Why I relinquish stuff and break decorating rules

Rustic route 66 stenciled farmhouse cupboard

Does anyone else get ‘attached’ to the things they either find, DIY or buy?

I know I sure do. And I know for a fact, I actually place super high values on my stuff over time that no one else feels quite the same way about!

Case in point: I hold onto my things thinking they have a ton of value… so when I finally put them out there for sale, they go for like $2 or don’t even move for free. Ha!

Which actually makes me feel good! It means I held onto it for way too long and it was time it flew the coop.

But I also know how important it is to relinquish our stuff on a regular basis.

Our needs change constantly, so why wouldn’t our homes need to change as well?

Boy's room renovation

Ikea carpet that was sold

Boy’s room series HERE

As most already know, I’m changing out my son’s old bedroom into a guest plus sewing room. I can still make it comfy for his visits but set up in such a way that gives me more daily space. It’s a win for all!

So most recently, I sold the Ikea area carpet from the room. And got a very good price for it too!

One of my favorite ways to relinquish is to sell through a local Facebook 24 hour bidding site I wrote about in THIS POST.

What I love most about it is the fact that the item always goes, even if it’s for free!

Free or for a very low price can be perfectly fine too, especially if it’s a big bulky thing that is difficult for me to get downstairs myself. Selling it has the buyer doing the moving vs. you if you write that in your description.

I’ve been able to relinquish so much this way over the past few years, including a massive trampoline.

Boy's room renovation, turning two bedrooms into one.

So, remember where we left off with the boy’s bedroom makeover? I had just added the newly landed and painted headboard and footboard and minutes later, I started to work on the other side of the room.

Boy's room renovation before

But first, I had to gut it.

Purging a room is an issue if you don’t have any other room to use the stuff.

Oh believe me… I tried. I ran a few of the items through the rest of the house, envisioning it being used in different ways.

But my heart spoke loud and clear that it was time to let this stuff go. I was tired of looking at it and it was time someone else got to enjoy them.

And I think that really is the key when you let stuff go. Appreciate what it did for you at the time. Then convince yourself it’s better in the hands of another to enjoy vs. turning your home into a storage unit because you have trouble saying goodbye!

Rustic horse gate used for coat hooks and bedroom headboard that I sold.

Remember this gate? Oh my goodness… it’s been in my entry HERE and as a headboard HERE.

The gal that ultimately got it is setting up a lake front cottage getaway and this piece is going to be perfect for it! I’m so happy she’s happy and it’s going to get an amazing new home that will be appreciated by so many new visitors on a continual basis!

Now that beats storing it behind a work table any day. I had to wash off the dust!

Historic Route 66 stenciled rustic barnwood storage cabinet

Remember this Route 66 cabinet?

I first blogged about it HERE. I made the custom Route 66 stencil out of vinyl and later decided due to its popularity to make it available as a stencil HERE

I loved this little cabinet, however for the last few years, it was in this corner of my son’s room just storing junk I could find another place for. What a disservice. 

The cabinet eventually went to a guy whom his wife was a Route 66 fanatic so I ensured I slipped him a stencil for good measure so she could have some fun with creating too!

Those last two items were very hard for me to relinquish. (thanks for this therapy session) I had placed such a high value on them I was afraid to let go. But the moment they both left, I felt giddy with the newfound space where I could add something I wanted much more instead!


If you need help with the process, I highly recommend reading Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up. It’s a keeper. (affiliate link)

Sad one minute, then happy the next?! That’s hard to understand… but I do know why.

Do you remember the story of me selling my little travel trailer?

I held onto that thing for way too long because while it was still in eyesight, I couldn’t let it go. But once it was out of eyesight, I haven’t missed it for one red hot second.

Yup, I know how hard it is. Getting something out of eyesight is like ripping a bandage off. But it must be done to get to the better side, right?

I personally believe the madness of shuffling our stuff vs. purging the unnecessary is the very thing that holds back our homes from being the very best they can be.

