minimalist. But I just start thinking about what would look pretty in the blank space.
    I am in the middle of cleaning out my junk room. It should bema craft room but there is so much junk and it is junky at one point it was cute. That was before I just starting cramming more stuff in it. I am very blessed to have a whole room though. Anyway we are going to move so a lot of stuff has to go! I have a huge fabric stash…i mean really big but Add to dictionary… I have looked for places to donate craft supplies but no luck. I’ even have a ton of fabric but can’t find a new home for it.
    I have dog hair at my house!

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