Especially if you just (ahem) redid something you landed, only to find something better right after…

And yeah… there’s a reason I said that. I JUST landed something for the boy’s room that is going to completely change the current direction I was going in! I’m sooooo smitten, but that story fully deserves a post all its own.

Point being? Stuff is just stuff anyway.

So why not swap out stuff we don’t love for stuff we do and need and want more today?

How I turned an unused dining room into a dreamy rustic reclaimed wood Office with sawhorse and pallet wood computer desk and benches for seats.

Our needs are constantly on the change anyway… so if that means gutting a room and using it for another reason you need more, I say break all the decorating rules and do that!

Rustic sawhorse and pallet wood blog office in a dining room.

Ask how my rule breakin’ dining room’ office knows.

Is there a room in your home that has lost function? What would you rather do with it?

a deep purging of a room to create a paint studio

Catch up on the entire boy’s room series HERE

Read my review on the Marie Kondo book HERE

Read about one of my most dramatic befores and afters HERE

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11 thoughts on “Why I relinquish stuff and break decorating rules

  1. Can’t wait to see what you come up with in your bedroom renovation. I too am a Marie Condo convert. After watching her Netflix series I’ve purged so much and am so happy with the changes her philosophy has made for me. I totally recommend her methods!

    • Agree, her methods are so good. By the time you get to the memory stuff, you’re so over your stuff you start letting go of more. Whenever I do my closet, it’s so sparse, my hanging clothes don’t touch each other. I’m relentless! (I must hate all my clothes haha)

      I liked the Netflix series too, but I did find the book explained things a LOT better. I’d watch the show but then mindfully remember, “Hey, they cut out the part where…”

      If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it! Maybe the library has a copy?

  2. My goodness, you’ve got a new plan for your son’s bedroom. I admire anyone who has the courage to change direction or give away/sell stuff they like. But, if we don’t we end up holding onto things for way too long. I speak from experience. You mentioned making someone else happy to have what you give away. I wholeheartedly agree. It’s what I tell myself all the time. It makes me happy to know someone else is happy. Thanks for the shot in the arm to do what needs done. I eagerly await to see the new plans for the bedroom.

    • I know! haha You’ll understand where I’m coming from once you see the post next week. Oh my goodnesssssss….. and the good news is, the plans I had for the rest of the room will still work, with very slight modifications!

      But knowing me, I’ll change things as I go anyway to keep it interesting… it’s been an exciting week!

      Sounds like you’re inspired Joanne… go go go!

  3. I love this post! Isn’t it funny how we get attached to stuff? I have a wonderful resale shop not too far from me that I have taken many items that I had a hard time parting with; but when they sell fast, it makes me feel good that someone else is going to appreciate the item too. That way there’s more room for whatever I want to do at home. I’ve also purchased quite a few items at this shop that has helped my decorating style “evolve” (lol)! I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for your room reveal!

    • Yes! It’s as if we think we are the only ones that are allowed to enjoy our stuff! haha And that’s so far from the actual truth. The out of sight thing really helps.

      How cool you are open to evolving your style! Your changes sound exciting! A few newer things certainly breathe life into a status quo space!

  4. Yes!!! This: “I personally believe the madness of shuffling our stuff vs. purging the unnecessary is the very thing that holds back our homes from being the very best they can be.”

    Although I’m to the point about purging a LOT!!! This weekend ~ I’m starting. 🙂

  5. Nooooo….not the famous Route 66 cabinet! Thanks for the memories, I’m happy I have my knockoff to love.

    • Haha! Indeed you do! I held onto it for a LONG time for a reason! I even had a paint brush up against it right before I decided to let it go as-is. Good thing as the new owners bought it because of the design. That was a close call… 😀

  6. Hey Gal, You just gave me a great idea to do with my birdhouse that’s almost as tall as your Route 66 box. Mine is 3 1/2 feet tall & has a slatted roof, with a hole for the birdies. But I could take the roof off, and cut a door in it & put shelfs in there, and replace the top with a flat roof, and paint it & stencil something southwestern on it so it matches that corner.

    Ooh! I like this idea!

    Thank you for posting your box.!!


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